What are the medicinal benefits and harms of Giloy?

Introduction to Giloy

Giloy is the only plant out of all medicinal plants, which has many benefits for health. In India, in a simple way, with the help of a tree, the snake-like curve reaches the topmost branch and then comes back. The Giloy tree is more than 20 to 30 feet and the size of the betel leaf, the tree is as thick and rough as the finger, the flowers are white and the fruit is red in color. Cut Giloy leaves and its tree into small parts and boil it for 20 to 25 minutes when its color does not change. The taste of Giloy is astringent, bitter and pungent. Its benefits by using Giloy are fever, vomiting, cough, hiccups, piles, cold, immunity, its medicinal properties are especially beneficial for all.


What is Giloy?

Giloy is a medicinal plant which has many health benefits. Giloy plants are easily found in many places in India. The size of the leaf of Giloy betel and its tree can be as thick as the finger or more. Giloy is bitter and astringent in taste. Identifying Giloy is not a difficult task as its plants are distinct and flowers are white, fruits are red in color and resemble pea grains. There are many benefits of Giloy due to its medicinal properties.    


Scientific Name of Giloy


Kingdom Plants
Phylum Magnoliopsida
Class Magnoliopsida
Order Ranunculales
Family Menispermaceae
Genus Tinospora
Species Cardifolia
Binomial name Tinospora cardifolia


Giloy Nutrients

Antioxidant   56%
Antibacterial   15%
Anti-Inflammatory   25%
Glucoside   2-3%
Tinosporin   0.5%
Palmerin   1%
Tinosporic Acid   2%
Phosphorus   0.10%
Copper   0.8%
Calcium   0.6%
Zinc   0.2%
Manganese   0.7%
Amino Acids   5%
Vitamin B12  


Benefits of Giloy

The benefits of Giloy’s medicine are related to health in many ways. As a medicinal remedy, it is consumed in the form of juice, decoction to cure health. Consuming Giloy in the right way is beneficial for any treatment. Its harm may occur during treatment with Giloy beneficial.  


1. Giloy boosts immunity  

The medicinal properties present in Giloy are beneficial for health. While consuming Giloy, the more bitter it is, the more it proves beneficial for health, and drinking the old tree trunk of Giloy, cutting it into small sizes, boiling it and drinking it is beneficial in strengthening the immunity.


2. Giloy is beneficial for eyesight

The elements found in Giloy are beneficial for eye disease and light. How is Giloy beneficial? Cut Giloy into small pieces, wash it with clean water and use basil leaves, ginger, and jaggery or sugar to change the taste in making a decoction. Put all the ingredients with Giloy in a bowl and boil it till it changes. Consuming Giloy 1 time per day helps in increasing the eyesight.


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3. Giloy cold relief

The medicinal properties of Giloy help in warming the body. Giloy is also called a medicinal as well as hot plant because its properties are more hot in nature. If Giloy is consumed after boiling it for a few days, the body starts feeling more heat. Giloy is beneficial for cold. Boiling Giloy cut into pieces and drinking it cures cold.


4. Giloy purifies the blood

Due to the presence of antioxidant properties in Giloy, it helps in purifying the blood and helps in flushing out the toxins from the body through sweat and removes the lack of blood. Boiling Giloy and consuming it daily helps in purifying the blood.


5. Giloy relief from cough

Giloy is beneficial in cough and Giloy is considered to be the best source of antioxidants which protect the body in fighting any disease. Boiling Giloy and drinking a spoonful of ghee and honey together works as a relief for cough.


6. Beneficial in period pain

Finely chop Giloy and boil it in 1 glass of water till the water of the glass becomes half and its properties, and by consuming ginger, the decoction becomes even more beneficial. Drinking the decoction of prepared Giloy provides relief from pain because Giloy has medicinal properties to reduce pain.


7. Giloy beneficial in acidity

At present, the patients of acidity are increasing day by day. The reason for acidity is that it is common in people of any age due to wrong eating habits and poor living conditions. Due to acidity, its symptoms are accompanied by unbearable pain which becomes a serious problem for any person. Home remedies for acidity are more beneficial in curing it. After drying Giloy, grind it finely and filter it through a sieve, and by mixing cloves, ginger, black pepper, black salt and jaggery, grind all the ingredients together and eat it on an empty stomach in the morning, it provides relief from acidity and digestion.


