What are the health benefits of saffron and used, side effects


A spice derived from the flower of Crocus sativus, commonly known as saffron crocus. Saffron is the world’s most expensive flower used as a spice. It is commonly used in saffron spice. Saffron is obtained from the blue color of the saffron flower. Saffron is beneficial for health in many ways and is used in the treatment of diseases and originated from Spain many years ago and today in India it is cultivated in both the places of Kashmir. Mild climate is required for the cultivation of saffron and loamy soil is considered best.  


What is saffron?

The way the saffron plant is counted in the smallest size, but due to the size of the plant, its benefit is many times more and more expensive. To get good saffron it is more important to have good soil and climate. Saffron leaves are thin and small size, the root is up to some part of the ground and the size of onion scale. Saffron flowers are blue, purple, light red, orange.  


How expensive saffron?

Saffron is cultivated in India only in Kashmir. Saffron plant requires a good climate and care as much as is described about its benefits for its health. Its cost in the cultivation of saffron is high due to manual cost and there are three saffron threads in the flower of a saffron plant and it has no participants in the weight because the threads obtained from saffron flower are more thin and weak. . Saffron Out of one lakh flowers, only 600 grams of saffron is obtained. Which is why the price of saffron is high in the world today.  


Saffron Nutrition facts


Nutrition Fact Nutrition %
1. Calories 10%
2. Cholesterol Free according to origin
3. Sodium 0.25%
4. Potassium 1%
5. Carbohydrates 0.75%
6. Zinc 0.9%
7. Selenium 0.4%
8. Calcium 0.04%
9. Iron 0.3%
10. Magnesium 0.26%
11. Phosphorus 0.4%
12. Vitamin B6 0.9%
13. Vitamin C .99%
14. Thiamin 0.6%
15. Riboflavin 0.3%
16. Niacin 0.2%

All the components from minerals to vitamins present in saffron, which are not only beneficial for health, but all the nutrients obtained from daily intake have been duly described.  


Benefits of Saffron

You must have heard about the health benefits of saffron at some point or the other, do you know that the benefits of saffron are fair to the skin, the benefits of consuming it by adding milk to a pregnant woman, cold, weakness, stamina, to strengthen immunity, For hair, headache, the benefits of saffron have been told for all and some people are duly aware of it, but those who do not know about the benefits of saffron, read this article in detail about the benefits of saffron information can be obtained.    


1. Headache relief

Saffron has many medicinal properties. The use of saffron home remedies proves to be beneficial and beneficial curing headache. Make a powder of saffron and mix with curd and apply the head, provides relief from pain because saffron has medicinal properties of pain reliever. To get relief from headache, use of saffron with curd twice in hot weather provides relief from headache.


2. Saffron gives relief from cold

It is common for a person to get a cold often due to the change of seasons. Colds can often be due to weak immunity or a symptom of some disease. Colds are often caused by a common problem 80% of the time and 20% of the time due to illness or as a symptom or sign. To get relief from cold, make a fine powder by grinding saffron and mix it with a spoon of hot ghee and take it, it provides relief from cold.


3. Saffron makes the skin spotless and fair

Saffron gives relief from fair and spotless skin. Mixing saffron with milk cream and applying it on the skin with the help of cotton provides relief in skin tone and spotless skin. Saffron is one of the best sources of Vitamin C and antioxidants which helps in rejuvenating the skin from inside and changing the skin tone, giving relief from fair and spotless skin.


4. Saffron gives relief from menstruation of women

It is normal for women to have their period on the last day of the month. Menstruation every women has to face this problem and other problem along with body pain is frequent with women every day. To get relief from menstruation, taking saffron, saffron powder mixed with milk and drinking ends the problems in menstruation. Saffron is also the best source of calories along with a pain reliever, which provides relief from menstruation by releasing energy in the body.


5. Saffron gives relief from winter season

All the products made from saffron are often used more in the cold season. Saffron has the properties of a hot substance, so in the cold season all the producers made of saffron sell more in the market. Using saffron in cold weather is the best home remedy to prevent cold.


6. Saffron daily use for wound healing

Injury often occurs in any part of the body due to an accident or some work. Due to injury, more blood comes out from that place of the body and sometimes in the disease of hemophilia, death due to excessive bleeding due to non-clotting of blood. Injuries often increase the risk of infection, which can take longer to heal. Using saffron in Ayurveda’s expert home remedies can help heal wounds. Grinding the saffron leaves and flowers and applying them on the wound prevents infection in the wound and can help more in wound healing. This is possible due to the Ayurvedic medicinal properties of saffron in healing wounds.


7. Saffron gives relief from the problem of urination

Saffron’s medicinal nutrition facts are beneficial in reducing all the problems that occur in urination. Making a solution of saffron powder with milk or drinking it with warm water is beneficial in reducing all the problems of urination. The properties of saffron reduce burning, yellowing and excessive odor in urine. You can use it every day.


8. Saffron gives relief from joint pain

Joint pain is usually only about 30 people out of every person for whom joint pain due to injury and genetics is usually real. Joint pain occurs more often in men or women in age than 45 years of age and is characterized by frequent and more severe pain in any part of the body. Treatment of joint pain: Grinding saffron finely in home remedies and applying it on the joint pain area provides relief from pain and using this remedy repeatedly gives relief from joint pain forever.


9. Relief from mental illness

Mental stress is a frequent occurrence in the lifestyle of people, usually every person suffers and gets killed by this stress every day due to some problem or lack of health. Due to the disturbances going on in the mind, the message often keeps reverberating in the mind as a problem and the effect of stress is enough to make the whole body ill. If a normal person is suffering from any disease, then first of all adopts home remedies.


If that person is aware of the benefits of home remedies and how to use them, then it definitely has its benefits in curing any disease. To reduce mental stress, drinking saffron powder with 1 glass of milk helps in reducing stress and if you want to cure it completely, then mixing the powder and milk and drinking it can cure stress for all time. 


10. Saffron is beneficial in curing digestive power

Saffron strengthens the digestive power. Grind saffron finely and mix it with lukewarm water and use it daily before going to bed in the morning or at night.


Saffron Health Side Effects

The side effect of saffron on health is less visible because if the side effect of a substance is to be increased, then it is common to overuse the substance or to be allergic to that substance in terms of health. Using saffron on the skin or in food can be harmful to health, but till now the ill effects of saffron are less visible and because saffron is one of the most expensive substances. Anyone who consumes this substance has a good knowledge about health supplements.


Side Effects

1. Excessive use of saffron on the skin can cause yellowing of the skin, a change in the tone of the inner and upper surface of the skin, which can be similar to the symptoms of jaundice.
2. Bleeding from the nose due to excessive use of saffron.
3. If saffron paste or powder is applied on the eyes, the eyes become yellow.
4. Saffron is one of the food poisoning.
5. Saffron lowers blood pressure and consuming too much of it can cause more problems than heart attack, low blood pressure.


Identification of saffron

Saffron is identified by its true quality and Saffron cannot be identified by common man because today there are duplicate packets of saffron available in the market. 


Other Methods to Identify Saffron

1. The purity of saffron depends on its taste. (The taste of saffron is Cassella)
2. Saffron slowly releases its color when mixed with water.
3. The aroma of saffron is mild bitter and sweet.
4. Rubbing saffron on a cotton cloth gradually releases the color in the cloth.
5. Saffron being more expensive makes it easier to identify.


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