Vitamin and deficiency disease


Vitamins contain a small amount of food which is required for all types of organisms. Vitamin Chemically, it is an organic compound that is in small amounts in the food substance is called vitamin. Vitamin is a combined form of energy that provides protection against disease in the body.

All of us meet the deficiency of vitamins in our daily life by consuming various types of food to meet the vitamins, food items such as grains, fruits, eggs, green vegetables, to meet the deficiency of vitamins, Fish, etc., all are consumed to complete vitamin deficiency. Vitamin deficiency causes many types of diseases like night blindness, berry-berry, scurvy disease, rickets, ringworm, itching, skin disease, hair fall etc. all types of diseases are caused. Read in detail about the vitamins given below.

Vitamin chart

Vitamin Benefits of vitamin The source
Vitamin A
( Retinol )
Enhance eye light, cure immunity, relieve body pain, prevent hair loss.Milk, Egg, Fish, Spinach, Meat, Carrots, Beetroot.
Vitamin B1
( Thiamine)
Beneficial for skin, Cures metabolism, Stomach, Kidney, Beneficial to increase obesity.Peanuts, cheese, lentils, cereals, beets, bread, spinach, dry food, meat, bananas, Egg.
Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin )Blood cancer, headache, hair problem, hair growth, body pain, heart disease.Yeast, milk, lentils, vegetables, fish, spinach.
Vitamin B3
( Niacin )
To enhance the beauty of the skin, increase and purify blood, pain and wounds of injury.Vegetables, lentils, eggs, fruits, beets, cheese.
Vitamin B5
( Pantothenic )
Joint pain relief, spinal cord development and pain relief, correct immunity, increase obesity, increase blood.Meat, milk, spinach, cheese, brinjal, beet, pomegranate.
Vitamin B6
( Pyridoxine)
Immunity, bone strong, body development, to increase obesity, for the treatment of disease.Cheese, eggs, ghee, green vegetable, yellow fruits.
Vitamin B7
( Biotin)
Eye light, heart disease, nails, ability to think strong, skin disease free benefits.Cauliflower, beet, meat, egg, cereal, guava, yellow fruit.
Vitamin B9Skin whitening, spine strong, relieve mental stress, improve digestive power, strengthen thinking ability.Green vegetable, yellow fruits, Milk, Egg, Fish, Spinach, Meat.
Vitamin B11
( Folic acid )
Ringworm, white spots, low blood pressure, body pain, immunity weakening, heart disease.Amla, Aloe Vera, lentils, gram, milk, egg.
Vitamin B12
Healing the nervous system, strengthening immunity, developing the body, more beneficial for increasing obesity.Meat, milk, eggs, bread, green vegetables, lentils, grains.
Vitamin C
( Ascorbic acid )
Lose weight, colds, cold jams, pneumonia, skin itching, rash , wounds.Tomato, Orange, Spinach, Guava, Beetroot, Pomegranate.
Vitamin D
( Calciferol )
Changing skin color, skin rashes, skin blackening, blood pressure, digestion, body weakening.Fish, milk, eggs, carrots, lentils, incense, grapes, beets.
Vitamin E
( Tocopherol )
Impotence, skin disease, heart, body aches, beautiful skin, nails.Egg, Pomegranate, Banana, Milk, Fish, Yellow Fruit.
Vitamin K
( Phylloquinone )
Bleeding, cancer, sugar disease, eye problem, lack of blood in the body, blood clot formation.Green Vegetable, Milk, Fish, Cheese, Egg, Spinach, Fruit.

Types of vitamins

Types of vitamins are as follows :

Where you will know which vitamins are fat soluble and which vitamins are water soluble vitamins.

