Which yoga should be done to reduce weight?


Yoga is an important exercise for physical and mental development, health and strengthening oneself. Since many years ago, people consider it as an easy and reliable means not only for health but also for making the body strong and disease free. Today yoga has been given so much importance that doing it for 30 minutes in the morning is an important physical exercise (workout) to relieve stress and increase immunity throughout the day.

Yoga also controls body weight along with health. The point of yoga is to burn weight almost as fast as the amount of calories per day by adopting it in a lifestyle to reduce weight. That’s how fast the weight can be reduced.


Yoga can adopt different types of yoga to reduce weight, for which different yoga methods can be different to reduce weight.


To reduce weight, it is more important to take care of and incorporate the following things with yoga in the lifestyle.

1. Exercise
2. Diet
3. Breathing
4. Relaxation
5. Meditation
6. Stress
7. Water
8. Walk

How is yoga beneficial for reducing weight?

Yoga is the only way to reduce weight, where you get a chance to burn calories completely. Yoga rather reduces the fat accumulated on your body and you may feel weak for some time. If you are thinking that doing yoga reduces weight, then you are thinking wrong because yoga is not only necessary to reduce or control weight, along with it you have to take care of many things.


1. Along with yoga, you should have long-term appetite suppressing meals or snacks.
2. To reduce weight, drink more and more water.
3. Yoga or exercise should not be done with stress.
4. Sleep should be complete, that is, you should neither take less nor too much sleep.
5. Dinner should be light and protein-rich.
6. Healthy food with yoga which is more helpful in digestion.

7. Doing yoga daily helps in reducing body fat and calories.

10 home yoga poses to reduce weight

1. Sun salutation
2. Bhujangasana ( cobra pose )
3. Dhanurasana ( bow pose )
4. Ustrasana ( camel pose )
5. Boat pose
6. Warrior pose
7. Trikonasana
8. Chair pose
9. Plank pose
10. Sarvangasana pose


1. Sun salutation

1. Surya Namaskar Yoga is the king of all Yogas. By doing Surya Namaskar yoga, it reduces weight, removes mental disorders and stress, flows in the muscles of the hand and blood circulation. Surya Namaskar Yoga has been described in ancient times, and there is also evidence about its benefits. And even today many teams of people are taught new people to promote yoga and make it successful towards health.


Surya Namaskar Yoga by choosing any number of 10 methods or repeating it plays an important role in maintaining weight and health.


Sun salutation


2. Bhujangasana ( Cobra Pose )

Bhujangasana Cobra Pose is beneficial for reducing abdominal fat as well as menstrual pain in women.
A yoga pose is needed to do the cobra pose. Now lay the yoga on an easy flat place and do it like a cobra by stopping many steps from 10 to 20, it has different benefits.



Bhujangasana ( Cobra Pose )


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3. Dhanurasana ( bow pose )

The third step of yoga is to reduce the weight and the body has to be maintained for some time according to the shape of the bow. By adopting Dhanurasana yoga, you are rather the only physical process to increase weight as well as physical and mental stress and immunity. Doing Dhanurasana yoga for 20 minutes a day is the only golden chance to keep the body at 90% health, where there is no need to lose anything. Some of Dhanurasana yoga can be beneficial for health such as – digestion, strengthening the thigh, chest and lower part of the waist, it is beneficial in strengthening the tension and muscles. Not only this, the easy of Dhanurasana yoga in reducing belly fat by 90%, you are successful in reducing weight without going to the gym at home.

Dhanurasana ( bow pose )


4. Ustrasana (camel pose)

Ushtrasana Yoga To reduce weight, this yoga can be done to reduce more than half of the body weight (about 85%) rapidly. Losing weight is possible only when you completely change the rules and diet plan of Yoga Ustrasana and give it more than 20 minutes per day. In Ustrasana yoga, the body has to be done from the shape of a camel sitting to holding it for 10 seconds to 20 while doing each step. Ustrasana yoga is beneficial for everyone by doing Ushtrasana yoga, but with working the weight, mental stress, strengthening the back bone, joint pain, heart disease, asthma, hair fall and heel cracking.



Ustrasana (camel pose)


5. Boat pose

Boat pose is 80% effective for reducing belly fat. In Boat Pose, first of all, sit and lift both the legs upwards and keep both the hands straight in front of the knee of the leg. Follow the steps of Boat Pose by making the lower part of the hip at a 90 degree angle. There are several steps to be followed to do the Boat Pose yoga and the time for all the steps can take up to 20 seconds, while it takes less time for a new person.

