What are the symptoms, causes, diagnosis of lupus?

Lupus disease

Lupus is an autoimmune disease. The main reason for this is joint pain, fever, body pain, skin rash, organ damage. Today, people of all countries are troubled by lupus disease. Most women are sick with lupus disease, whose symptoms of lupus disease were seen in people between the ages of 15 and 60. There is currently no cure for this disease. Prevention is its most important management.

Lupus (systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE)) is difficult to diagnose. Because it is similar in symptoms to other similar diseases. Lupus is characterized by red and white moldy skin symptoms. Other than infection It can spread from person to person, its prevention is the most important treatment.


Lupus symptoms  ( systemic lupus erythematosus )

Lupus is an autoimmune disease. Its symptoms gradually develop on the skin. Its symptoms appear in different ways in different people. It depends on what factor affects your immunity and how well it is able to fight against it. Other types of the disease can have similar symptoms to lupus, while lupus is difficult to treat because there is no exact cure for the disease. If you understand such symptoms, then you should immediately consult a doctor because it is not a disease of lupus.

1. Fever
2. Joint pain
3. Difficulty breathing
4. Appearing in the shape of a butterfly wing on the face.
5. Wound on the skin.

6. The disease of lupus becomes more severe in the sun.
7. Headache
8. Swelling of the skin
9. To be irritated
10. To be in a state of confusion.
11. Heart related problem.
12. Brain
13. Having kidney symptoms.


What is the cause of lupus?

Lupus is an autoimmune disease. Symptoms of lupus disease begin to develop when the immune system attacks skin tissue. A genetic disease of lupus or exposure to a toxic substance in the environment can cause the condition of lupus on the skin. This disease can accelerate the process of infection or occur in a state of contagion.


1. Medicine 

The causative agent of lupus disease has been linked to medication. The disease can aggravate the condition of lupus by using drugs for cirrhosis, blood pressure, blood cancer, antibiotics and anti-seizures


2. Sunburns

The main symptom of lupus is a rash and sores on the skin. If you go out in the sun in such a situation, then the wound on the skin and its contagiousness becomes even more serious. Whereas in other diseases nothing like this happens.

3. Infection

The Cause for the development of lupus can also be due to the condition of the infection. Because this disease through an infection intensifies its activity in another person.


4. Genetic

Lupus disease is an autoimmune disease. It can sometimes develop the condition of lupus by affecting the immune system of the skin tissue, inherited from this ancestor.


Diagnosis of lupus

Diagnosis of Lupus Like any other disease, several methods are used. Everyone exhibits different work in all ways. The doctor can clearly understand the disease of lupus after examining all the samples. The diagnosis of lupus can be clarified by adopting the following methods:

1. Blood Count Test

This test measures the amount of red blood cells, platelets, white cells, hemoglobin by blood test count. The presence of lupus disease in the disease of anemia is generally considered normal. Whereas in this situation it does not happen.


2. X-rays

Lupus disease has been linked to the lungs. If you have any type of lung disease, then the doctor can see the reflection through a chest X-ray machine to check it.


3. Biopsy

A sample may be sent to a lab to diagnose the kidney. Because kidney disease has been linked to lupus disease. The activation of which may be applicable due to any kind of disease in the kidney. The sample is simply taken out by making an incision in the kidney. Which is now completely ready for lab testing.

4. Urine test

Kidney disease has been to lupus. One of the symptoms of lupus is the passage of blood or protein from the urinary tract due to any type of disease or failure in the kidney.


What are the complications of lupus?

In addition to the burning and swelling of the skin in lupus disease, other symptoms of the following types are felt.

1. Brain disorder
2. Increasing infection rate
3. Heart
4. Lungs
5. The upper and inner layers of the skin are affected.
6. Joint pain
7. Anemia


Lupus home remedies and prevention

1. Its activity increases in lupus heart disease. Therefore, prevent heart disease and pay more attention to health.
2. Reduce the risk of organ damage.
3. Follow the medication and necessary conditions to reduce the symptoms.
4. Take Giloy regularly. Improves immunity and works to filter the blood.
5. Treat pain and swelling. In home remedies, apply turmeric paste on the skin.
6. Control blood pressure.

7. Reduce the risk of infection. In home remedies, take 2 cloves of garlic and turmeric and milk regularly.
8. Control cholesterol.
9. Strengthen the immune system.
10. Prevent or manage flares.
11. Incorporate healthy living and exercise.
12. Stop the rate of infection from spreading.


There is currently no cure for lupus. People can make some changes in lifestyle and strengthen the immune system with medicine or home remedies to increase immunity. Prevention of this disease is its main treatment. If all the methods of prevention against this disease are known, then it is the best chance to keep yourself healthy from other types of diseases and diseases in an even better way.

When are you at risk for lupus?

The risk of lupus is higher in women. Infection with Lupus Environment, Gender, Age and Women Often fear that lupus affects women more than men. Women have a higher risk of lupus. In which 99 women and 1 man are suffering from lupus disease. Infection with lupus is based on the environment, gender, age, and women often fear that lupus affects women more than men.

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