What is Yoga and its benefits for good health?


What is yoga?

Since ancient times, yoga has been mentioned in Hindi and Sanskrit language, adding the meaning of yoga means peace of mind and relief from physical troubles and freedom from various types of diseases and those who have adopted yoga since ancient times. People all over the world today consider yoga as the best means to get rid of all diseases. Today all the people of the world adopt yoga. types of yoga include.
When I was going for a walk in the morning, I saw that a person was doing yoga and I asked why you are doing yoga, so he replied that I am doing yoga because my hair is getting all white. And to get rid of it, I do yoga almost daily in the morning, which is giving me about 60% relief, that is, now my white hair is now turning black.
I told you what yoga you are doing, then she told me that I am doing Sirsasana Yoga and I do it for 10 minutes every morning and that gives me more benefits than hair whitening such as – Increasing immunity, Obesity is reduced, cures heart disease, gets relief from mental and physical problems and gets rid of all types of diseases.

What are the benefits of yoga?

Yoga got its name because it works to connect the sufferings of the body and mind, so doing yoga provides relief from it, hence it has been named Yoga since ancient times. And some people got the name of yoga because it has many benefits from doing yoga, hence it was named Yoga.
  • The first benefit of doing yoga is strong immunity.
  • More beneficial for heart disease and increased blood pressure.
  • Doing yoga in puberty gets rid of premature ejaculation and nightmares.
  • Yoga is more helpful in curing pain and sleep.
  • Helps strengthen the bone of the body.
  • Transmission of energy in the body.
  • Relief against physical health and mental stress.
  • Yoga is more beneficial to make the bone of the body flexible.
  • Yoga related to hair is more beneficial for health.
  • It is more beneficial for respiratory function and blood circulation.
  • Yoga is more beneficial for strengthening muscles and boxing sports.
  • Doing yoga is more valuable and more beneficial to get relief from body pain and spinal cord.
  • Doing yoga strengthens peace of mind and ability to think.
  • Maintains blood pressure and blood arteries smoothly.
  • Yoga is the only natural treatment for joint pain and shoulder pain.
  • Yoga is the only home remedy to lose weight.

When and why is yoga celebrated?

Yoga Day is celebrated as International Yoga Day on 21 June every year in many other countries besides Young Healthy India.
Why is Yoga Day celebrated on 21 June? Yoga Day is celebrated on 21 June because 21 June is the biggest day of the year and on this day the sun rises early and the sunset is also delayed.
On 21 June, from a scientific point of view, it was considered appropriate to celebrate yoga as the age of youth and growing age on 21 June and hence the United Nations General Assembly on 11 December 2014 celebrated it as International Yoga Day on 21 June. It was recognized for the first time of going and this day is considered to be the only good day to get rid of the disease.

What is the right time to do yoga?

There is some time set for any work and to work at this time it is very important to have peace of mind and enthusiasm for doing one thing in the body. Similarly, the right time to do yoga is fixed. And all the people doing yoga get more benefits from the prescribed time and get rid of the disease in the body. Anyone can do yoga, there is no restriction on it, but before doing yoga it is very important to know which yoga should be done. And before starting yoga, a yoga teacher is required who has learned well about yoga and can fully share the knowledge of yoga to all people.
What is the right time to do yoga?
Everybody (middle class people and young people do yoga but they do not know when to do yoga. An article in ancient times has told what is the right time to do yoga and when to do it.
To do yoga, one should do yoga 2 hours before sunrise in the morning and doing yoga at sunset in the evening is more beneficial towards yoga and a new energy is infused in the body.
Doing yoga in the morning and evening has the following benefits.
  • Doing yoga before sunrise in the morning strengthens immunity.
  • It is more beneficial for joint pain and light of the eye.
  • All types of hair problems like- hair fall, hair white, dandruff etc. are cured.
  • Heart disease and blood pressure are cured by doing Anulom-Antonym Pranayama Yoga.
  • Halasana yoga is more beneficial for body pain and blood circulation.
  • Sukhasana Yoga is more beneficial for mental illness and genetic or paralysis disease.
  • Doing yoga to overcome mental stress and disability cures this disease.
  • For the glow (glow) on the face, doing yoga sarvangasana is more beneficial.
  • Benefits of Yoga Muscles and muscles are strong.
  • By doing yoga, the digestive power becomes strong and good appetite.
  • It is necessary to do yoga for good sleep.

What is the type of yoga?

