What is the home remedy for nightmares?


Nightfall, ambush, semen discharge, it is known by many names. From the age of 10 to the age of 50, all people suffer from dream. It is more frequent in men. Women also have nightmares, but much less than men. Dream Interpretation: Dreaming of any kind of sexual-related dream during the night, it is felt that we are having sex with a girl and during this time only white sperm comes out of the penis. In the dream, the underwear is completely spoiled by a liquid sticky white substance.


If someone has a dream for the first time, then he is completely scared. It is natural to have nightmares as it can happen to anyone. There is no harm in any kind of dream. If dreaming occurs to someone several times in a month, then it can be harmful to health.


Nightmare Causes

The reason for the dreaming is not yet known as to what causes it. Even after the last many years, the study of dreams cannot clearly say that this is the reason for the dream. Sleep deprivation is not a disease. When you are in a deep sleep at night, many types of obscene dreams come to your mind, it makes you feel that you are really having a relationship with someone, during this time white fluid comes out from the penis and the undergarment is completely gets worse.


When you wake up from sleep, you see that the sperm has ejaculated in the dream. Some people dreaming at night happens because of this and due to the development of excess of testosterone hormone in the male, it can lead to the wrong idea in your mind and that is the reason for the dreaming.


Nightmare can be connected for many cause, this includes

1. Stress
2. Adult Movie
3. Medications
4. sleep schedule change
5. Spice Food
6. Alcohol


Nightmare Symptoms

When you are in deep sleep and after some time has passed in the first half leads to manifest wrong thoughts in your mind. This is possible only if you are over stress or all the events happening in the day are the cause of the dream. You see many types of dreams in dreams like scary, good dreams, obscene dreams, nightmares.


Symptoms of nightmares include the following.

1. Mental stress.
2. It is enough to release fluids while sleeping.
3. Sperm comes out in dreams several times in a month.
4. The testosterone hormone is a symptom of nightmares because it signals that you are now inclined to have sex, and having sex is equivalent to giving birth to a child.


Prevent nightmares

Nightmare is a problem related to the brain that cannot be controlled or cured by any person or any drug treatment, dreaming is associated with many aspects of the body.
In the first half of the night or in the middle of the night, when you are in a deep sleep, then thoughts start flowing in your brain and while misleading you towards some dream, you feel for some time in the dream that you are really all the events. deserves.


Dreams can appear in many ways at night which are scary, stressful, pornographic, nightmares. Out of all the dreams, any one dream leads you to the dream and after a few moments the sperm coming out of the penis is a dream dream.


There is no cure for Nightmare, you can control it by taking some measures.

1. Adopt masturbation.
2. Relieve stress.
3. Avoid the consumption of spices food.
4. Do not watch pornographic videos.
5. Adopt yoga.
6. Have sex.
7. Refresh the mind.


Nightmares of side effects

Nightmare is a disorder related to the brain. The brain maintains its remains in control over 98% of dreams. While dreaming in the night, your control is around 2% and during this time if you wake up from the dream then you can get control over the dream, but it is impossible to happen in the dream that you wake up in the dream.


It is natural to have nightmares in a dream, it does not cause any kind of harm, If dreams occur almost many times in a month, then it can lead to the development of the body and other types of problems.


Which is like aggravating other disease due to some side effect.

1. Fatigue
2. Pain of the testicles.
3. Dizziness.
4. Embarrassment feeling on the face.
5. Premature ejaculation.
6. Sleep problems.
7. Pain in the knees.
8. Decreased hyperactivity during sex.
9. Feeling weak.
10. Stress.
11. Lacking in beauty.
12. Any problem related to hair.
13. Decrease in sperm count.


Difference between nightmares and premature ejaculation


               Nightmares                               Premature Ejaculation
1. Ejaculation of sperm in dream. Premature ejaculation is the ejaculation of sperm within a few seconds during sex.
2. Dream Interpretation occurs more than once in a dream. Premature ejaculation During sex, ejaculation occurs within a few seconds of the insertion of the penis into the vagina.
3. There is no special effect of any kind. There is a bad effect on the pleasure of sex.
4. There is no cure for nightmares, but it has been controlled by some means. Premature ejaculation is treatable and can last a long time.
5. Nightmares are not caused by any serious illness. Premature ejaculation is the lack of body or mind fit that we have to have sex early, during this time there is a reason for premature ejaculation.
6. It can be controlled by home remedies. Home remedies are fine if the problem is not serious.
7. There is no more problem in dreaming. The lack of sexual pleasure increases more in premature ejaculation.

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What are the signs of nightmares?

Dream Interpretation is not a sign of any disease rather it gives an indication of you becoming an adult. If you have dreams then it is not a problem. Nightmare hormones and changes in the body, a brain has its own (psychological) signal leading to development. Nightmares occur in a person from 1 to several times a week and no one has nightmares.


Having a dream is not a sign of any disease and the man who does not have testes does not have the dream. If there is a dream or it does not happen then it is not a problem. If dreams occur more than once, then it can be a sign of a problem and a doctor should be consulted at this time.