Types of vitaminsChemical names of vitaminsFat soluble vitaminsWater soluble vitamins
Vitamin ARetinolYES
Vitamin B1ThiamineYES
Vitamin B2RiboflavinYES
Vitamin B3NiacinYES
Vitamin B5PantothenicYES
Vitamin B6PyridoxineYES
Vitamin B7BiotinYES
Vitamin B9Folic acidYES
Vitamin B11Folic acidYES
Vitamin B12CyanocobalaminYES
Vitamin CAscorbic acidYES
Vitamin DCalciferolYES
Vitamin ETocopherolYES
Vitamin KPhylloquinoneYES

Water soluble vitamins like Vitamin B1 to Vitamin B12 and Vitamin C play an important role in your body as you have already been told in the chart what is the source of the vitamin and how is this vitamin beneficial in your body.

( A ) Water soluble vitamins

Water-soluble vitamin is a vitamin that dissolves easily in water and works immediately for the tissues of the body. Water-soluble vitamins do not accumulate as fat on any body part of the body, so it works immediately for all the tissues of the body, which produces energy immediately in the body and motivates the body part to do any work. Also helps in fighting disease.

Vitamin B1 ( Thiamine ) – It is a water-soluble vitamin which is its main source of food and fruits (peanuts, cheese, lentils, cereals, beets, bread). Vitamin B1 It is beneficial in the body in some ways such as – It helps in strengthening the nervous system, similarly it is beneficial for all types of skin, improves digestion power.

Vitamin B2 ( Riboflavin ) – Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) It is very useful for skin whitening and hair and also helps in changing amino acids.

Vitamin B3 ( Niacin ) – Protects the skin’s internal melanin substance and strengthens digestive power, which aids digestion of food.

Vitamin B5 ( Pantothenic ) – It helps in maintaining hormones, to relieve joint pain, to develop spinal cord and to relieve pain and to improve body movements.

Vitamin B6 ( Pyridoxine ) – This vitamin improves the inhibition on the brain’s structure of the brain and strengthens immunity, red blood cells and helps to maintain health.

Vitamin B7 ( Biotin ) – Biotin helps to keep skin, hair, nails healthy and is essential to lower blood pressure and sugar levels.

Vitamin B9 ( Folic acid ) – Folic acid helps a lot in the formation of an unborn baby in the womb and helps in the recovery of toxins in the body after the DNA has deteriorated and helps in red blood cell recovery.

Vitamin B12 ( Cyanocobalamin ) – Vitamin B12 is the ultimate aspect of a water-soluble vitamin that is effective in keeping the body healthy such as – Nervous system, red blood cells and body fat reduction by keeping it healthy and promotes obesity.

Vitamin C ( Ascorbic acid ) – It leads to bone formation and strengthening. It is very effective in healing wounds in the body and helps in fighting against external bacteria, germs, viruses that enter the body.

( B ) Fat soluble vitamins

Fat-soluble vitamins dissolve in fat. By eating fat-rich food, when it goes through the small intestine to the large intestine for digestion, at the same time it gets distributed in the blood stream through the small intestines and gets deposited in the liver.

Vitamin A ( Retinol ) – Retinol is very useful for bone, eye, immunity, nervous system and provides protection to maintain it which can be used for a long time.

Vitamin D ( Calciferol ) – This vitamin is obtained by consuming some food and with the help of sunlight, vitamin D can re-enter the body and can see some effect in the melanin of bone and skin.

Vitamin E ( Tocopherol ) – Tocopherol acts as an antioxidant in the body, which helps in fighting disease and increases the skin whitening.

Vitamin K ( Phylloquinone ) – Vitamin K cures impotence and helps maintain blood clot and strengthens bone.

Functions and sources of vitamins

Topic overview
How does vitamin function in the body and what is its source and what are the symptoms due to vitamin deficiency.

( Vitamin A )

Fat soluble Vitamin A
Chemical name of Vitamin A
Source of vitamin A
Milk, eggs, fish, meat, green vegetable, yellow fruits, grains, spinach, pomegranate, cheese etc.
Benefits of vitamin A
Increasing eye light, healing immunity, relieving body pain, preventing hair loss, relieving skin problems, beneficial for pneumonia disease, strengthening bone, wound relief etc.
Vitamin A deficiency disease
Night blindness, eye pain, sleepiness, weakness, pneumonia, fatigue, skin rashes, weakened immunity etc.
Symptoms of vitamin A deficiency
Less visible in eyes, palms in skin, no sleepiness, feeling tired from doing any work, hair loss, white hair.
Vitamin A deficiency treatment of disease
Milk, eggs, spinach, cereals, fish, meat, green vegetables, pomegranate, cottage cheese, etc

( Vitamin B1 )

Water soluble Vitamin B1

Chemical name of Vitamin B1


Source of vitamin B1

Peanuts, cheese, eggs, lentils, grains, beets, bread, spinach, dry food, meat, bananas etc.

