What is the cause, symptoms, prevention of gland disease?

1. What is gland disease?

Normally, a gland which is found everywhere in the human body, is called gland. Gland is not a disease but can be a symptom of any other disease. Gland is a that occurs in all parts of the body, which is caused by an external virus or due to symptoms of a disease. If a person has gland, then he shows such symptoms as- gland pain, body pain, fever, problems in eating and drinking are all kinds of problems. Gland can be seen in animals with human symptoms, but it can be more fatal if its symptoms are present in animals.

2. What is the cause of gland?

There are following causes of glands which can be a sign of a serious illness.

  • External Virus – Gland enlargement is caused due to attack of virus.
  • Deadly disease – Due to some change in the human body or due to hormones or due to signs of some disease, normal enlargement of glands is the cause of life-fatal disease.
  • Overwork – The gland enlargement normally is because the gland is affected due to overwork.
  • Polluted environment – One of the main reasons for Gland is due to contamination of the environment, it causes gout to be more affected on the body’s gland.
  • Causes of disease – Having glands is a sign of a symptom of a life-fatal illness such as TB, AIDS (HIV), cancer, tumors, all of them are due to glands, if you have glands, do not consider it as a common disease. This can be fatal.

3. What is the symptom of glands?

The following types of symptoms of Gland can occur.

1. Fever – The body temperature suddenly increases when there is gland in any person because it is caused by a virus when gland is normally grown, which causes a sudden increase in body temperature to eliminate that virus. For the body has a higher than normal temperature. Therefore, fever occurs due to gland.

2. Headache – A normal headache occurs when there is gland, but this symptom can be fatal.

3. Pain of glands – Pain of glands is a symptom of normal enlargement of the body gland, but this symptom can be a symptom of a fatal disease, so one should immediately go to the doctor to prevent this disease.

4. Sweating – In case of gland, there is an immediate change in the movements of the body.

5. Gland – If a person is suffering from AIDS, then he sees the following types of symptoms on his body, such as fever, itching, tuberculosis, and all types of symptoms are there, so do not ignore glands.

4. What causes of gland disease?

Gland is caused by the following disease.

Although gland in human body is due to some common reason, but sometimes it can be due to life-fatal illness, so it can be a sign and cause of some fatal disease.

  1. TB.
  2. AIDS (HIV).
  3. Tumor.
  4. Virus infection.
  5. Blood infection.
  6. Smoking.
  7. Immunity weakening.
  8. Thyroid.

Do not ignore it when it is gilt. Contact a good doctor nearby.

5. How to protect against gland?

Gland can be defended in the following ways.

  1. To get rid of Gland, please check with a doctor once in 3 months.
  2. Maintain strong immunity.
  3. Avoid smoking or drug abuse.
  4. Do not stay in a hot place for long.
  5. Adopt yoga and prevent gilt from occurring.
  6. Eat fish, eggs and salad.
  7. Eat green leafy vegetables, which are rich in protein, vitamins, iron, cobalt.
  8. For blood purification, take substances such as fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, beets, almonds, walnuts.
  9. gland is caused virus.

6. At which place in the body of a person does gland disease occur

Symptoms are also seen in animals other than humans, this symptom is most commonly in the throat, so do not be careless about this disease.

  1. Sore throat.
  2. Head gland.
  3. hand.
  4. Gland is the enlargement of the gland between the two legs.
  5. Can occur in any part of the body.
  6. Gland can occur in the internal parts of the body.
  7. Abdominal Gland.
  8. Kidney Gland.
  9. Brain Gland.

7. What is the Home remedies of gland?

Gland treatment can be cured by home remedies but if it normal gland and it can be cured by taking home remedies immediately after gland.

1. Turmeric Lime – Home remedies for gland Turmeric lime is more beneficial. Mixing turmeric and lime together and applying it to the place of gland, normal type of gland is cured.

2. Hot bandage – It is cured by fomenting with hot bandage at the place of gland.

3. Onion – It has more benefits in eating onion likewise, but it also has more benefits with eating it. Grind the onion finely with mustard oil and heat it lightly and apply it on the place of gland and reduce pain. it happens.

4. Neem leaf – Neem leaf has antioxidant and antibacterial properties which have been described as successful in curing any disease. Grind neem leaf finely and apply it on the place of gland and wound, both gland and wound are cured.

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5. Honey – Honey is known to all people about its medicinal properties, by heating honey in place of Gland, massaging both glands and wounds, and applying honey on the skin improves skin.

6. Castor oil – Castor oil is more beneficial, by heating castor oil on the gland and painful area, both pain and gilt are cured.

7. Egg yolk – Egg strength which helps in reducing any disease, by boiling the egg and applying the yolk to the wound and the place where it grows, the gland is cured.

8. Frequently Asked Questions

1. What causes of gland disease?
  1. Due to gland, it can be the cause of any fatal disease like – TB, tumor, cancer, Aids ( Hiv).
  2. It gland caused of due to infection.
  3. May be due to weakening immunity.

2. Does Gland recover from operation?

Yes, it is okay to perform a gland operation, but before doing the operation it is important to take care of some things like –

  1. It is compulsory to check for gland and then after this, medication and operation should be done.
  2. Treatment should be done only after examining why gland is happening.
  3. gland disease is genetic.
3. What is the symptom of glands?

If a person has gland, then some such symptoms can be seen.

  1. Headache.
  2. fever.
  3. Tight and painful pain at the site of gland.
  4. Sweating.
  5. Pain in walking.
  6. Body aches.

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