8. Giloy body pain relief

The inflammatory properties present in Giloy provide relief from body pain. Boil Giloy and add some amount of jaggery to it and drink it in the morning, it provides relief from common types of pain.


9. Giloy beneficial anemia

The special element in Giloy, which purifies the blood and proves beneficial in removing the lack of blood. Due to the lack of blood in the body, the disease of anemia is often felt by the pregnant woman at the time when the child is nearing the birth. If anemia is not treated, the amount of bilirubin in the blood starts increasing and jaundice occurs. Treatment of anemia with home Ayurveda Giloy provides relief from anemia.


10. Relief from jaundice

Antioxidant element is present in Giloy which helps in curing any disease. By cutting Giloy into fine pieces and boiling it for 20 to 25 minutes, its properties are more than the same quantity. By purifying the blood, it is beneficial in removing the lack of blood in equal amounts and in jaundice disease, it reduces the excess of increased bilirubin substance and is beneficial in producing new blood.


11. Giloy beneficial in fever

There are many medicinal properties present in Giloy, which can be consumed by making decoction and tea to get its beneficial properties in improving health and freeing from disease.
By consuming a person suffering from fever, Giloy increases the temperature of fever and expels it from the body through sweat, which causes a rapid decrease in temperature and reduces the temperature of fever.


12. Giloy beneficial diabetes 

Giloy is beneficial for the diabetic patient and in reducing the level of diabetes, consuming the special properties of Giloy daily in the form of a decoction is more beneficial in preventing and recovering from this disease. The way its medicinal properties are beneficial in curing the patient of diabetes in Giloy, in the same way its harm is also more. Before consuming Giloy in any way, the advice of an expert in Ayurveda should be taken once.


13. Giloy beneficial skin disease

Who does not know about the special medicinal properties of Giloy, as in this article it has been described in detail about the special benefits of Giloy, which you keep reading the article continuously from the beginning to know about its benefits in detail. . How is Giloy beneficial for skin diseases? Antioxidant and antibacterial properties are present in Giloy, which cures skin diseases by boiling it in water and drinking it, it cures skin diseases. And by another method, to cure all skin diseases like ringworm, itching, infection, mix 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder with old leaves of Giloy and apply it on the affected skin, it cures skin disease.


How to make Giloy Decoction

To prepare a thick glass, look at the ingredients given below

Ingredients – 

1. 150 grams to 200 grams of Giloy cut into equal portions
2. Sugar to taste or 3 tsp
3. 2 glasses of water


How to make –

Put chopped Giloy in 2 glasses of water and boil it for 25 to 30 minutes on low flame and add 3 spoons of sugar and boil it for 2 minutes.
To make the decoction of Giloy more beneficial, add some pieces of ginger and cloves to it and wait till it cools down after boiling.


Use –

Consuming a concoction made from Giloy on an empty stomach has more benefits. Whereas doing it more often on an empty stomach has more disadvantages than benefits.


Benefits –

1. Reduce weight
2. Purification of Blood
3. Skin diseases
4. Jaundice


Note –

Diabetic patient should not consume it at all because it reduces the increased diabetes.


Giloy’s side effects

1. Along with the medicinal benefits of Giloy, it is harmful for health. Giloy is harmful for the diabetic patient because it is beneficial in reducing the level of diabetes in Giloy, while less is harmful for the person of diabetes.

2. Pregnant women should not consume Giloy because it is of hot nature which can be more harmful for the woman.


Frequently asked questions from Giloy ( FAQs )

Q. 1 Does Giloy have medicinal properties of hot nature?

Yes, Giloy has medicinal properties of hot nature, which by consuming it on winter days, its hot nature proves to be beneficial in preventing cold and curing cold, cough.


Q. 2. Can Giloy be consumed in any serious disease?

Giloy is more beneficial for health, whereas it is not good to use it for the treatment of any serious disease, because during this use an expert of Ayurveda should be consulted.


Q. 3. Can Giloy be consumed to protect against corona virus?

Yes, the use of Giloy helps in protecting against corona virus by making a decoction and consuming it regularly because all the elements present in Giloy are beneficial in maintaining health.

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