What is brain tumor symptoms and prevention?

Brain tumor

Everyone knows that the most important function of the body is that of the brain. Brain weight 1300 to 1400 grams and its length is 14 centimetres. There are different types of cells in the brain which operate different parts of the body. These cells are born towards the body and after some time they are killed, this action takes place repeatedly and this action leads to the birth of any side effects cells in the brain, which are the cells which are beneficial for the body.

Slowly it starts to get destroyed and due to the development of bad cells, a mass of cells is formed, that is, it becomes a knot. This nodule or knot in the brain causes brain tumors. Brain tumors can occur to anyone, mostly due to genetic disease. If this type of symptoms is seen in brain tumor, then contact the doctor immediately and get advice and treatment. Some specific symptoms of brain tumors such as- headache, head heavy, memory loss, inability to identify a person, body pain, muscle strain, vomiting are all symptoms.


What Causes Brain Tumor?

Brain tumor is a deadly disease that causes the following types of diseases such as –

1. Gene (genetic parent) 

Brain tumor is a life-threatening disease. If the parents of a child already have a brain tumor, the disease may be caused by genes in your child or due to a relationship with a distant relative.


2. Radiation (Mobile phone, X-ray, MRI) 

This disease is an important cause of brain tumor. By radiation, about 30 to 40 thousand people are subjected to brain tumor by radiation every year. An intermediary is detected while talking and doing x on a mobile phone.


3. Decrease in brain tumor cells 

Brain tumors are another cause, which experts say is one of the important causes of brain tumors, which causes the birth of brain cells and their death after some time. There is a lump in the brain due to lack of or lack of brain cells, which causes brain tumors.


4. Wrong eating 

The number of brain tumors is increasing every day due to wrong eating. This disease can be activated due to wrong eating and drinking like alcohol, consumption of drugs, food outside.


5. Injury or pressure 

Brain cells are more affected due to injury in brain or due to pressure or mental stress which causes brain tumors and today around 35 to 50% of people all over the world suffer from brain tumors.


Types of brain tumors

There are two types of brain tumors: 1. Brain tumor containing cancer 2. Simple brain tumor

1. Brain tumor containing cancer 

This type of brain tumor proves to be highly malignant. If a person gets this type of brain tumor, if he is not treated in time, he dies. Symptoms of cancerous brain tumors are such as severe pain with prickling in the head, loss of sight of the eye, inability to identify the person, vomiting, all types of symptoms (brain tumor). If any of these symptoms occur towards a person, contact a doctor immediately.


2. Simple Brain Tumor 

This brain tumor is without cancer and it is also simple and this type of brain tumor can be treated easily and can also be treated with surgery or medicine in the treatment of this brain tumor.


Symptoms of brain tumor

Symptoms of brain tumor are as follows for the patient: If the symptoms are seen on the patient as soon as possible, then the patient can be protected from brain tumor.


1. Reducing eyesight 

When a brain tumor comes in contact with any object or light, it sends a message to the retina of the eye where a reflection is formed on the retina and this image is sent by the cells of the eye to the brain where the brain knows it in a few seconds. It is known that the object that I am seeing can be anything, if any person is less visible then that symptom can be of a brain tumor.


2. Changes in face 

If a person is constantly persistent due to sudden changes in facial changes before, then this symptoms can be born of some terrible disease like – brain tumor, cancer, AIDS, paralysis.


3. Weight loss 

Weight loss the symptoms of brain tumor are more visible towards the patient. This symptom can be caused due to rapid weight loss in the patient. Many diseases such as – Brain tumor, AIDS, TB, any type of disease symptom. May be the reason for decreasing.


4. Head prick 

Brain tumor disease: If someone starts seeing this type of symptom in the person in the second phase of the head, this symptom is more intense in the morning and evening and more stinging in the head. If a person sees this type of symptom, then contact the doctor immediately.


5. Vomiting 

Vomiting is caused by non-digestion of food in every disease, but there are some diseases which are more deadly such as blood cancer, tuberculosis, AIDS, weakening of digestive power, vomiting due to all. The symptoms are there but if you see such type of symptoms, then immediately contact the doctor and check if there is any symptom of brain tumor.


Some of the following symptoms of brain tumor 

6. Headache with severe pain when waking up in the morning.
7. Severe pain and itching in the area of the head where there is a brain tumor.
8. Gradual weakening of immunity leads to other serious types of disease.
9. Not being able to identify any thing or person.
10. Dizziness or headache.
11. Restlessness and excessive sweating at night.


