Which disease causes the skin to turn ( Jaundice ) yellow?


Jaundice is a liver disease. It is the only disease that changes the complexion of the body. Jaundice due to increase bilirubin in the blood due to yellowing of the skin, nails, eyes, tongue or changing the color of all. Jaundice disease is a simple disease, if it is treated at the right time, then this disease can be got rid of, but if you do carelessness with jaundice disease, then this disease can be fatal.


Treatment of jaundice disease cured by using home based prescriptions or by taking English medicine. Jaundice is a liver disease. This disease is felt when the amount of bilirubin fluid increases, during which the digestive power starts to weaken and the body gradually increases the yellowing of the body part which is known as jaundice.


What is jaundice?

Jaundice disease associated with liver, due to jaundice, an increase in the element bilirubin in the blood of the body due to infection in the liver. Due to the weakening of body immunity in jaundice disease, jaundice disease is rapidly increasing in the body. Jaundice disease gradually increases throughout the body and some changes in body color are seen such as yellowing of the body. Yellowing of the skin, yellowing of the eyes and toes.


Cause of jaundice


1. Liver Weakness – Due to which the liver is helpful to remove many diseases and residual substance present in the body. Liver becomes weak to remove residual substance present in the body, and increased bilirubin in the blood cells associated with liver.


2. Contaminated food – The most prominent cause of jaundice disease is contaminated food, liver changes are affected due to improper eating by lifestyle changes and due to improper functioning of the digestive system, due to the presence of contaminated food in the body for a long time.


3. Giving birth to mother child – (Jaundice disease) Jaundice is the cause of premature birth of a pregnant mother child.


4. Genetic disease – Jaundice disease is caused by genetic disease, jaundice is caused by the disease gene from the parents or from a distant relative due to the disease (jaundice) gene.


5. Breastfeeding after birth – During the birth of a pregnant woman’s child, the eating and eating of the woman is not particularly healthy, which has a bad effect on the child and her mother’s body.


6. Drug intake – Jaundice disease is the cause of jaundice disease due to incorrect intake of medication or high MG of the medicine. Excessive consumption of the drug causes bad effects on the liver.

Other causes of jaundice disease

1. Alcohol.
2. High water scarcity or contaminated water.
3. Lack of fluid in the body.
4. Environment contaminated.
5. Weak immunity.
4. Severe liver disease.
4. Weak digestion power.


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Symptoms of jaundice disease


1. Yellowing body – Symptoms due to increased amount of bilirubin (white part of the body such as finger nails, yellowing of the eye, yellowing of the skin of the body are all major symptoms of jaundice disease and can be identified by the patient himself.


2. Liver – Jaundice disease: Symptoms in the body due to being connected to the liver are stomach pain, weak digestive power, body pain, not being able to digest food properly.


3. Fever – Symptoms of jaundice disease All the time the fever in the body is from 101 degree F to 104 degree. This type of symptom can be a cause and symptom of jaundice disease along with other types of disease.


4. Weight loss – Loss of body weight causes jaundice disease, due to lack of food in the body, weight is reduced rapidly due to lack of elements in the body.


5. Yellowing urine – Yellowing of urine in jaundice disease is considered a symptom of jaundice and yellowing of urine is a factor of other disease, do not ignore it, somewhere the disease is fever, dehydration, corona virus, heart disease, blood pressure Yellowing of urine occurs in all types of disease.


6. Loss of appetite – Lack of appetite in jaundice disease is a symptom of jaundice disease. Poor digestion.


7. Body pain – Body jaundice is considered a symptom in jaundice disease, but body pain can be caused by other disease such as – cold, cold, fever, corona virus, high blood pressure.


8. Itching – Jaundice is a symptoms of disease in the body due to excessive palms and rashes.


Who is at risk  jaundice?

1. Jaundice bilirubin in the blood).
2. Jaundice disease If a proud mother has had jaundice for a long time, a newborn baby in the stomach may have jaundice.
3. Jaundice can cause jaundice to any woman or man from a newborn.
4. Repeated consumption of contaminated food can cause this disease.
5. Lack of blood present in the body (RBC).
6. Excess intake of alcohol.


Jaundice disease prevention


To prevent Jaundice disease prevented by taking care of the points.


Jaundice is a liver disease or jaundice caused by the liver.

1. Jaundice disease is more prone to dirt in the rainy season.
2. Do not take diet to keep liver healthy And liver affecting components like – alcohol, pain medication, high spicy food, smoking affects the liver causing jaundice.
3. Symptoms of jaundice.
4. Drink warm water.

5. Green vegetable, vitamins, proteins, fats, fiber jaundice disease.
6. Take Giloy.
7. Toxins.
8. Balanced food intake.
9. Do not consume turmeric, spices, oil after jaundice.
10. Vaccines for hepatitis A, hepatitis B.


