What are the symptoms of breast cancer?

Breast Cancer

Breast cancer occurs when a gene mutation causes more cells to be produced that cannot be controlled.

Cells attached to the milk ducts of women carry milk to the nipple. Milk is produced by lobules and brought to the nipple.

The presence of uncontrolled cells between the lobules and the milk cells is the cause of breast cancer.

Breast cancer is more common in women than in men. Breast cancer gradually becomes more active and the size of the nipple and the size of the breast starts to change immediately.

Read more about the symptoms of breast cancer in women.

Signs and symptoms of breast cancer

In the early stages of breast cancer, the symptoms may not be recognized because on this day lumps start to form in the breast cells.

In the second stage of breast cancer, its symptoms are understood. In this stage, women can feel heaviness of breast and slight itching, pain can be felt.

In the third stage, by examining the breast, it is fully known that the cells of the breast have developed a disease called cancer.

Read this in detail to understand the best cancer symptoms properly. Recognize the symptoms of breast cancer.


The symptoms of breast cancer are as follows.

1. Pain breast – In the initial symptom, there is a slight deep pain around the nipple or tissue.

2. Change in breast size.

3. Lump in the breast – Lump in the cells attached to the nipple.

4. Breast darkening – Darkening in the area around the outer side of the breast tissue.

5. Itching – Symptoms of breast cancer Itching on the upper surface of the internal structure of the breast.

6. Bleeding from the nipple – In the last stage, the discharge of blood or white thick substance from the nipple.

7. Inverted nipple – The protruding ends of the nipple of the breast are on the inner side.

8. Redness of breast – In the last stage of breast cancer, there is red or blackness in the entire area of ​​the breast.

9. Stiffness of breast – In cancer, gradually all part of the breast becomes hardness (increased lump).

10. Races in the breast – Breast cancer with changes in the breast with scars or recesses.


Types of breast cancer

There are many types of breast cancer. Breast cancer is thus dependent on women, which type of cancer you have developed and is slowly growing in the breast. After getting information about the type of breast cancer, you can get excited about the treatment. What type of cancer in women’s breast is how serious and can prompt for treatment. Following are the breast types of women.

1. Ductal Carcinoma

Ductal carcinoma is a common type of breast cancer. Occurrence (cancer) on the line of the milk duct that connects the breast to the nipple.


2. Invasive ductal cancer

Invasive ductal cancer is a common type of cancer that develops around the milk ducts and invades the breast tissue. Invasive ductal disease, sometimes in a severe form, affects other organs.


3. Invasive lobular carcinoma

Invasive lobular carcinoma develops in the milk ducts, invades the tissues and spreads slowly.


Other types of simple cancers are more serious

1. Paget nipple disease

This type of breast cancer originates in the duct attached to the tissue and affects the area around the nipple.


2. Phyllodes tumor 

It is a rare type of breast cancer and can occur anywhere from the tissue to the duct of the breast.


3. Angiosarcoma

Breast cancer involving the blood vessels or vessels associated with lymph.


Stage of breast cancer

Breast cancer is divided into five stages. Breast cancer is classified into five stages from the stage of development of the cancer to its spread.

Stage 0 –
Breast Cancer Ductal carcinoma develops in the cells of the breast.


Stage 01 –
A cancerous tumor that develops in the breast is approximately less than 2 centimeters across.


Stage 03 –
The size of the cancer (tumor) that develops in the breast grows between about 2 centimeters to 4 centimeters. It can be felt by the apparent patient in the third stage of breast cancer.


Stage 04 –
Any type of cancer in the breast is feared and can develop into the cells of the breast at some point.


Stage 05 –
The most severe stage is the stage of breast cancer. In the late stage of breast cancer, the cancer becomes aggressive and causes death.


Cause of breast cancer

The exact cause of breast cancer is not yet known. Experts of breast cancer say that there is no concrete reason for this yet, but there are some reasons that are enough to develop breast cancer. Causes of breast cancer due to physical and internal events in lifestyle and factors influencing breast cancer associated with the environment.

Breast cancer can be due to the following reasons

1. Cancer cells – The production of more cells (more than necessary) in the breast of women.

2. Increased level of estrogen – increased rate of excess estrogen in women.

3. Aging – Breast cancer due to aging women, hormones are more.

4. Radiation – Radiation X-ray can be the cause of breast cancer.

5. Genetic – The cause of breast cancer is genetic (from parents or distant relatives).


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6. Breast pressure – The cause of breast cancer is due to the pressure of the breast in women.

7. High Calorie Consumption – Breast Cancer Most of the women have physical development due to high calorie intake.

8. Enlargement of breast – Growth of breast with the growth of the body.

9. Changes in Lifestyle – Due to lifestyle changes of most women, breast cancer can occur due to lifestyle changes.

10. Obesity – Increase in weight due to diet and high calorie intake of women is the cause of breast cancer.

11. Consumption of alcohol – Immunity is affected due to excessive consumption of alcohol.

12. Smoking – The smoke from cigars, cigarette consumption affects the lungs and increases the amount of nicotine.

13. Contraceptive drug – The risk of breast cancer increases if the drug is taken to prevent contraception.


Breast cancer prevention

To prevent breast cancer, it can be prevented by being aware of the following types of cancer carriers.

1. Radiation – In severe disease, the high energy released from radiation (X ray, MRI) is sometimes used to examine and treat the body, which increases the risk of cancer.

