What are acidity symptoms, causes and home remedies?


Acidity is related to the term stomach. It often happens to people of all ages because of the gastric glands that produce acidity. Which is called bloating of the stomach or bloating of the intestines. Normally, HCL (Hydrochloric Acid) is secreted in the stomach, which works to break down the pieces of food and digest it. Acidity disease is usually caused due to lifestyle changes and some wrong food intake.

Acidity usually caused by the adoption of external factors our lifestyle. External factors which include – diet, smoking, alcohol, meat, boiled peas, medicine, stress, oily and spicy food are all factors that cause stomach Acidity.


A person suffering from acidity has a burning sensation in the stomach and raw belching. Food in the stomach due to acidity causes indigestion.


Cause of Acidity

Acidity occurs in people of all ages due to the following reasons, which include the main ones.

1. Consuming more spicy and oily food causes acidity problem.
2. Eating again when there is no appetite.
3. Consuming more acidic foods.
4. Lack of sleep can lead to acidity problem.
5. The drug.
6. Consumption of alcohol and tobacco.
7. The stress of acidity.
8. Consuming fish and meat.
9. Smoking intake.
10. Using the medicine to keep fruits, vegetables and other food items for a long time is the cause of acidity.

Symptoms of Acidity

The basic symptom of acidity is abdominal pain and burning.

1. Abdominal pain
2. Raw belching
3. Chest Pain
4. Vomiting
5. Flatulence
6. Panic button
7. Hiccup
8. Restlessness
9. Dizziness


How to prevent acidity?

Acidity usually occurs due to wrong eating habits and adopting some bad habits. Which hinders the process of digestion of food. And considered to be one of the root causes of acidity. To avoid acidity, adopt these in your lifestyle.


1. Consuming more oily and spicy food causes acidity.
2. Take a walk for 10 minutes after a meal, it helps in digestion.
3. Consuming buttermilk after meals.
4. Drinking water on an empty stomach in the morning keeps the stomach clean.
5. Drinking a solution of lemon juice after meals helps in digestion of food, due to which there is no complaint of acidity.
6. Do not consume junk food.
7. Drinking tea causes acidity.
8. Eat food little by little.
9. Avoid the consumption of undigested food such as meat, egg for a long time.
10. Take up yoga and exercise.

Home remedies to get relief from acidity

Acidity is not a disease of any kind, rather it is during digestion that the gastric gland releases gas in order to digest hard food, which causes acidity. Acidity can be treated in many ways at home. In which the main ones were included. It can be cured in a simple way by doing home remedies for acidity.


1. Lemon water to relieve acidity

There is a complaint of ( stomach gas ) when food is not digested properly. The gastric gland aggravates the problem of acidity if the food is not digested properly. If acidity is treated with home remedies, it can be completely cured. The problem of acidity can be completely cured by drinking a solution of lemon and water. Lemon being more acidic, cures the problem of acidity.


2. Relief from ajwain and black salt

Grind celery finely and mix black salt and prepare it in the form of powder, after eating food, take one spoon in the morning and evening, the problem of acidity is cured. This home recipe is beneficial for people of all ages.


3. Fenugreek and jaggery beneficial for acidity

Heat fenugreek on a low flame and grind it finely with a piece of jaggery and eat it, the problem of acidity goes away. This recipe is effective for people of all ages and is not harmful in any way.


4. Giloy provides relief from acidity

Everyone knows about the medicinal properties of Giloy, how Giloy is beneficial for health. Boiling Giloy and drinking it is beneficial for acidity problems as well as other types of diseases.

5. Eating fennel is beneficial for acidity

Grinding fennel finely and eating 1 teaspoon after eating food ends the problem of acidity.


6. Indian gooseberry relieves acidity

Make a powder by mixing finely ground Indian gooseberry, black salt, dry ginger and take one spoon daily after eating food, it gets rid of acidity problem.


7. Coconut relieves acidity

Coconut water is rich in acid to remove acidity. If there is a complaint of acidity for a long time, then drinking coconut water daily can cure its problem completely.


8. Cinnamon is helpful in fighting acidity

Cinnamon already has properties to reduce acidity. The problem of acidity can be cured by grinding cinnamon finely and mixing with honey.


9. Acidity cured by drinking water

This is possible only if one consumes more amount of water frequently and drink water on an empty stomach every day.


10. Sugarcane juice gives relief from acidity

Sugarcane juice is rich in acid. Drinking 1 glass of sugarcane juice on an empty stomach in the morning cures the problem of acidity. Sugarcane contains many nutrients which are beneficial for health. Sugarcane contains 98% water and other nutrients.

11. Tulsi leaves relief from acidity

Grind fine basil leaves and add 10 drops to a glass of water and drink it, it ends acidity. Food along with the acid in basil leaves is helpful in correcting the process of digestion. Basil leaves are more helpful in reducing weight.


When to see a doctor?

Acidity is one of the most common stomach problems. Which increases the problem of acidity. With the problem of acidity, every person has some undigested food items in the lifestyle, which include fish, eggs, meat. Consuming them daily causes indigestion. Due to acidity, all kinds of problems related to the stomach occur every day, and if it does not get better after treating it, then definitely consult a doctor.


Acidity facts

1. Due to weak digestion power, the problem of acidity happens to every person with increasing age.
2. Changes in heart rate due to consumption of alcohol and smoking affect all parts of the body which are the cause of acidity.
3. Consuming meat and fish has a bad effect on the digestive power, which causes acidity.
4. Consuming more frequent and more sustainable food leads to acidity problem.
5. Growing age people who are above 60 years of age have problems with digestion power.
6. Due to kidney failure, the problem of acidity occurs due to the digestion process being affected.


Acidity Treatment Facts

1. The problem of acidity is cured by eating 5 cloves of raw garlic daily.
2. Consuming vinegar with lentils cures acidity.
3. Consuming fruits rich in vitamin C is good.
4. The problem of acidity is cured by eating green mint and black salt by grinding them finely.
5. Consuming 1 teaspoon of honey with onion juice cures the problem of acidity as well as dehydration.
6. Consuming banana daily cures acidity.
7. Exercising daily keeps the stomach clean and acidity problem right.

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