Diagnosis of jaundice disease

Diagnosis of jaundice is possible only after examining your medical history. When a person suffering from jaundice goes to the doctor for treatment, the doctor first asks you what are the symptoms and problems? Diagnosis jaundice before knowing the medical history. Collecting all the information related to the lab test to check for jaundice disease helps in diagnosing jaundice disease.


Diagnosis of jaundice disease is possible with the screening system.

1. Examination of Hepatitis A, B and C (to check for jaundice disease)
2. City Scan Test.
3. Blood test test.
4. MRI Test.
5. Ultrasound or Biopsy.



Severe symptoms associated with jaundice disease give rise to a serious problem for a person. It is possible that some of the symptoms of jaundice are so acute, which prove fatal for the victim and her mother if untreated.

Such as – itching, excess blood secretion, fever, increased amount of bilirubin in the blood, due to liver infection.


What to eat in jaundice?

Food is very important in jaundice. Jaundice treat the disease, eating and drinking with lifestyle is very important.

1. Vegetable – In jaundice disease, green leafy vegetable should be consumed, such as spinach, radish, beetroot, carrot, tomato, cabbage, onion, okra, coriander, soybean, banana.


2. Fruits – Consumption of fruits like jaundice, pomegranate, banana, apple, kiwi, Indian gooseberry, grapes, papaya, guava, mulberry, etc. helps in the ongoing treatment of jaundice.


3. Cereals – Consumption of grains in jaundice disease like- pulses, gram, peanuts, maize, soybeans.


Avoiding jaundice

1. Spices included in food do not taken.
2. Make distance to coarse grains (more time in food digestion)
3. Distance between alcohol and smoking.
4. Avoid food stored for a long time.
5. Do not eat outside.
6. Do not eat contaminated food.
7. Do not consume red meat and fish.
8. Do not consume heavy food.
9. Sour and spicy food not consumed.
10. The patient suffering from jaundice should not donate blood.
11. Do not consume eggs.
12 Milk, cheese, butter not consumed.


Home remedy for jaundice disease

Jaundice disease cured by home remedies. Home remedies help more in curing jaundice disease and at the time of treatment home remedies are more helpful in curing jaundice disease quickly.


1. Tomato – In jaundice disease, the consumption of tomato has proved to be effective in treating jaundice. Jaundice disease cured by taking the right time and proper intake of tomatoes in jaundice. Tomato contains vitamin C and other elements.


2. Radish – Radish helps in fast digestion power of food and helps in digesting the food which is not digested too late and liver is able to strengthen the digestive power and radish is very effective in jaundice disease.


3. Sugarcane – Sugarcane juice is more beneficial in jaundice disease. Sugarcane juice cured from the root of jaundice.


4. Coconut – Jaundice can be cured by consuming coconut water in jaundice disease. Coconut water is able to digest food and strengthen liver and digestive power.


5. Curd or buttermilk – Curd and buttermilk is more beneficial and effective for jaundice disease, and its intake regularly in the morning and evening is more beneficial for curing jaundice disease and health.


6. Turmeric – Turmeric has antioxidant and antibacterial properties and ingredients that are very beneficial in removing the residual substance from the body, along with strengthening the body’s immunity and relieving body pain.


7. Papaya – Papaya contains vitamins and many nutrients which is more beneficial for jaundice disease than its intake and more beneficial to cure. In the case of jaundice, consuming papaya is more beneficial in the morning.


8. Gooseberry – Gooseberry is more beneficial and effective for jaundice disease, drinking 5 to 10 ml juice of Indian gooseberry in a glass of water, drinking it, the jaundice disease and the residual substance from the body is excreted by feces.


9. Aloe Vera – Consuming Aloe Vera gives a lot of relief from jaundice disease from the root and pain and is able to take out the residual substance from the body.


10. Garlic – Jaundice disease can be cured by consuming garlic in jaundice disease, boiling garlic or consuming it raw is more beneficial for jaundice disease as well as other disease.


FAQs related to jaundice disease

1. Why does jaundice occur in the rainy season?

Jaundice disease In the rainy season, consuming more dirt and contaminated food causes more complaints of jaundice disease and people are more sick.


2. Why does the color of blood change in jaundice?

Yellow color of the skin of the body due to the increase in the amount of fluid called bilirubin in jaundice.


3. Food taken in jaundice.

In the disease of jaundice, one should consume spices free and digested food in a short time.


4. What is the cause of jaundice disease?

Jaundice disease are cause weak digestive power, genetic, weakening of immunity.


5. What is the symptom of jaundice disease?

In jaundice disease, the following types of symptoms are present in the patient, such as – the eyes are white, the skin is yellow, the fingernails are yellow, the tongue is yellow, fever, body pain, joint pain.



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