Benefits – 

1. Boat pose reduces belly fat.
2. Strengthens the hip of the hand.
3. Keeps the body flexible and strong.
4. Strengthens the back bone.
5. Reduces joint pain.


Boat pose



6. Warrior pose

As the name suggests, you have to do this yoga like a warrior by keeping the excitement in the mind. There are many steps that can be adopted to do Warrior Pose, in which all the steps are different and all the steps can be beneficial. Warrior Pose to reduce weight has been included in the article number 6, because doing Warrior Pose requires mental stress and energy in the body and the meaning while doing it. In Warrior Pose Yoga, almost all parts of the body are exercised.


Benefits – 

1. Can accelerate the blood circulation of the whole body.
2. Relief from joint pain.
3. Strengthens the digestive power and simultaneously keeps the immunity strong.
4. Rapidly controls the factors that cause obesity and reduces the accumulated fat.
5. Heals the cardiovascular system.
6. Reduces belly fat.


Warrior pose



7. Trikonasana

Trikonasana Yoga The first thing to do is to stand up straight. And both the hands have to make the shape of a triangle by making an angle of 90 degrees at the same distance up and down as you can see in this picture. Trikonasana yoga can be adopted to reduce weight in every day of lifestyle to stay healthy and Trikonasana yoga can rapidly reduce the process of hair loss and is the easiest yoga to make the body flexible and strong.


Trikonasana yoga is the simplest yoga to keep the body fresh and the mind fresh. All people (women, men, children and those who are above 50 years of age are also easy) can do this yoga in a simple way.


Benefits – 

1. Strong Hips, Chest and Shoulders, Waist Bone.
2. relieve stress.
3. Strengthening immunity.
4. Benefits and reduces joint pain.
5. Makes the spine strong and flexible.
6. Accelerates the body’s blood cell.



8.  Chair pose

As the name suggests, the shape of the chair pose is to get up and sit according to the shape of the chair, keeping the body at an angle of 90 degrees, straightening both the arms upwards and yoga is like a simple yoga pose for newbies, during this one can do chair pose for 10 to 15 times and It is common for experts as many years of experience makes them stronger.

Chair pose is a simple and beneficial way to reduce thigh, knee, muscle, abdominal fat by doing yoga. Chair pose yoga can be done by people of all ages and it is not common for those who are over 50 because the problem becomes more serious by adopting yoga.


Benefits – 

1. Strengthens the muscles.
2. Strengthens the thigh and knee.
3. Reduces obesity by reducing belly fat.
4. Strengthens and strengthens the hip muscles.
5. Removes stress.
6. Strengthens the spine.

Chair pose


9. Plank pose

Plank pose yoga is different from all yoga and a little difficult because it will not be a problem for a new person to learn it, because by doing plank pose yoga, there is full weight of the body on both the hands and almost pressure on the leg part and some part has a load and Yoga The young man who never lost the energy of the body, but strengthened his body and muscles and made it more difficult by changing the shape of the body. yoga as you see in the picture and keep the weight of the body on the hand and breathe slowly. By doing Plank pose, the body becomes strong and the muscles of the hands, knees are strengthened.

Plank pose benefits – 

1. Hand muscles get stronger.
2. Breathing in and out does not cause respiratory disease.
3. Keeping the body more solid by reducing weight.
4. Keeping the body flexible.
5. Enhance immunity.
6. Speed up blood circulation.
7. Belly fat loss


Plank pose


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10. Sarvangasana pose

Sarvangasana pose is the ultimate yoga to reduce weight, through this yoga not only the weight but the body can be flexible and strong. To do Sarvangasana yoga you should find a flat place and the yoga easy should be more soft and thick so that the learner does not feel much pain and can do this yoga with comfort. You do not need anyone’s help to do Sarvangasana yoga because you can do it yourself. To do yoga, you have to lie down and make an angle of 180 degrees with both the hands according to the head. Taking the leg in front of the head and lifting it back upwards, this action can be done repeatedly. For the newbies who have never done it, at least start by doing.

Sarvangasana Benefits – 

1. Muscles get stronger.
2. The spine is stronger and more flexible.
3. Reduces joint pain.
4. Controls belly fat.
5. Reduces stress.
6. Reduces the action of hair fall.

Sarvangasana pose

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