Benefits of vitamin B1

Growth of body, formation of red blood, heart disease, blood pressure, pregnant woman, mental development of child, strengthening body muscles, purification of red blood, beneficial for skin etc.

Vitamin B1 deficiency disease

Berry-Berry, dull intelligence, blockage in body development, loss of red blood, lack of blood, skin palm, genetic disease, bone weakening etc.

Symptoms of vitamin B1 deficiency

Skin rashes, skin red, skin palm, dull intelligence, body pain, absence of blood purification in the body, mouth ulcers etc.

Vitamin B1 deficiency treatment of disease

Peanuts, cheese, lentils, grains, beets, bread, spinach, dry food, meat, bananas etc.

( Vitamin B2 )

Water soluble Vitamin B2

Chemical name of Vitamin B2


Source of vitamin B2

Yeast, milk, lentils, vegetables, fish, eggs, spinach, grains, fruits etc.

Benefits of vitamin B2

Blood cancer, headache, hair problem, hair growth, body pain, heart disease, eyes, blood pressure cure.

Vitamin B2 deficiency disease

All types of blood build-up, weakened immunity, all problems occurring in hair, non-growth of nails, disability diseases, increased headache problem, non-growth of body etc.

Symptoms of vitamin B2 deficiency

Headache, vomiting, weakening of digestive power, excess hair fall, less visible eyesight at night and day etc.

Vitamin B2 deficiency treatment of disease

Vitamin B2 deficiency can be treated with the intake of yeast, milk, lentils, vegetables, fish, eggs, spinach, grains, fruits etc.

( Vitamin B3 )

Water soluble Vitamin B3

Chemical name of Vitamin B3


Source of Vitamin B3

Cereals, vegetables, lentils, eggs, fruits, beets, cottage cheese, cauliflower, spinach, tomatoes, grapes, almonds, walnuts, yellow fruits etc.

Benefits of vitamin B3

Blood growth and purification, beneficial for healing pain and wounds.

Vitamin B3 deficiency

All skin problems, injuries and wounds are not cured, beauty, immunity is weak, heart problem, bone weakness etc.

Symptoms of vitamin B3

Digestive power weak, liver cirrhosis, brain disease, hair white, body pain, problem in muscles, pain due to bone weakening etc.

Treatment of disease due to deficiency of vitamin B3

Nutrients, corn, peas, yellow fruits, cauliflower, spinach, tomatoes, beans, grapes, almonds, grains, vegetables, eggs, fruits, beetroot, cheese are possible to treat Vitamin B3 disease with regular intake.

( Vitamin B5 )

Water soluble Vitamin B5

Chemical name of Vitamin B5


Source of Vitamin B5

Milk, spinach, cheese, brinjal, beet, pomegranate, rice, wheat, millet, corn, bitter gourd, soybean, cashew, coconut, potato, orange etc.

What are the benefits of Vitamin B5

All the problems of hair are removed, heart healthy, joint pain relief, development of spine and pain relief, healing immunity, increase obesity, growth of blood, growth of cells etc.

Vitamin B5 deficiency

Hair loss problem, hair white, dandruff, joint pain, lack of blood and decreased physical development, weakened immunity, high blood pressure, headaches, bone weakening etc.

Symptoms of vitamin B5 deficiency

Due to lack of pigment color in childhood, hair is white, white spots, kidney problem, body aches, memory loss, wounds not healing quickly etc.

Treatment of disease due to deficiency of vitamin B5

Get relief from all diseases by taking coconut, potato, cheese, oranges, meat, milk, spinach, cheese, beet, pomegranate, rice, wheat, millet, maize etc.

