What are symptoms, causes and treatment of pneumonia?


Pneumonia is a disease related to the breath and lungs. Pneumonia occurs in people of all ages. Nearly millions of people sick every year. Pneumonia is a disease related to the lungs. In the disease, watery lungs and swelling increases, more problems in breathing, vomiting, weakness, all types of symptoms are seen in patient children and people of old age.


Today, millions of people are ill with pneumonia disease and some died on the spot if not treated in time. Pneumonia disease is a deadly disease and this disease is a disease related to the breath and lungs. Whoever suffers from this disease experiences the following symptoms such as vomiting, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, loss of appetite, All types of cold symptoms appear and if untreated, they die on the spot.


Pneumonia overview


Pneumonia disease: Pneumonia is more common in people between the age of 5 and 60 years, from newborn to growing age. Pneumonia disease is more due to the change in the weather and this disease becomes more active in the changing seasons like – summer to rainy and rainy to cold weather and the effect of this disease is more in this season. What is pneumonia disease Pneumonia is a deadly disease that is more common in children and old age people.


Pneumonia is a disease caused by bacteria called Streptococcus. Bacteria called streptococcus affects the lungs, causing various types of problems to the patient such as – shortness of breath, vomiting, headache, chills with fever and colds are all symptoms of pneumonia. Pneumonia is basically a disease similar to the common cold, cold and malaria.


Or this disease is mixed with colds and malaria at some stage due to which the patient and the doctor are not even detected in the initial stage and only after examining it can be known that you have pneumonia disease and if you have pneumonia disease. If you get a complaint, then treat it only with a good doctor and should not ignore this disease by considering it as a cold disease, otherwise this disease can be fatal.


What is pneumonia?

Pneumonia disease is a lung disease. Pneumonia is a disease caused by a bacterium called Streptococcus. In this disease, the patient and the doctor see the symptoms of common cold in the initial stage and gradually the disease starts to grow and it is detected only when the disease is examined. It is possible that you have got pneumonia disease. Pneumonia disease can be caused by bacteria, viruses, lung infections and all the reasons.


What causes pneumonia disease?

Pneumonia can be due to the following types of diseases –

1. The main cause of pneumonia disease is weak immunity and today, due to weak immunity, there is also pneumonia disease or various types of diseases.
2. Pneumonia is a disease caused by a bacterium called Streptococcus.
3. Pneumonia is a disease caused by a lung infection.
4. Due to excessive rainfall.
5. This disease can be caused by some serious disease like – Corona virus, TB, AIDS, Asthma.
6. Pneumonia diseases such as – smoking, drinking alcohol, paint and working in a chemical factory.
7. Can easily spread from one infected person to another.


Symptoms of pneumonia

Symptoms of pneumonia disease are as follows –


1. Diarrhea and Vomiting Diarrhea – Although diarrhea or vomiting-diarrhea occur due to common illness or infection, but if this symptom remains in the morning and evening for more days, then it means that you may have symptoms of some serious disease like – Corona virus, swine flu, pneumonia, TB can be all types of symptoms.


2. Colds – Due to the changing weather, more people have this disease whose immunity is much weaker but it can have symptoms of the disease like – cough, swine flu, corona virus, asthma, tuberculosis, hemophilia, allergy.


3. Fever 104 degree – Fever is also a major symptoms in pneumonia disease, this symptom is visible to the patient in the second stage. In pneumonia disease, fever occurs to about 104 degrees in the morning and evening and fever is reduced with the use of medication.


4. Mucus in Pneumonia – Another symptom that has been included in Pneumonia disease is the withdrawal of mucus with cough. And this symptom is visible to the patient in the morning and evening. Mucus along with cough can be symptoms of other diseases such as – corona virus, asthma, swine flu, tuberculosis, cold, cough, allergies, cold weather.


5. Lung pain – In the second stage of pneumonia disease, there is pain in the lungs and problems in breathing, however, in the symptoms of other diseases, there is pain in the lungs and difficulty in breathing. When such symptoms appear, get them checked and treated immediately.


6. Pneumonia and Malaria – Symptoms of pneumonia and malaria are common. Symptoms of Malaria and Pneumonia are similar to each other till the second stage, so it is important to check before treatment.


Other types of symptoms of pneumonia disease

Symptoms of other types of pneumonia disease are similar to the following symptoms of other types of disease.

7. Severe chest pain.
8. Sweating from the body.
9. Severe body pain.
10. High fever in the morning and evening.
11. Feeling weakness when walking or working.


Pneumonia occurs in 4th stage

1. It is a bit difficult to detect the disease of pneumonia in the first stage because pneumonia disease and colds and malaria are all normal in the early stages and after a few days when it is tested, then you know that you have pneumonia. Has a disease.


2. In the second stage of pneumonia, some symptoms like- diarrhea, vomiting-diarrhea, fever 100 to 104 ° C, mucus or phlegm in pneumonia, severe chest pain, severe chills and headache do.


3. In the third stage, the disease of pneumonia is clearly known and if the disease is not treated in time, it can prove fatal for the patient.

4. In the fourth stage, pneumonia disease becomes more than 90% fatal and at this time it becomes difficult for the patient to survive and die. In this phase, there are only a few people who have come back home yet to recover.


