What is lipoma, its causes, symptoms and treatment

What is lipoma?

Lipoma can develop in the tissue deep under skin, and the developed form of the skin on the upper side of the skin is much more than the normal skin, in the language of the scientific doctor is called lipoma. A lipoma is a lump of skin that appears on the inside of the skin. Lipoma is like a lump on the skin and is pain free. There is no concrete cause of lipoma yet. Lipoma can occur at any age, and has no specific effect on the child. Lipoma is non-cancerous and does not cause any ill effects on the skin and body. Touching the lipoma makes the skin pain free and rubbery soft.


In which part of the body lipoma appears?

upper part
sensitive skin.


Symptom of lipoma

Lipoma is usually similar to skin cancer, but it has a characteristic different from cancer and does not cause any damage to the skin. The skin lumps of lipomas are more developed and are up to 2 inches in general. Lipoma is the softest lump of skin, and is completely free of pain. There are many types of lipomas.


Symptoms of lipoma include in the person suffering.

1. The most unsightly looking skin lump.
2. Soft.
3. different color.
4. feeling free from pain.
5. Lump soft.
6. The lump develops gradually.
7. To develop anywhere on the skin.


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What are the types of lipomas?

All lipomas (skin) are fatty. There are also some types of lipoma that are attached to the skin with blood flow and can feel pain.

1. Angiolipoma (Pain Lipoma).
2. Myelolipoma (Produce blood cells).
3. Pleomorphic (Various shape and size).
4. Fibrolipoma (Fat and fibrous tissue lipoma formation).
5. Hibernoma (Brown fat).
6. Spindle cell ( Length and width are the same.
7. Conventional lipoma ( Normal, white fat ).


What are the cause of lipoma

There is no concrete cause of lipoma yet. Even doctors do not yet understand the cause of lipoma, for what reason it has happened. Regarding the cause of lipoma, doctors say that lipoma develops in the skin tissue due to genetic or injury.


There are many questions ask treatment of lipoma.

1. Someone in your family already had Lipoma.
2. Know the cause of injury.
3. Know about the pain of lipoma.
4. Lipoma.
5. Any kind of problem on the skin.
6. Asks the secret of suffering from illness for a long time.


Lipomas that develop on the skin can increase the risk of some other cause.

1. Hanging on the skin is the biggest obstacle in the lifestyle.
2. Genetics.
3. May feel painful.
4. Lipoma can be seen on the skin at any time.
5. Lipomas can appear on the skin with age.
6. Lipoma can be cancerous.


Prevention of lipoma

There are many conditions of lipoma which are the cause. Lipoma develops genetics, not possible to prevent. Lipomas develop slowly in the skin and are difficult to diagnose, as there are no problems at the time the lipoma develops. The main reason for developing lipoma is the use of alcohol and drugs to aggravate Madelung’s disease and play a role in affecting the lipoma, which leads to the development of lipoma on the skin of the body.


Diagnosis of lipoma

To diagnose lipoma, the doctor performs a physical examination. By touching the lipoma, you can ask whether you can feel pain and if the lipoma is not cancerous, to remove a sample from the lipoma, it can be advised to be tested in the lab.

If a lipoma is not diagnosed accurately, the doctor may recommend a physical examination by discarding the sample.
1. MRI
2. CT Scan
3. X-rays
4 Biopsy


Side effect of lipoma

Side effect of lipoma The lump developed on the skin is not any specific type of harmful to health. There are some types of lipoma which can be harmful to health pain. After examining the lipoma, you can feel good about your health by treating it. If you have lipoma, you must immediately consult a doctor, whether it is the cause of any serious skin disease.


Treatment of lipoma

There is usually no special need to treat lipomas. If you are worried about the size and shape lipoma and want to treat, You can treat lipoma in many ways, which include the main ones.



Lipoma is treated with surgery to make it skin free. And it is possible to cure lipoma with surgery. In lipoma surgery, a needle is placed around the lump, the area is temporarily numbed (numb), and the lipoma tumor is cut out by making an incision in the skin. After lipoma surgery, the skin is stitched together and bandaged. The simplest treatment for lipoma is surgery. Lipomas can re-grow even after surgery, which is very rare.


Other type of treatment. In this treatment a large syringe and needle are used to remove the Lipoma lump.


Steroid injections
To treat lipomas the affected area, and this treatment shrinks and removes the lipoma completely.



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