( Vitamin B6 )

Water soluble Vitamin B5

Chemical name of vitamin B6


Source of vitamin B6

Green leafy spinach, pomegranate, eggs, ghee, grains, wheat, rice, guava, oranges, carrots, beets, tomatoes, gram, peas, soybeans, yellow fruit etc.

Benefits of vitamin B6

There are advantages for eye light, brain development, relieving mental stress, hair problem, immunity, bone strengthening, growth of body, to increase obesity etc.

Vitamin B6 deficiency disease

Decreased mental development and physical development, blurred vision, less visible at night, hair loss, weakened immunity, feeling weakness etc.

Symptoms of vitamin B6 deficiency

Body aches, mental disorders, headaches, all problems, weakness in eye hair, bone weakening, a decrease in cell growth, sharp pain in menstruation etc.

Treatment of vitamin B6 deficiency disease

To treat and get rid of vitamin B6 deficiency, include it in your daily routine and eat it – green leafy spinach, pomegranate, eggs, ghee, cheese, grains, wheat, guava, Orange, Carrot, Beetroot, Amla, Tomato, Gram, Pea, Banana and other yellow fruits etc.

( Vitamin B7 )

Water soluble Vitamin B7

Chemical name of vitamin B7


Source of vitamin B7

Eggs, beets, green vegetables, fruits, wheat, rice, milk, mangoes, gourd, pomegranate, orange, lemon, cheese, cauliflower, cheese, carrots, pineapple etc.

Benefits of vitamin B7

Relieve all hair problems, reduce hair fall problems, paralysis, blisters, blood buildup, eye light, heart disease, nails, strong thinking ability etc.

Vitamin B7 deficiency disease

Genetic disease, skin disease, non-functioning of any part of the body, hair loss problem, hair whitening, mental illness, complaint of blindness or cataract, skin irritation, nail growth problem etc.

Symptoms of vitamin b7 deficiency

White stains of genetic disease, palms, ringworm, skin reddening and rash, eye problem, retinal image reflexes, insane, eye cornea is white, body aches, flesh muscles, non-growth of capillaries in the brain Madness etc.

Vitamin B7 deficiency treatment of disease

In your daily routine, you can treat vitamin B7 deficiency with its intake, egg, beet, green vegetable, fruit, spinach, brinjal, milk, gourd, pomegranate, orange, lemon, cheese, cauliflower, cheese, Carrots, pineapples etc.

( Vitamin B11 )

Water soluble Vitamin B11
Chemical name of vitamin B11
Folic acid

Source of vitamin B11

Lentils, gram, peanuts, milk, poultry, green vegetables, dry food etc.

Benefits of vitamin B11

Body development, weight gain, hair growth, nail growth, blood pressure recovery, blood formation, relief of urination irritation, skin problems such as – white spots, palms, shingles, rash, abscess pimples etc.

Vitamin B11 deficiency disease

White spots, low blood pressure, body pain, immunity weakness, heart disease, bone weakening, urination etc.

Symptoms of vitamin B11

Symptoms of low intelligence, body pain, tiredness while working, muscle stiffness, weakening immunity, bone weakening, hair white, hair loss etc.

Vitamin B11 deficiency treatment of disease

Fruits, Spinach, Brinjal, Wheat, Rice, Maize, Apple, Pulses, Gram, Peanut, Milk, Egg, Green Vegetable, Dry Food, Cauliflower, Cheese, Carrot, Pineapple, Pomegranate etc.

( Vitamin B12 )

Water soluble Vitamin B12

Chemical name of vitamin B12


Sources of vitamin B12

Vegetable, lentils, grains, meat, milk, rice, wheat, beets, fish, tandoori, apples, carrots, cauliflower, cabbage etc.

Benefits of vitamin B12

Building red blood cells, removing hair problems, benefits for heart disease, correcting the nervous system, strengthening immunity, developing the body etc.