There are 4 main types of yoga.
  • Raj Yoga
  • Karma Yoga
  • Bhakti
  • Gyan Yoga
1. Raja Yoga has 8 parts and Raja Yoga is Royal Yoga.
  • Yama (swearing)
  • Rules (Conduct)
  • Asanas (currencies)
  • Pranayama (breath control)
  • Pratyahara (control of senses)
  • Wearable (concentration)
  • Meditation
  • Samadhi (ecstasy or ultimate liberation)
2. Karma Yoga
  • Karma yoga is a path that no one can avoid.
  • By following the rules made of Karma Yoga, you can create a path for the future.
  • Karma yoga gives freedom from selfishness and negative thoughts.
  • Serving another without wanting fruit.
3. Bhakti
  1. Bhakti Yoga is the yoga of peace of mind and control of emotions.
  2. Yoga is the of knowledge that is taught to another.
  3. It is meditation yoga which is done in a relaxed environment.
  4. You can get rid of dirty thoughts by becoming active towards Bhakti Yoga.
4. Knowledge yoga
  • The most learned yoga.
  • This yoga is different and difficult from everyone.
  • A positive thought is brought about by changing the negativity of the mind.

Some basic facts and rules for doing yoga

It is more important for yoga to have some rules and some basic knowledge towards yoga, which is as follows.
  • In order to do yoga, it is very important to have patience and discipline and confidence in yoga, so that one should have enthusiasm and enthusiasm in doing yoga.
  • Yoga should be done 1 to 2 hours before sunrise in the morning.
  • Yoga should be done 45 to 60 minutes daily so that the body has a strong energy circulation and immunity, which will provide protection in fighting the disease occurring in the body.
  • To do yoga, it is necessary to have yoga or it is necessary to have a yoga teacher.
  • Before doing yoga, wear yoga clothes or loose-fitting clothes so that there is no problem in doing yoga.
  • Eat food before or after 1 hour before doing yoga in the morning or evening.
  • Whenever doing yoga, dry food and any food items including vitamins, nutrients, minerals, etc. should be consumed in excess.
  • To do yoga, sleep must be completed and strength in the body is very important.

Who should do yoga and for how long?

Yoga can be done by all types of people, but to do yoga, the following things should be kept in mind. And it is also important to know how long people of all classes can do yoga. How long should one do yoga to do yoga. Through this article you will be able to know which yoga can be done for how long.
  • Adult boys or girls can do any type of yoga for 1 to one and a half hours for any type of yoga like- Headstand yoga, Lotus yoga, Trikonasana yoga, Suryana maskar yoga, all types of yoga can be done.
  • People of the middle class, whose age group of 30 to 40 years, men or women, who belong to all these groups, usually some type of yoga can be done by them for about 30 to 35 minutes for the people of the middle class. Yoga can be done by them such as – Lotus Yoga, Balasana Yoga, Surya namaskar, Hat Yoga, all yoga can be done by them in a simple way.
  • Middle age people whose age group is between 40 and 60 years can do some types of yoga such as – Surya Namaskar 5 minutes, Sukhasana Yoga 8 to 10 minutes, Lotus Yoga 5 to 7 minutes all yoga can be completed by the right time .

Some important facts for people of all ages who do yoga

  • To do yoga it is necessary to have a new energy and confidence in yoga.
  • Pregnant woman (mother of infant giving birth) should not do any kind of yoga.
  • If any person has been ill for a long time, then he should not do any yoga carefully.
  • There should be an energy and strength in the body before doing yoga.
  • Do not consume any kind of high rate food before 2 hours of yoga.
  • To do yoga, do yoga on a mat or grass.
  • Do not do yoga if any person is hurt or if any bone of the body is broken.

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9 Such yoga which has many benefits?

1. Balasana yoga
By doing Balasana Yoga, you will stay healthy and away from many types of diseases Balasana Yoga This yoga is good and more beneficial for all ages. Balasana Yoga is different from all yoga and is the most easy yoga. And I want to tell all of you that today the secret of healthy living in the world is being told only by doing yoga. What will be the benefit of Balasana Yoga and when should it be done. Before starting Balasana Yoga, you should use a mat or you can do it on the floor as well.
First of all, sit in a calm posture as the camel sits and then move both your hands forward as you can see in this picture and then bending the upper part of the back downward with the back of the leg, breathing slowly – Slowly leave outside and then take Balasana Yoga in the morning, you have to do it in the morning and do it for about 5 to 7 minutes. By doing Balasana Yoga daily, you will get benefit in this way, you will be much healthier than an ordinary person and your immunity will increase.
Benefits of balasana yoga
Heart disease, neck pain, asthma, spinal pain, blood pressure are all beneficial for the disease.
2. Bhujangasana Yoga
Before doing Bhujangasana yoga, let us tell you that this is not easy for pregnant women and should not be done because the pressure of the stomach will have a bad effect on the children in the stomach. Bhujangasana yoga is the first thing you have to lie straight on your stomach and then with the help of both hands you have to get up slowly and you have to keep yourself in front of your waist like snake by stopping for 5 minutes. And then you have to breathe in and out slowly. By doing this, your brain will remain sharp and healthy and your blood pressure will also be right.
Benefits of bhujangasana
Hand bone strong, blood pressure control, asthma, heart disease, immunity strong, thin waist, weight loss, fat reduction, this yoga is more beneficial for all types.
3. Lotus Yoga
Before doing Lotus Yoga, sit on a plane or floor, again put your feet slowly on each other and then put the other foot on the same foot as you can see in the picture, then put your hands on both knees. And with your eyes closed, you sit upright and breathe your breath with a light nose. You have to do this yoga for about 10 minutes. This yoga is for all types of people and it can be done easily. If all of you do this yoga regularly, then you will not have any disease and you will get relief from mental stress and suffering, as well as various kinds of diseases.