2. Consumption of alcohol and smoking cessation substances many times has more effect in the movement of the body, due to which the deadly disease can develop cancer.

3. Obesity – The reason for increasing obesity, obesity increases rapidly due to the inclusion of high level food in the lifestyle. Do you know that due to increasing obesity, many types of life-threatening diseases develop in the body and it is enough to make them sick, such as cancer, joint pain, diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease.

4. Breastfeeding – The rate of cancer in women who are breastfeeding frequently is lower as compared to other women.

5. Exercise – To maintain a healthy lifestyle, just as the search for healthy food is always there, in the same way exercise is also necessary to keep life healthy because exercising gives immunity, which helps to fight disease. It is enough to cure the disease.

6. Hormone therapy – Therapy is done for medical treatment. Women who have more problems in menstruation can be cured by reducing the rate of menstrual problems by treating them. (Before including hormone therapy in treatment, its advantages and disadvantages should be familiar with)

7. Nutritious food – In nutritious food, many types of vitamin groups and nutrients are obtained by consuming abundant food. During the treatment of a disease, it can be cured by reducing the rate of disease by consuming nutritious food.


Breast cancer of diagnosis

Some of the symptoms of breast cancer from stage 0 to stage 1 are not well understood. If you go to the doctor about all the symptoms that occur in the breast, then after examining all the symptoms and body related to the breast, the doctor may encourage you for the following types of tests to diagnose breast cancer. The following types of tests are included to diagnose breast cancer.


To diagnose breast cancer, a mammogram is used to examine early-stage tumor cells in the breast.

Ultrasound (sound imaging test ) 

Ultrasound is an imaging test that uses sound waves to image the internal structure of the body (breast cancer). In medical language, ultrasound is also known as sonogram.


A biopsy involves taking a sample of cells or tissue from the affected area (breast cancer) and examining it in a lab test to detect the presence of cancer.

Breast examination

To diagnose breast cancer, you yourself should examine it in front of the mirror, the size of the breast and the inner side of the nipple, the change in the size of the breast indicates cancer.


Breast cancer of treatment

Breast cancer is treated in many ways. To cure cancer, at what stage breast cancer is and what are the symptoms, after this the doctor can advise you how breast cancer should be treated.
The first treatment of breast cancer is medicine, surgery, radiation therapy, hormone therapy.

Radiation therapy

Radiation therapy is used to treat cancer in the late stages of cancer. Cancer that has developed in the breast is treated by radiation to the cancer cells with the high energy of X-ray to cure the cancer cells from the root.

Breast surgery

Cancer cells that develop in the breast are surgically removed. Breast cancer surgery is done in the following ways.

1.  Lumpectomy

This type of cancer surgery removes the cancer cells in the breast.

2. Mastectomy

In the second type of surgery, the entire cancerous breast is removed and if this happens in both the breasts, then the same procedure is repeated for that.

3. Axillary Lymph Node Dissection

After biopsy of the lymph nodes, the lymph attached to the cancer cells present in it is removed.


Cancer cells in the breast are cured by destroying the cells when they develop. This method is used in the early stages of cancer (stage 0) to suppress the cancer before it emerges.

Hormone therapy

Due to the increase in the excess of hormones estrogen and progesterone present in women, this deadly disease encourages cancer to develop. To stop estrogen and progesterone hormones in hormone therapy, it is prevented from increasing by the use of medicine in hormone therapy.


Risk facts 

1. Headache – Headache from first stage to last stage in breast cancer patient.

2. Restlessness – After breast cancer screening, women are always restless, due to which – due to blood pressure, chest pain and restlessness, the patient of breast cancer dies.

3. Heart disease – A patient with breast cancer may have heart disease.

4. Weak immunity – Due to lack of diet in the patient of breast cancer, the immune system becomes weak, due to which many types of diseases can increase.

5. Body ache – Breast cancer patient complains of body pain all the time.

6. Chest pain – As the size of the tumor increases in the patient, so does chest pain.


What are the precautions in breast cancer?

1. Medicine should be taken regularly in the treatment of breast cancer.
2. Breast cancer screening should be done repeatedly during treatment.
3. Must check blood pressure and pulse.
4. Special attention should be paid to food and drink.
5. Weight should be kept under control.
6. Alcohol and smoking should not be consumed.
7. If there is any problem during the treatment of breast cancer, one should immediately contact the doctor.
8. Blood test must be done at the time of treatment.
9. The patient of breast cancer should not have any kind of restlessness.


Related to breast cancer ( FAQs )

Q.1 How many types of breast cancer are there?

There are many types of breast cancer which are as follows

1. Inflammatory Breast Cancer
2. Ductal Carcinoma
3. Invasive ductal cancer
4. Invasive lobular carcinoma

Q.2 Why do women get breast cancer?
Breast cancer occurs to women because of the formation of milk cells in the breasts of women. Due to excessive production of milk cells or increase in estrogen, a lump (tumor) starts to form in the breast of women, which is called cancer.

Q.3 What is the home treatment of breast cancer?

1. Turmeric 

Turmeric is beneficial for health. Antibacterial and antioxidant, cur cumin is found in high quantity in turmeric, which is beneficial for health such as injury, pain, to strengthen immunity, remove waste material from the body, beauty on the face, cancer disease.

How to consume turmeric 

Make a fine powder of turmeric and take half a teaspoon of turmeric in a glass of milk in the morning and evening after eating food, relief from breast cancer.

Turmeric helps prevent cancer by 60%.





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