When to see a doctor

Dream Defects As we have told you before that it is natural to have dreams and it does not cause any harm. Dreaming occurs in all people from the age of 10 to the age of 50. Nightmares in dreams or scary, obscene dreams make you excited about it and during this you become a participant in the dream, which is called dreaming. Everyone has nightmares and if dreams occur several times in a week or a month, then it is no less than a disease for you.


The sperm coming out of the dream is similar to the sperm that comes out during your sex, which is enough to weaken your body, during this you should seriously consider it and consult a doctor that I should not wait for several days. Sperm ejaculation occurs repeatedly in dreams.


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Home remedies for nightmares

1. Treat dreams with pomegranate

Although pomegranate is the best source of many vitamins, nutrients and other elements, which are beneficial for health. If there is a lack of blood in the disease of anemia, if pomegranate is consumed daily, then it is the best source to overcome anemia. All the elements present in pomegranate protect against disease by removing the deficiency in the body. If you have frequent dreams, if you consume 1 pomegranate daily, you can get rid of the problem.

1. Ingredients 

Pomegranate 2 pieces.


2. Method 

1. Pomegranate You can eat juice or the like after a meal.
2. Remove the peel of pomegranate, wash it well and dry it in the sun till it becomes powder.
3. Grind finely and separate the small powder.
4. Take the powder prepared from pomegranate with milk or with honey.


3. Intake 

1. Consuming pomegranate is beneficial for health all the time.
2. Eat the powder prepared from pomegranate till you get cured.


4. Benefits 

1. Elements present in pomegranate – Fiber, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B, Iron, Potassium, Nutrients, Zinc, Omega-6, Fatty acids, Source of antioxidants.
2. Benefits of pomegranate – To remove anemia, Moisture, Anti-aging properties, Cell formation, Swelling of extremities, Skin diseases, Mouth ulcers, Nightmare.


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2. Honey protect from nightmares

1. Ingredients 

Honey about 2 teaspoons a day.


2. Method 

1. Consuming honey on an empty stomach in the morning has its own benefits.
2. Mix finely ground Raisins with honey.
3. You should consume the prepared honey recipe twice a day.


3. Intake 

1. Consuming honey on an empty stomach in the morning can get rid of sleep disturbances.
2. Consuming it in the morning and evening during the day has many benefits.


4. Benefits 

Honey benefits Chemotherapy, antibacterial, antiseptic properties, skin, cold, cough, fatigue, anemia.


3. Dream treatment garlic

1. Ingredients 

2 to 3 cloves of garlic.


2. Method  

1. If you wake up in the morning to eat 2 to 3 buds of garlic, you get more of it.
2. Grind the garlic finely.
3. Mix it with a tablespoon of honey.
4. You can consume ready-made home remedies in the morning or after meals.


3. Benefits 

1. If you consume the prepared garlic recipe regularly, then it will be the most accurate treatment for dreaming.
2. Elements present in garlic such as selenium, manganese, calcium, vitamin-B, vitamin-C, antiviral properties, antioxidant, anti fungal, sulfur, nutrients, cobalt, fiber, copper, sulfuric acid, iron.
3. Benefits of consuming garlic – Heart disease, acidity, asthma, cancer, sexual, stomach pain, blood pressure, sleep disorders.


4. Onion home remedy for nightmares

1. Ingredients 

Onion 1 or 2 is enough for the treatment of nightmares.


2. Method 

1. Onions are taken with vegetables, salads, spices, then why is it a dream.
2. You consume onions regularly, yet this problem occurs, this is because all the onions are consumed daily. Do you know that you do not get all the nutrients and properties present in it in sufficient quantity due to the consumption of onions. Therefore, this problem is not fixed quickly.
3. Finely chop the onion and make it fine with the help of a mixer.
4. Prepare finely ground onion by adding salt to 400 ml of water.


3. Intake 

1. Onion juice can be consumed empty stomach in the morning.


4. Benefits 

1. Elements present in Onion – Antibacterial, sodium, fiber, magnesium, sulphur, phosphorus, folate, calories.

2. Benefits of Onion – Cholesterol, Relief in burning and pain, Anti-inflammatory properties, Stomach pain, Dehydration, Blood circulation, Hair growth, Sugar, Relief from injury pain, Acidity, Cancer prevention 60%, Relief from shingles, Pyorrhea for treatment.


5. Yogurt home remedy for nightmares

Nightmares can be cured by regular consumption of curd. Yogurt has many properties and nutrients, vitamins are available in proper quantity. Curd is used to cure many diseases. Yogurt has been included in home remedies since long. Yogurt is beneficial for health.


1. Ingredients 

1. Curd about 300 grams or 1 medium bowl.
2. Sugar or salt as per taste to remove sourness.


2. Method 

1. If you consume curd on an empty stomach in the morning, then it has more benefits.
2. Prepare it by mixing curd in a bowl and salt or sugar as per taste.


3. Intake 

1. Yogurt can be consumed in the morning on an empty stomach or after a meal.
2. Curd can be consumed during meal at night.


4. Benefits 

1. Elements present in curd – Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, lactic acid, protein, calcium, riboflavin, vitamin C, all elements are found in proper quantity, which is beneficial for health.
2. Benefits of curd – Body hydrate, Reduce obesity, Stomach pain, Bone development, Control diabetes, Immunity power, Best source of energy.


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