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Adding a natural color to the hair is traditional and real that has been going on for a long time. Hair coloring is commonly fashion and festivals. Women color their hair 70% more than men, while men color their hair only about 30%. Synthetic hair colors applied harmful to the hair.  


Harm of synthetic color in hair

How harmful to give synthetic color to the hair, you can know through this option. If you want to color your hair, today hair dyes are available in different types in the market at reasonable prices. Synthetic coloring is harmful to excess hair, which affects the hair cells attached to the hair and scalp with repeated use, and from which a variety of symptoms can be seen on the hair.  


1. Hair loss

2. Hair damage.

3. Early graying of hair

4. Dandruff in the scalp associated with the hair scalp.

5. Smoothening of bald areas in the scalp.

6. Hair cells die.  


Which should be used the Hair Dye?

Natural methods adopted for hair dye. Natural color is good for hair as compared to synthetic color, not only this, it also gives color to the hair in a healthy way and without damaging it. The natural color is not harmful to the hair in any way and does not damage it in any way, rather it gently blends the color of the hair from the upper surface of the hair.


Natural dyes are more expensive than synthetic dyes to dye hair, but they are not harmful to the hair in any way. Natural Dye is a simple mixture of all the ingredients present in natural for hair color including henna leaves, cloves, amla, hibiscus, fenugreek seeds, coconut, potato peels, onions, marigold flowers, roses.  


Difference between natural and synthetic dye for hair coloring

Let us understand the difference between natural and synthetic dye for hair coloring and which hair dye is good and which is harmful for hair.


             Natural dye

    Synthetic dye

1. This is form of the ingredients present in Naturals.
1. Synthetic dye is a form of chemical.
2. Hair dye from natural ingredients gradually imparts color to the hair.
2. Synthetic dye ammonia gives hair color quickly.
3. Natural dye color provides natural color without damaging the hair.
3. All the ingredients of synthetic dye coloring are harmful for hair.
4. Natural dye color leaves hair soft and colored from the root.
4. Synthetic color damages the hair from the root.
5. The natural ingredients are not harmful to the hair in any way.
5. Ingredients of synthetic dyes contain organic, inorganic compounds damage the hair from root.
6. The natural ingredients work on the hair by fermenting method.
6. Synthetic dye color works on chemical reaction.
7. Provides more nourishment to the hair.
7. Synthetic color completely damages the hair.

Top 10 Best natural Hair Colour

To give natural dye color to the hair, the best and best color has been selected and numbered according to its result after applying it on the hair.


1. Indus Valley Natural Damage Free Hair Color.
2. L’Oreal Paris Excellence Cream Hair Color.
3. Neha Herbals Henna Color.
4. Shahnaz Husain Colorveda Natural.
5. Attar Ayurveda Indigo Powder for black Hair.
6. Cultivators Organic Herbal Hair Color Black.
7. Khadi Shuddha Black Mehndi For Natural Hair Color.
8. Naturenna Natural Henna & Indigo Powder for Natural Hair Color.
9. Godrej Nupur – 100% Pure Henna Hair Color.
10. Siso Hair Color (20g) Natural Black.


1. Indus Valley Natural Damage Free Hair Color

Indus Valley is an Ayurvedic and medicinal brand. The hair color is an absolutely natural one to give beautiful results without damage to the hair. This natural hair color is an all-rounder in terms of color and nourishment for the hair. This organic and pure natural hair color is a chemical free hair solution which is highly recommended by dermatologists.


The refreshing aroma of oranges and other herbal ingredients like amla, tulsi, orange peel oil actually protect your hair from environmental hazards like pollution, excessive heat from wind, or sunlight, as well as cold temperatures in winter. The mixture of Gooseberry, honey and orange provides essential nourishment, reduces hair fall, dryness and encourages hair growth.


2. L’Oreal Paris Excellence Cream Hair Color

L’Oreal Paris Excellence Cream Hair Color is a triple care color with a triple care formula. Hair Color 100% gray coverage from root to tip. Stronger hair, 85 percent more resistant to brushing. For a beautifully blended color that complements, without the gray. Rich, even, long lasting hair color with a soft and silky touch. Excellence Hair Color Triple Protection means three ways to take care of hair. Ceramide Protects, Strengthens Pro-Keratin and Replenishes Collagen. Protective Serum, Color Cream and Developer and Conditioner.


3. Neha Herbals Henna Color

Neha Herbal Mehndi prepared from a blend of various herbs such as Indian gooseberry, Neem, Green Tea, Aloe Vera, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Shikakai and Hibiscus flower which adds shine to the hair and makes them soft, long and thick. It also has coffee and fiction.


