What is Stress and Symptoms, Causes and Prevention

The Stress

The word stress is still that aspect of the lifestyle in which every day the word stress puts pressure on the whole body by touching the mind again and again. Stress, be it psychological, physical, physical stress, is enough to make the mind worry every day. Stress related to illness, studies, travel, eating and drinking, all kinds of stress have become a matter of concern.
Winning the word stress makes life difficult, equally it helps in making life easier. By doing a task at the right time from stress, only making the mind stress-free can prove to be beneficial for health and Stress can be combined with 2 words such as include negative and affirmative and attaching stress to negative words affects the mind and leads to anxiety. When connected with positive words stress, it proves to be very helpful for calming the mind and reducing emotional and physical sufferings, tension of the mind.


What is stress ?

The word stress still means to make life simple and difficult in the same way as if food and yoga are included or compared in life to be healthy then nothing will be less. The word stress acts like an important reason to make life simple and difficult and stress free. If the word stress is added to every person every day, it will not reduce because stress is a matter of concern to every person every day regarding health, unemployment, some work and the word stress is also a matter of concern.


If the word stress is associated with health, then it is not less than harmful to the activities in health and to the body. Stress is like a stinging bite in the brain every day to understand the healing process. If the stress-releasing factor is not reduced and removed, then another problem arises regarding the disease.

Common sources of stress Women/Men/Children

1. Self unemployment stress

The term unemployment is often heard when you are close to 25 years above the normal age. Unemployment is that aspect of life in which you worry about some work or work is the biggest factor of stress, in which the person gets to hear the word unemployment again and again from a person. In the present time unemployment has increased so much that it has also become a matter of stress towards health which happens to every person.


2. The stress of illness

The stress of illness is felt in everyone at that time, when a disease keeps its hold on the body for a long time, that is, you remain ill for a long time. Illness makes you sick inside and out, in which the person becomes physically and mentally ill. If the disease is not treated at the right time, then there is a reason for stress for it even more.

1. Mental stress
2. Severe illness stress
3. HIV/AIDS disease
4. Corona Virus Strain


What happens in the body during stress?

During stress, the action in the body often starts which you do not imagine, that is, you become sick and weak for a long time. Stress, mental and internal stress is enough to make you sick. Stress gradually strengthens the control over your body and if left untreated, it becomes a victim of depression.

If the stress is due to illness and for a long time, then your mind gradually weakens the control of all the parts of the body or body part which does the most important work for your body and during this time you become a victim of some serious illness with stress which ever has to be treated with medicine for a long time to get cured. Stress in any way develops mental, physical, behavioral symptoms.


1. Symptoms of physical and internal stress

1. Weak immune system.
2. Aches and pains.
3. Headache.
4. High Blood Pressure.
5. Chest Pain.
6. Feeling tired.
7. Dizziness or shaking.
8. Abdominal pain or digestive problems.
9. Muscle pain.
10. Feel the symptoms of fever.
11. Physical and mental stress.


2. Stress of mental symptoms

1. Anxiety
2. Irritability.
3. Depression.
4. Panic attacks.
5. Sadness.

3. Behaviors Stress

1. Drinking wine.
2. To smoke.
3. Medicine.
4. Quarrel or fight.
5. Tobacco.


Causes of Stress

Stress is caused by different for any person and the stress of having some work and some health and the stress on the complexion of the face and the stress of hair fall and the whole life is full of stress.

( work stress )

1. Don’t be happy about work.
2. More working time.
3. Sir’s scolding.
4. The stress of working on time.
5. Stress on the body from overwork.
6. Not getting any help behind the work.
7. Not getting money according to work.


Stress of Diagnosed

The diagnosis of stress is personal and diagnosis is well known to the person suffering from stress by his doctor or family member who can understand it well, that is, how serious and how old the stress is, it is confirmed by the question asked by the doctor or family member that the stress How old and serious.


An example of stress can range from a disease to a cure by treating it and removing the stress. Stress is often a disease in which worrying about health is the cause of stress.


How to remove stress in life style

Stress is a condition occurring in the body that cannot be avoided. Stress becomes more severe in every person when its not treated. If we look at stress in comparison to disease, then stress is not less than any disease that every person has.

1. To reduce stress, walk for 10 minutes every day.
2. Drink more water.
3. Go to an entertainment center and overcome it by making entertainment a lifestyle.
4. Adopt yoga to relieve stress.
5. Considered the doctor.
6. Consume alcohol.
7. The stress one’s own thoughts.


Prevent of Stress

Stress is not a disease, but a self-inflicted problem, which is enough to cause mental stress and physical stress to make the body sick. Stress in some way has a negative effect on the body’s ability to function and function and think.


Adopt your lifestyle to reduce stress

1. To reduce stress, yoga is especially beneficial for its effect on the body’s muscles, attention, breathing rate and capacity.
2. To reduce stress, getting enough sleep and eating healthy food is beneficial for health.
3. Health and positive thoughts reduce stress.
4. Affecting factors of stress work to reduce its effect in the same way as you think and remove it.
5. Healthy food, fiber-rich fruits and morning yoga are enough to reduce the effects of all three stress.


How long the stress

The confirmation of how much stress increases the problem of physical and mental stress on the body for a long time and how many days the person’s physical and thoughts work to recover from agreed only on the sufferer.

Knowing the cause of stress, his doctor or family considers it and cures it as soon as possible, in the same way success is achieved in reducing stress, that is, the easiest way to relieve stress. Stress is not a disease, but a mental problem causing damage to the body, which is enough to affect the body and its delicate organs. The stress is treated by doctor.


When see a doctor

Stress is a complex process. Which makes a person sick every day mentally, physically and in some other way. Stress can happen in any way and the biggest problem. That if stress kept for a long time, then can be the most serious problem for health.

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