Diagnosis of pneumonia

The diagnosis of pneumonia disease is made by the following types.

1. Test by city scan.
2. X-ray and blood test.
3. Pneumonia is detected by examining the mucus of the afflicted person.
4. Lab test to check for pneumonia.
5. Investigation of pneumonia under the supervision of a doctor.


Pneumonia disease prevention

Pneumonia disease can be prevented in the following type.

1. One should be vigilant against pneumonia at all times in the changing season.
2. Protect them from pneumonia disease, infections and bacteria and viruses.
3. Quit smoking.
4. Along with eating daily, eat 2 eggs.
5. Vitamin and protein rich food.
6. To remain healthy Yoga and diet plan.
7. Green leafy vegetable.
8. Fruit juice taken 250 ml per day.
9. Hot water intake every day.
10. Exercise.
11. Maintain strong immunity.
12. Distance from sick person.


Change in lifestyle towards pneumonia disease

Changing the lifestyle of a person suffering from pneumonia disease is more beneficial in relieving pneumonia disease and curing pneumonia disease.

1. Pneumonia disease: Due to change in the weather, this disease is more active in the rainy and cold weather, due to which more people are suffering from pneumonia disease, one should be more vigilant towards the weather to prevent this disease.

2. People of all ages should consume hot beverages in the change of season.

3. Immunization is mandatory for all people to avoid pneumonia.

4. Foods rich in vitamins and proteins.

5. When coughing, drinking hot beverages such as green tea, coffee, pulses juice, is more beneficial for pneumonia disease.

6. Drinking one tablespoon of turmeric powder with one glass of milk is more beneficial for pneumonia disease.

7. Increasing pollution in the environment causes other types of diseases, so to protect against the polluted environment, use a face mask and use a germ-free hand wash.


How to have food during the treatment of pneumonia?

Some other remedies which are more beneficial in curing pneumonia disease are the following types.

1. At the time of treatment of pneumonia disease, food, vitamin, protein, nutrient , beet is required more.

2. Vegetable should be beneficial for pneumonia disease like spinach, okra, chilli, carrot.

3. To cure pneumonia disease, drinking hot drinks (hot water, Giloy, green tea, hot lentil juice) is more beneficial than consuming the substance.

4. Taking fruit juice (pomegranate juice, orange, beet, spinach juice, carrot juice) relieves pneumonia disease and increases immunity rate.


Home remedy for pneumonia disease

There are following types of effective and home remedies for pneumonia such as –


1. Effective home remedies for pneumonia disease with ginger and honey

Mixing of ginger juice (as per dose) and basil leaf, honey as per the requirement is more beneficial than taking it after eating food twice a day in the morning and evening.


2. Benefits of native ghee on the chest of a small child

Massaging native ghee on the chest of a young child in sunlight helps in relieving pneumonia disease.


3. Massage of mustard oil and garlic for relieving pneumonia disease is more beneficial

In pneumonia disease, heating both mustard oil and 5 cloves of garlic and massaging it on hands and feet provides relief from pneumonia. And it is more beneficial for other diseases such as – cold, body pain, joint pain is more beneficial for all types of disease.


4. Relieving pneumonia by drinking a decoction of Giloy

Taking decoction of Giloy in the morning and evening increases immunity and is more beneficial in curing life-threatening diseases like pneumonia.


5. Drinking Amla and Aloe vera juice beneficial in disease with immunity

Taking juice of Indian gooseberry and Aloe Vera strengthens the immunity of the body and makes it strong and also cures any disease from its root.


6. Green tea has many benefits

If there is shortness of breath or mucus in the disease of pneumonia, drinking tea made with ginger, black pepper, jaggery, basil leaf, a few drops of lemon, weight loss cures pneumonia from the root.


7. Regular consumption of garlic and honey is beneficial for pneumonia disease

Grind garlic finely and eat it with honey in the morning, it is more beneficial for other types of disease along with pneumonia disease.


8. Turmeric, milk, saffron to cure pneumonia disease

Home remedy is more beneficial to get rid of pneumonia disease, drinking one spoon of turmeric powder and saffron in a glass of milk and drinking it in the morning and evening is more beneficial. The immunity of the disease is stronger.


9. Carrots and Cardamom

Grinding carrots finely and adding 2 pieces of cardamom to a glass of milk and drinking it helps more in curing pneumonia disease.


Frequently asked questions and answers in pneumonia ( FAQs )

Following are the questions and answers asked in pneumonia disease.

1. What age person can develop pneumonia?

Pneumonia can happen to a person of all ages, such as a person from the time of birth to age 60 can develop pneumonia disease.


2. In which season is pneumonia disease more frequent?

Prevalent during the rainy.


3. What causes pneumonia?

Disease Breath/Asthma, Immunity weakening, Blood deficiency.


4. Is pneumonia the cause of infection?

Yes caused of Infection.


5. Should a person suffering from pneumonia disease consult a doctor?

Yes, a person suffering from pneumonia needs to know about the advice and treatment from a doctor.


6. Is pneumonia a symptom of the disease?

pneumonia Symptom cough, cold, fever, body pain.


7. Is pneumonia disease more deadly other disease?

Pneumonia disease is more deadly.


8. Is pneumonia disease related to lung?

Pneumonia lung disease and related to breath.



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