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Benefits of lotus yoga
Strengthening immunity, relieving joint pain, body pain, mental tension, breathing problems, doing this yoga cures all types of problems.
4. Sirsasana Yoga
Before doing Sirsasana Yoga, you will need a mat or string and spread it on a flat surface and then you sit on it. And then put your hands forwards and keep your head facing down, with both your hands on your head, that is, put your head down and both legs upside down as shown in the picture. You have to do it for 5 minutes and then you have to lie down straight and rest for 10 minutes. You will benefit in various ways through this yoga.
Benefits of Sirsasana Yoga
Sirsasana yoga has the following benefits such as – hair loss, white hair, Slowness, mental stress, lose weight. This is the Ram Baan treatment for all types.
5. Halasana yoga
Do Halasana yoga in some place where there is more grass, that is, you do it in a park that maintains your balance and if you fall even then you do not get hurt, then let’s start Halasan Yoga. Before you start Halasana Yoga, you will need a carriage or a cloth, again you spread it and sit on it and with your head the balance of the entire body will remain on the head and with the help of your hands, straighten your leg in front of the head. And your hand supports your waist so that balance of your body remains and you do not fall. You have to do this yoga only 5 minutes per day. So that you have an energy and immunity stronger.
Benefits of halasana yoga
The benefits of halasana yoga such as – headache, hair problem, heart disease, backache, are more beneficial for reducing aging.

6. Sukhasana Yoga

Sukhasana Yoga is practiced in the world today by people of all classes, such as young children, adults and youth, and people above 70 years of age, this yoga is different from all yoga and is the easiest, all of you can do it very easily. For this, you need a mat. Spread the mat on a flat place and you sit on this mat and again put your two legs on each other as you are able to see and then you keep your hands on the knee in a calm position, once you Take a long breath and leave this breath back again, you have to do it about 15 times daily. Or if you chant ॐ for about 5 minutes at the place of breathing, by doing this you will get rid of physical and mental stress and you will build strength and energy for the body through this yoga.
Benefits of sukhasana yoga
Eye light will increase, immunity strong, asthma and TB disease relief and many other benefits are obtained through this yoga.
7. Balayam Yoga
What is the benefit of doing Balayam Yoga? And how to do it Balayam Yoga. By doing Balayam Yoga in the morning, you get the benefit of it throughout the day, then start Balayam Yoga. First of all sit this yoga in a calm state, after that you rub the nails of your two hands together, doing this will give you an energy This energy will send a message to your brain and this message goes directly to the hormones which are present in the head and removes all the problems of scalp. You will benefit from doing this yoga for 15 minutes in the morning.
Benefits of balayam yoga
False hair, white hair, hormones, strong bone of the hand, light of the eye will increase all types of problems are solved by this yoga.
8. Vrikshasana Yoga
This yoga is more powerful and liberating you from all diseases and this yoga helps you to fight most or all types of diseases.To do this yoga you need a mat so that you can easily do this yoga for much longer. Only then will be able to solve all kinds of problems. Let’s start yoga, first you spread the mat on a flat place, then after this you will stand on this mat in a straight position and then you should move both your hands up and keep them together and then you will keep one leg on the other. Place it over the foot and stand upright. You have to do this yoga for about 5 to 10 minutes daily so that you get this kind of benefit.
Such as – Immunity will increase and you will get relief from diabetes disease, heart disease will be cured and sex power will increase, you will get relief from headache, mental disease and genetic disease, relief from jaundice, kidney disease.
9. Surya Namaskar Yoga
Surya namaskar, which has been going on since very ancient times, is the first yoga performed by the sages and it is said that by doing this it provides a new kind of power in you and the simplest and easiest way to remove the disease. Which gives you a new feeling of freshness in you. If we talk about beneficial now, this is the easiest way for arthritis, in which people of all classes can do it easily. To do Surya namaskar, you have to do this yoga in the morning by waking up in the morning, if you want, you can do it twice a day in the morning and evening. If you do it regularly then you have any disease like – asthma or asthma, respiratory disease, gas disease, the simplest way to reduce weight or fat is that this yoga is good for everyone.
What are the benefits of Surya Namaskar Yoga
To make the body health, diabetes, high blood pressure, diabetes is more beneficial for everyone.

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