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Screening before treatment for brain tumor

Brain tumor is examined by the person suffering from the brain tumor. The examination of brain tumor is done in the following way by the following screening equipment.


1. Brain Tumor Test MRI 

The MRI device is used by the MRI device to cause any disease or any other problem in the internal structure of the human body.


2. City Scan 

City scan is used due to any disease or any other problem in the body, such as – due to injury, brain tumor, due to bone fracture all types of disease.


3. Angiography 

Angiography the device is used in many types of diseases like brain tumors, cells, heart disease, blood clotting in all types of diseases.


4. Biopsy 

One has to examine any residue in the body that makes a person suffer or become ill, such as blood test, mucus test, urine, all the tests are done in a lab.


5. X-ray 

A victim is examined at the place where the sufferer has an important reason for getting sick such as – Brain tumor, chest pain, bone fracture, TB disease. Use of X for all are as follows It is done in sickness.


How to prevent brain tumor?

Brain tumor prevention can be done in the following ways –

1. Fruit 

It is done in the following way to prevent brain tumors but fruits are more beneficial to prevent against brain tumors. Some fruits ( beet, pomegranate, orange, chiku) are those which are more beneficial to increase immunity and protect against many diseases such as brain tumors, anemia, swine flu, corona virus.


2. Green vegetable 

To prevent brain tumor, excessive intake of green vegetable improves immunity and can be prevented from disease like brain tumor and other.


3. Immunity 

To prevent any disease, immunity should be stronger so that it provides more protection in fighting any disease.


4. Control of weight 

Control of weight is more important to prevent any disease.


5. Alcohol and Tobacco 

Nicotine is found by consuming more alcohol and tobacco or chewing more tobacco, which is more harmful for the health of the body and can be the cause of any fatal disease.


Stage of brain tumor

Every disease has a stage. And whether the disease is more serious or more common, it is a disease. Be it a common illness or a serious illness, someone dies due to that disease or is completely cured after treatment. Similarly, brain tumors have 4 stages, which are as follows.

Brain Tumor in 4 Stage 


1. First stage brain tumors 

It is impossible to detect tumors in the brain in the first stage. During this time, the patient also does not understand that he has a brain tumor, in this case the patient remains like a normal person and due to the tumor in the brain, there is no effect on the body and no identification because for the patient This is the initial phase.


2. Brain Tumor 

Brain Tumor In the second stage, some change of brain tumor starts, that is, the size of the tumor starts to increase and there are normal symptoms in the body which can be a symptom or cause of any disease.


3. Third stage of brain tumor 

In the third stage, the patient starts to see symptoms like – severe headache, vomiting, lack of focus, restlessness. And with this, the size of the tumor increases significantly.


4. Final stage brain tumor 

In the fourth stage, the patient is fully aware that I have a brain tumor and I am in the final stage of a brain tumor, if I am not successfully treated, then my life can be lost.


Brain tumor treatment

Brain tumors are treated according to the patient’s stage in the following ways


1. Treatment of brain tumor with medicine 

Treatment of brain tumor is also possible with medicine. If there is a brain tumor size and a brain tumor without cancer, then it is possible to some extent. And many people have been able to get rid of brain tumors even today with the treatment of medicine. Experts of brain tumors say that if this tumor is detected in time and this tumor is normal, then it is also possible to cure it. And even today, many people have recovered from this hospitals, and the brain tumor that has been cured with the drug is more successful because the brain tumor that is cured by the drug has no side effects in the body to a large extent.


2. Brain Tumor Surgery  

Treatment of brain tumor is also possible through surgery. Before treating the brain tumor by surgery, it is very important to check the brain tumor. It is seen in the examination that what is the size of the brain tumor and which cells are in the middle or outside. Whenever treatment is done by surgery (surgery), the following things are kept in mind, such as, what is the size of the brain tumor, which is in the middle of the cells or on any cell itself. It is very important to know whether it is possible to treat brain tumor by surgery.


3. Radiation treatment 

Treatment of brain tumors using radiation has been described as successful. Brain tumors are treated by radiation and the part of the brain where the tumor resides is examined first and then the radiation tumor is moved closer to radiation in the same area where the tumor resides. This method is considered to be the most successful treatment in the shortest time and even today it is used by the doctor on the demand of the patient.


4. Radio Surgery 

Treatment of brain tumor is possible or done by this method when the doctor or patient has no other option, the condition of the patient is not correct or the treatment of the patient is not possible by any other method.


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