What are the types of cancer and their symptoms?


Cancer is one of the incurable diseases. The cell division of these cells is repeated again and again it is natural for the cells to be alive and dead. The control of the body from the development to the formation and destruction of cells is a complete contribution. Cancer cells arise when there is no control over the cells of the body. Thats is a simple example of cancer, usually a mutation of cells to a particular lump of excess cells.

There are many types of cancer. It determines how fast and simple its effect is, depending on age and breed. Breast cancer most commonly affects women, while prostate cancer occurs in men. How fast and how simple the disease is, it can be considered serious or simple only after the cancer is diagnosed in a family member.


It is a bit difficult to identify its symptoms in the early stages of cancer. If there is information about the type of cancer and its symptoms or if the symptoms of cancer are identified, then contact the doctor and get it treated after confirming the type of cancer.

Types of cancer

1. Breast Cancer
2. Lung cancer
3. Prostate Cancer
4. Melanoma Cancer
5. Kidney cancer
6. Blood cancer
7. Bladder Cancer
8. Pancreatic Cancer
9. Thyroid cancer
10. Liver cancer


What are the signs and symptoms of cancer type?


1. Breast Cancer

Breast cancer occurs when a gene mutation causes more cells. Cells attached to the milk ducts of women carry milk to the nipple. The presence of undifferentiated cells between the lobules and the milk cells is the cause of breast cancer.


Breast cancer cancer cells arise due to the presence of milk ducts, often due to the uncontrolled growth of cells. Breast cancer occurs most often in women. If its symptoms are detected late, treatment is done from the second or third stage, by then it is too late.

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer

1. Fluid discharge from the nipple of the breast
2. More unbearable pain.
3. Feeling of lump on touching the breast.
4. Variation in breast size with and without breast cancer.
5. Itchy or red bumps in breast cancer nipples.
6. Watching the cancer lump grow slowly.
7. White fluid discharge from the nipple.
8. Swelling of breast.
9. Nipple retraction.



2. Lung cancer

Lung cancer is more rapid than all cancers and is ethnically related to non-cell death and proliferating cells. Cancer spreads more rapidly in males than in females and occurs in 30% of females.

Lung cancer has been the cause of smoking, but a non-smoker gets lung cancer. Cancer can rapidly develop its outbreak in other body part. Lung cancer can spread cancer from one place to another.


There are two types of lung cancer, small lung cancer and non-small lung cancer. This cancer can be seen in the macroscopic view of its structure which is curious to identify.


Lung cancer signs and symptoms

1. Change in voice
2. Chest infection or severe pain.
3. Swollen lymph nodes.
4. Colds or frequent sneezing.
5. Headache
6. High fever with body aches.
7. Vomiting
8. Sharp pain in chest
9. Tiredness.
10. Vomiting of blood
11. Pneumonia.
12. Difficulty in breathing
13. Panic button.

3. Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer is a male cancer that occurs in the prostate. In men, the prostate is a gland that produces semen and is similar to a walnut seed. Prostate cancer is a common type of cancer and this cancer remains in one place. Many cancers grow slowly whereas prostate cancer is normal and stable, it can be cured if it is treated.


Prostate Cancer Symptoms

1. Burning in urination and less urine output.
2. Blood in urine
3. Back pain
4. Semen producing gland affected.
5. Weight loss
6. Stomach ache
7. Body aches and feeling tired.
8. Feeling of lack of health.


4. Melanoma Cancer

Melanoma cancer is one of the most serious skin diseases. This cancer develops in cells called melanocytes, which affect the melanin of the skin and the color of the skin is dependent on this, from which the color of the skin is identified. There is no exact way to determine the cause of skin cancer. While other causes of skin cancer such as exposure to ultraviolet rays from sunlight, side effects of any chemical on the skin, spread of skin cancer infection can also be included.


Melanoma Cancer Symptoms

1. Mole or wart-like appearance on the skin.
2. Patch marks on the skin.
3. Bleeding from a skin wound.
4. Lumps on the skin.
5. Its scars are clearly visible all over the body.
6. Vomiting of blood

5. Kidney cancer

Kidney cancer This is a disease that affects the properly functioning cells of the kidney and takes the form of a lump. There are 2 kidneys in the part of the human body, whose work has to be done for different bodies. The kidney works as a filter for the toxins present in the body. Cleans the blood of impurities from the body and controls blood pressure and body temperature, works to filter urine.


Symptoms of kidney cancer

1. Blood in urine
2. loss of appetite
3. more fatigue
4. anemia
5. weight loss
6. decreased amount of urine
7. Frequent fever.
8. Sharp pain in lower abdomen.
9. More difficulty in breathing.

6. Blood cancer

What is blood cancer? Blood cell cancer is present in the blood body. Blood cell cancers are alive in lakh of millions every day and die in lakh every day. This is a daily job. It is natural for blood cell cancers to live and die every day, but blood cancer is not due to the death of blood cancer cells due to some reason. Increase in the number of overdose of which leads to the birth of blood cancer disease which is known as blood cancer.


Blood cancer symptoms

1. Fever
2. Get colder
3. Severe joint pain
4. Feeling low in weight
5. Feeling tired
6. Weakness comes.
7. Red spots on the skin.
8. Itching


7. Bladder Cancer

Bladder Cancer: In the empty shape of the sac of the bladder, where urine is to collect, uncontrolled abnormal tissue develops into a lump-like shape, It is called Bladder Cancer. This cancer is more common in men than in women. After calculating the affected aspect of this cancer in each year, it is seen that only 3 people out of 10 men fell victim to this disease, who were completely cured after treatment. Bladder cancer is considered to be the least affected of all cancer types.

Bladder Cancer Symptoms

1. Blood in urine.
2. Blood clotting.
3. Severe pain.
4. Feeling of urination.
5. Decreased amount of urine.
6. Severe burning in urination.
7. Unbearable pain in upper urinary tract.
8. Weight loss.
9. Feeling nervous.


8. Pancreatic Cancer

Pancreatic cancer begins in the pancreatic tissue. In the lower part of the abdomen, there is a complete sac of the pancreas, the development of abnormal tissue in it is called pancreatic cancer. Pancreas Its contribution to the body is to release enzymes and aid in the digestion of food. The pancreas produces hormones that regulate blood sugar.

Pancreatic cancer does not cause any symptoms in the early stages, while it is difficult to identify symptoms until it affects any other organ.

There are many options in the treatment of pancreatic cancer that help the cancer to be cured, such as surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or drug treatment.


Pancreatic Cancer Symptoms

1. Feeling tired.
2. Itchy skin.
3. Weight loss.
4. Yellowing or thickening of urine.
5. Blood in stool.
6. Abdominal pain.
7. Slowness of health.
8. Symptoms of fever.
9. Nervousness or restlessness.

9. Thyroid cancer

Thyroid cancer occurs in the cells of the thyroid. It is a hormone secreting gland which is responsible for controlling body temperature, blood pressure, weight.


There are no common symptoms in thyroid cancer, whereas in its second stage cancer can feel pain or swelling in the neck. This cancer is less contagious for each person because the thyroid gland provides its own defense. This cancer is less sensitive towards people.


Symptoms of thyroid cancer

1. Swelling feeling in neck.
2. Feeling of cancerous lumps touching the skin on the upper surface of the lymph node.
3. Difficulty swallowing food or any other substance.
4. Swelling or pain in the throat.
5. Change in voice.
6. Weight loss.
7. Feeling the symptoms of fever.

10. Liver cancer


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