What is Panic attack? Symptoms, causes & home remedies

Panic attack

A panic attack is a sudden feeling of pain and heart attack in the body’s reactions to a sudden fear. These days panic attacks are being men and women. No specific cause may be responsible for a panic attack. Whereas panic attack is due to some disease or fear. And even panic attacks lead to early death. Worldwide only 5 out of 100 people suffer from panic attacks. Its attacks can increase the risk of panic attacks due to diseases like blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, asthma, heart disease, liver cirrhosis, obesity, epilepsy, blockage of blood cells.

Panic attack occurs only once or twice in a person’s life. Panic attacks get better after the stress situation is corrected. Due to the frequent occurrence of panic attacks, it indicates a serious illness.


Panic attacks are not fatal. While its symptoms can be frightening and severe during that time. Recurrent episodes of panic attacks affect lifestyle. This disease also affects from one generation to another due to genetics.


Symptoms of panic attack

The symptoms of panic attack start suddenly without any warning. Symptoms of panic attack can happen in women and men at any time.

1. Panic button.
2. Cupping in the body.
3. Chest pain.
4. To be afraid of something
5. Anxiety
6. Faster or lesser heart bits.
7. Breathlessness.
8. Vomit.
9. To faint.

10. Dizziness.
11. Cupping in the feet.
12. Sudden pain in chest.
13. Throat strain.
14. Abdominal cramps.
15. Unbearable pain
16. To sweat.
17. Increased blood pressure.

A sudden event in the body is the cause of a panic attack. Ignoring all these symptoms according to the body’s response to this disease is not less than a risk. In case of panic attack, a doctor should be consulted immediately.


What is the cause and risk of panic attack?

The cause of panic attack is not yet known. While the reason for this can play many roles. The following factors affect the panic attack.

1. Genetic
2. Mental stress
3. Brain disorder tumor or loss of function
4. Epilepsy disease.
5. Heart disease
6. High or low blood pressure.
7. Nervousness
8. To be scared.


Panic attacks can happen without warning and can strike a person, woman or man, at any time. The state of panic attack is more during that time. When you hear about a person or an event, your body acquires a state of panic attack due to fear.


For example, a panic attack, if a situation arises that suddenly your body’s reaction to the roar of a lion and rapid breathing and rapid heartbeat is one of the common causes of panic attack.


Risk factors

The risk of panic attack is always a young person whose age ranges from 25 years to 45 years, every person has to face such a situation every day. Women are more prone to panic attacks than men. The risk factors for panic attacks are always responsible for these events in the lifestyle.

1. Family history.
2. Death of someone you know.
3. A traumatic event.
4. drinking alcohol or smoking.
5. To hear about a serious incident at the last minute.
6. Hearing about a victim of sexual abuse.
7. Hearing about the dire upcoming of the corona virus.


The complications of a panic attack make you terrified of this all the time. That this at any time if any person in your family is suffering from panic attack or going through this condition for the first time. So all the time there is a fear that it can ever increase the complications. In which mainly some things have been included.

1. Fear of driving
2. Regarding work.
3. For some electronic work.
4. Some fine work
5. Fear of society
6. Effects of alcohol or other drugs.
7. Mental Disorders.
8. Impact of financial problems.
9. To be dependent on others.



There is no perfect way to prevent a panic attack. While adopting certain activities, the rate of panic attack can be reduced.

1. If you have ever experienced a panic attack in your lifestyle, do not ignore it.
2. Get treatment for panic attacks.
3. Adopt exercise to reduce panic.
4. Reduce physical and mental disorders.
5. Do not aggravate the situation of tension.
6. See a doctor immediately if you have symptoms of a panic attack.
7. Take away the worry
8. Eat regular health food and vitamin C fruits. Reduces the problem of panic attacks.

Panic attack diagnosis

If you experience the symptoms of panic attacks repeatedly. So during this time you should get treatment in case of emergency. Heart attack, fainting, tremors and other diseases can also be felt in panic attacks. Even due to delay in understanding it, the person is responsible for coma or death. The root cause of panic attacks is not yet clear. Whereas due to fear and fear, such a situation, woman or man has to be aware of this incident again and again. Sometimes symptoms like panic attacks are caused by other diseases. But the doctor can advise a lab doctor to diagnose it after treatment in case of emergency.

Home remedies for panic attack

A panic attack is a physical and sudden heart attack that can result in the death of a person or it can express a somewhat severe symptom. A panic attack can happen to a person at any point in time. By doing home remedies for panic attacks, this disease can be prevented to a great extent. Home remedies can cure any disease without causing harm and can be beneficial for health. Home remedies for panic attacks can be beneficial in the following ways.

1. Almond

Many vitamins and nutrients such as potassium, calcium, magnesium minerals are found in abundance in almonds. All the essential nutrients in almonds can be beneficial for brain development and improving the nervous system. In almond home remedies, it can be included in regular treatment to a great extent beneficial and curing the disease of panic attack. Mixing almonds with milk, raisins, milk cream and making a paste and taking it regularly for 1 month is beneficial for the treatment of asthma, disease resistance, skin whitening, panic attack disease.


2. Green tea

Green tea has many essential nutrients and properties to strengthen immunity. Home remedies Green tea is beneficial for health. Its properties are for body activation, relieving fatigue, relieving body pain, inhibiting 60% of hair growth and cancer prevention. Remedies Green tea is beneficial for the repair and development of the nervous system. Consuming green tea when panic attacks come, can prove to be helpful in relieving and preventing this disease to a great extent.

3. Orange gives relief from panic attack

Orange gives relief from panic attack. Oranges contain a combination of vitamins and other nutrients. Orange has a big contribution in home remedies in the disease of panic attack. Consuming orange juice regularly is more beneficial for the prevention of many diseases and for increasing immunity. Orange can be beneficial for the prevention of corona virus disease. Orange is beneficial for the repair of fungus and skin cells.

4. Exercise to relieve panic attacks

Exercise is a twist of body position and a simple way to get the heart rate up and exercise is a regular way to maintain health.  The Exercise can be included in all home remedies for disease prevention. Adopting it daily is a simple way to stay away from many diseases and stay healthy. Exercise is beneficial for obesity, diabetes, body activity, keeping the mind healthy. Adopting it daily has been included in the simplest and most simple home remedies for many diseases and healthy living.


5. Meditate

Meditation is a simple way to give long rest to the activities of the mind. Meditation, thoughts and non-judgmental methods are included. It is all about creating a sense of calm and contentment by increasing the generosity and the emotional level of the mind and the ability to bear with attention. The Meditation expands a different type of energy in the mind and the ability to bear physical and mental pain. It is one of the simplest forms of healthy living and included in regular exercise. The Meditation can be done easily in a secluded place for more than 30 minutes. Meditation proves to be helpful for calming and curing many diseases.

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