What is HPV? Symptoms, Causes, Home Remedies & more.

What is Human Papillomavirus?

HPV virus is a common type of sexually transmitted infection. Which is often during sexual intercourse, men and women can come in contact with this type of virus at any time in their life time. Symptoms of HPV (Human Papillomavirus Infection) appear during that time. When men and women have sex with each other during sexual intercourse. So during that time the symptoms of the disease caused by Human Papillomavirus infection gradually progress to genital warts and cervical cancer in the womb of women.


This virus can infect any person. Its virus mostly flourishes in men. HPV virus infection infects any person during that time. When the infected person has ever been infected with the HPV virus during sexual intercourse. This virus sometimes becomes inactive on its own. Whereas in such a small number of cases, the HPV virus increases the infection by becoming more active. Its main symptoms are blisters on the person’s mouth, neck, soles of feet, toes, lips, tongue.


Types of Human Papillomavirus

There are several types of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) virus. Out of which ever one type of infection becomes more active, sexual infection is serious in 70% of women and men during that time. When both men and women have sex with each other. HPV virus can be spread to other person due to infection of male and female. All types of this virus attack in a group. The virus directly attacks the penis of women and men. Due to which genital warts and cancer are caused. The cause of cervical cancer in women is often the HPV virus. Symptoms of infection with this type of virus appear gradually.


Symptoms of Human Papillomavirus

Most of the HPV virus infections get better on their own due to immunity. While some viruses gradually increase the symptoms by affecting the immunity. Persons affected by Human Papillomavirus The number of patients in India is high.

1. Genital warts

It cannot be included HPV as a symptom of any serious type. There is a problem of itching in genital warts. HPV virus infection develops gradually as symptoms. There are other reasons for genital warts, of which HIV (AIDS) can also be due to sexual infection.


2. Wart

A common type of wart in the HPV virus, it appears on the skin of an infected person during that time. When a person comes in the grip of this virus for the first time. So the upper surface of the skin appears rough and black. Well this is not a serious problem. That it gets cured after treating it. If warts occur repeatedly on the hands and feet for a reason other than the HPV virus, then it can be a cause of serious illness.


3. Body wart

The symptoms of HPV virus appear as warts in any part of the body. However, after being infected with the HPV virus, its symptoms develop gradually. Warts can occur anywhere on the body. Symptoms of HPV virus are mostly seen on hands, mouth, soles of feet, lips. However, it is a matter of happiness that if you do the vaccine and medicine till the last minute, this disease can be completely cured.


4. Cancer

Symptoms of HPV Virus In some cases, genital warts are not visible. Due to which no exact cause and symptoms of getting infected with HPV virus are known to women. Due to the absence of genital warts, there is no exact information about it. Whereas if women want, then it is necessary to get tested to deal with this disease. However, this confirmation is applicable when you get tested in 2 months. Or it is necessary to have vaccination to prevent the cause of HPV virus infection. A person infected with the HPV virus acquires the disease of cancer during that time. When he stops testing for the HPV virus. However, a decrease in the ratio of HPV virus infection to cancer can be seen.


Human Papillomavirus virus cause

The following are the causes of HPV

1. The HPV virus is transmitted inside due to a body cut or scratch.
2. Men and women can become infected with this virus at any time during their lifetime during sexual intercourse.
3. Due to the infection of one person between an infected person, male and female, there is a reason for the spread of this virus to another person.
4. If the cause of the HPV virus is transmitted to a pregnant woman, it can be transmitted from the mother to the child after a few days.
5. Missing out on a vaccine due to a disease caused by the HPV virus.
6. Skin genital infections can often be caused by a sexual disease other than the HPV virus.


What are the risk factors for HPV?

Risk factors for infection with the HPV virus can include:

1. Sex in person

A man having sex with a man and woman is more likely to be infected with the HPV virus at any time in his lifetime. At that time the rate of infection in people increases more.


2. Skin infection

Skin warts caused by HPV are always transmitted through person-to-person transmission. Or due to cuts or scratches on the skin, the infection of HPV spreads rapidly.


3. Wart

Warts often appear in children. Whereas its symptoms are more severe in adults. The soles of the feet are filled with wounds. Or in increasing age, genital warts are seen again and again.


4. Objects of infection

The HPV virus is spread through an infection. Whereas its virus is not so fast. Although its (infected person) is definitely spread from one person to another by the objects of the rate of infection.


Human Papillomavirus virus vaccination

First of all there are currently 2 vaccines available to reduce the infection rate of HPV virus. Known as 16 and 18. HPV virus helps in preventing the cause of cervical cancer. The vaccine for the HPV virus should be obtained before both treatments are available. This vaccine reduces the cause of the wart caused by the virus. The HPV virus proves helpful for the prevention of cancer-causing viruses in women and men. The normal age of receiving this vaccine is 14 years for girls and there is no fixed age for boys. It is possible to acquire the HPV virus vaccine at any time.


Human Papillomavirus virus diagnosis

Having genital warts to diagnose the HPV virus. Confirms that if it has been a few days since you have been pregnant, then the cause of genital warts may be responsible after testing for the HPV virus. In some cases of HPV virus, genital warts are not visible. Whereas during this time it can be detected after testing against the HPV virus.


1. Pap test

This test obtains a sample from the genitals of women. And it can be sent to the lab (testing center) for testing for HPV virus. No action will be taken till such time the report is received.


2. DNA test

The cancer-causing virus is easily tested for by close infection with the HPV virus. As long as this test is applicable to people of all ages. Until we get accurate information about the virus.


3. Vinegar Solution Test

To clear genital warts caused by the HPV virus. Applying vinegar solution on the affected area can make it white and the wound can be completely identified.


Genital wart prevention

If you are having warts for no reason. So it gets fixed after a few days. If the wart is caused by the HPV virus. So preventing them is a difficult task. This is necessary for the prevention of any type of wart on the body. How do you take care of it? Do not scratch or itch the skin containing the wart. Viruses that spread the infection do not itch and touch the wart to prevent the wart from developing.


Home Remedies for HPV Virus

Common types of warts can be cured with home remedies.

1. Potato

Boil the potato and peel it free. Then make a paste and apply this hot paste on the skin wart. Use this home remedy until a black layer of wart is left completely. The natural properties of potatoes are beneficial for the treatment of warts. Home remedies potato is more beneficial to get rid of blemishes and ringworm.


2. Neem leaves

Neem leaves are rich in antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. Home remedies for warts By grinding neem leaves finely. Applying it on the affected skin gradually reduces the infection. Using a paste made from neem leaves on the skin twice daily for 1 day in a week can help in its quick healing.


3. Wash the wound with neem warm water

Put neem leaves in hot water and boil it for some time. When the amount of water is less, washing the skin received from the wart twice a day kills the wart virus gradually.


4. Baking soda

Baking soda has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. By preparing a paste of baking soda on the skin obtained from the wart, applying it on the wart gradually kills the virus. Baking soda helps prevent skin diseases caused by scum and fungus.


5. Aloe vera

Everyone must have heard the story of wart in home remedies to cure the disease. Aloe vera can be beneficial in curing skin diseases or infections quickly. Removing the moisturised gel from the aloe vera leaf and applying it on the wartted skin provides relief.


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