Which gives a dark color to the hair. Also prevents hair fall and dandruff. Neha Herbal Mehndi gives a natural tone hair and makes it strong. Hair feels nourished and an incredible shade. Also, it cools the scalp. Leaves hair with soft shiny and satiny texture. Neha Herbals Mehndi is a hugely popular hair care solution known for its natural goodness and deep nourishing properties.


4. Shahnaz Husain Colorveda Natural

Shahnaz Husain’s Colorveda is a completely natural herbal hair dye which gives color to the hair. This herbal hair color is specially formulated for natural coloring of hair. It is an ayurvedic hair color that contains traditional plant ingredients ( 100% chemical free color ) that impart natural color to the hair. Containing herbal ingredients like henna, indigo and catechu, this Ayurvedic hair color protects the hair from damage while keeping it strong and healthy. It is a perfect natural hair color product which hides gray hair effectively.


Soak Colorveda Herbal Hair Color in lukewarm water to make a paste. Apply the paste on the hair immediately. Wear surgical gloves to avoid stains on hands. Apply the paste evenly on the hair from root to top. Leave for 3 hours. Wash thoroughly and use a hair dryer for 1-15 minutes to get better results.


5. Attar Ayurveda Indigo Powder for black Hair

Indigo Powder is 100% natural and pure. There are no added chemicals, dyes or perfumes. This indigo powder is safe for use on all hair types. Indigo can be applied in a step or two step process to achieve different tones like black, brown, dark brown. It gives natural and attractive color to the hair without any chemicals. Indigo removes heat and has a soothing effect.


6. Cultivators Organic Herbal Hair Color Black

Cultivator’s Organic Herbal Hair Color is a blend of organic and natural botanicals. Uses organic and natural pigment precursors that make hair healthy. Chamomile acts as an anti-irritant agent. Cultivator Content Pack is a blend of essential ingredients of Natural Plants like – Indigo, Henna, Amla, Aloe, Ziziphus, Eucalyptus, Turmeric, Chamomile.


The cultivar’s hair color meets the expectations of careful dyeing. With the power of old Ayurvedic plants, hair colors also bring the right care effect and nourish the hair and scalp. Microfine powder has not only enhanced solubility but also forms smooth paste with better application process.


7. Khadi Shuddha Black Mehndi For Natural Hair Color

Khadi Herbal Mehndi is a natural product without any chemicals or colours. It can be used to make hair strong & shiny and dandruff free. It balanced combination of herbal extracts. Color the hair naturally from root to root and as always, this time for you, keeps shiny hair and gray hair black and strong from root to root.


8. Naturenna Natural Henna & Indigo Powder for Natural Hair Color

Naturena 100% Natural Henna & Indigo Powder Combo is sourced from naturally grown fresh leaves & Its processed through triple shifted mechanism.
This toxin free natural henna and nature’s indigo powder is a perfect natural recipe to cover gray naturally while enhancing the beauty of hair. 


Premium quality 100% natural henna powder, gives natural colour, shine and conditioning to hair. Depending on the proportion of henna and indigo powder, It gives a range of shades from brown to dark brown to black and is suitable for all hair types. Gives natural black color to hair, but also helps in combating dandruff, hair fall and acts as a natural conditioner.


9. Godrej Nupur – 100% Pure Henna Hair Color

Godrej Nupur Henna is a very popular hair care solution known for its natural goodness and deep nourishing properties. Pure henna is also traditionally used to decorate hands and feet as a natural dye. Godrej Nupur the purest quality Rajasthani Henna which is known worldwide for its superior colour, hair care and conditioning capabilities. Godrej Nupur Henna is a 100% pure Henna product that has been chosen by the consumers as a trusted partner for hair health and nutrition. Today Godrej Nupur stands for beauty, care and faith rooted in a strong Indian origin.


10. Siso Hair Color (20g) Natural Black

Siso Cosmetics was established in the year 1985. Since then, it has become the market leader in the field of cosmetics in South India. Our unique selling proposition is that we offer high quality herbal based cosmetic products at an unbeatable price.


Our cosmetic products are free from harmful chemicals and conform to stringent quality standards. Apart from India, millions of happy customers of Siso in other countries also appreciate it and happily accept it. Siso is an important contributor to keeping the hair black and shine from the root. It provides color happily to all the hairs. Its special thing is that it repairs and frees dandruff without damaging the hair.


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