Vitamin B12 deficiency disease

Loss of appetite, loss of weight, feeling of weakness, weakened nervous system, body pain etc.

Symptoms of vitamin B12

Loss of appetite, fatigue, body pain, eye problem, white spots in the skin, disability, mental diseases, lack of blood, many types of diseases and unhealthy body etc.

Treatment of vitamin B12 deficiency disease

Regular intake of carrots, cauliflower, cabbage, capsicum, vegetables, lentils, grains, meat, milk, rice, wheat, beets, fish, tandoori, apples, etc.

( Vitamin C )

Water soluble Vitamin C

Chemical name of vitamin C

Ascorbic acid

Sources of vitamin C

Tomato, aloe Vera, orange, spinach, lemon, beet, cauliflower, cabbage, garlic, milk, ghee, plum, green coriander, mango, gooseberry etc.

Benefits of vitamin c

Scurvy disease, lip gloss, skin disease, treatment of corona virus, colds, gingivitis of teeth, antioxidant, cancer treatment, for skin beauty, heart disease, antibacterial etc.

Vitamin C deficiency disease

Cancer disease, skin disease, scurvy, corona virus disease, colds, gum pain, body pain, muscle tension etc.

Symptoms of vitamin c

Symptoms of body pain, fatigue, weight loss, colds, pneumonia, skin palm, rash etc.

Treatment of disease with vitamin C deficiency

Plum, jackfruit, green coriander, mango, gooseberry, amla, tomato, aloe Vera, orange, spinach, lemon, beetroot etc.

( Vitamin D )

Fat soluble vitamins

Chemical name of vitamin D


Sources of vitamin D

Fish, milk, eggs, carrots, lentils, incense, grapes, apples, pomegranates, soybeans, sunflower oil, almonds etc.

Benefits of vitamin D

Strong bones, Cancer, Immunity strong, Curing metabolism, Rickets, Skin shrinkage, Colds , Energy to body etc.

Vitamin D deficiency disease

Bone weakening, skin color change, cold , skin rashes, skin blackening, blood pressure etc.

Symptoms of vitamin D

Bone weakening, muscle stiffness, body pain, immunity weakening, body weakness, skin loose etc.

Treatment of vitamin D deficiency disease

Regular intake of fish, milk, carrots, lentils grapes, apples, pomegranates, sunflower oil, almonds, chickpeas, dry grapes etc.

( Vitamin E )

Fat soluble vitamins

Chemical name of Vitamin E


Sources of vitamin E

Egg, Pomegranate, Banana, Milk, Fish, Soybean, Wheat, Rice, Dry Food, Apple, Kiwi etc.

Benefits of vitamin E

Impotence, skin disease, heart, body pain, beneficial on skin etc.

Vitamin E deficiency disease

Body prick, impotence, premature ejaculation, eye, pneumonia, heart disease, weight loss etc.

Symptoms of vitamin E

Lose weight, poor health, premature ejaculation, appearing old etc.

Vitamin E deficiency treatment of disease

Eggs, pomegranates, bananas, milk, fish, soybeans, wheat, rice, dry food, apples etc.

( Vitamin K )

Fat soluble vitamins

Chemical name of Vitamin K


Sources of vitamin K

Carrots, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Capsicum Vegetable, Cereals, Green Vegetable, Milk, Fish, Cheese, Eggs, Spinach etc.

Benefits of vitamin K

Calcium and bone strengthening, clotting in blood, curing bone breakdown, beneficial for diabetes, cancer, skin beauty etc.

Vitamin K deficiency disease

Taking more time to heal broken bones, bleeding, cancer, sugar disease, eye problems, lack of blood in the body etc.

Symptoms of vitamin K

Symptoms of bleeding due to injury, broken bone pain, body pain, bleeding in urine, severe pain and bleeding in period, bleeding during digestion, bleeding in urine due to cancer etc.

Vitamin K deficiency treatment of disease

Soybean, Wheat, Rice, Dry Food, Apples, Coconut, Carrots, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Capsicum Vegetable, Pulses, Cereals, Milk, Fish, Cheese, Egg etc.


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