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What is Warts?

Today there is not one but many such diseases of the skin. Whose symptoms can be known. But the name of the disease cannot be known. Due to common skin infections, women and men are exposed to and suffer from many skin related diseases every day. The HPV virus enters the skin and emerges as a wart on the upper surface of the skin, called wart. Warts can be seen on the upper surface of the skin in many ways. Their size is as big as mustard seeds or peas. The HPV virus often enters the skin of women and men from the site of a skin injury or boil and emerges on the upper surface of the skin. And it is easily spread from one place to another on the upper surface of the skin. The color of the wart can be dark black or brown or even lighter.

Types of warts

There are many types of warts

1. Common warts.
2. Flat warts.
3. Plantar warts.
4. Genetic warts.
5. Perianal warts.


1. Common warts

These warts are sharp on the upper surface of the skin. This type of wart is often more common in women than in men. It occurs on the fingers, hands and feet of the hand.

2. Flat warts

It is small size on the skin. And all are softer than warts. Flat warts occur on the face, hands and elsewhere.


3. Plantar warts

Commonly found on the soles of the feet. And when they form in clusters they are known as mosaic warts. These warts are small in size like raised worms.


4. Genetic warts

It usually occurs at the site of reproduction of the body. Warts such as are formed on the penis, vagina, anus and testicles. They are raised or flat on the skin.


5. Perianal warts

These occur under the fingers and hands. It prevents roughness and nails from growing.

Symptoms of warts

The symptoms of a wart can usually be seen anywhere upper surface of the skin. It also spreads from one place of the skin to another. Warts may be less raised, black, brown and more pointed or flat.

1. Warts are pointed and raised in darker color.
2. It is rough and unsightly.
3. There is no pain of any kind on cutting and burning the wart.
4. Warts can occur anywhere on the skin.
5. The blood in the wart is absorbed through the blood vessels.


How to prevent warts

1. Avoid shaving the warts on the face and private part.
2. Vaccinated against HPV virus.
3. Do not share any common cause of wart like oil, nail cutter, shaving brush, razor with any other person.
4. Before touching and cutting the wart, take the help of the doctor before burning.
5. Do not share anything with the person with the wart.
6. Since the wart occurs on the lower part of the foot, its infection rate may be due to the other person wearing shoes.
7. Avoid fungal infection.
8. Adopt a healthy life.

Home Remedies for Warts

Wart home remedies are considered the best. To remove the skin wart from the root, It treats it easily without damaging the skin. Today, many types of problems occur on the skin every day. Skin is known as the most sensitive part of the body. It can be affected at any time by any season or fungal, virus infection. Pimples, spots, fungus (redness of the skin), rash, skin irritation, boils and pimples are often caused by the internal activities of the body or due to hormonal changes or excess on the skin, all kinds of problems every day women and men Even children can suffer from skin related diseases.


1. Onion juice get rid of warts

It can be cured by regularly pouring onion juice on the affected area of the skin. The antibacterial element present in onion juice often occurs on the skin due to HPV virus or other cause. After extracting the juice of onion and putting it on the affected part regularly for a week, the wart gets dried and the root comes out.

2. Lime warts home remedies

Lime is often eaten with tobacco or with paan. The actual form of lime is alkaline in nature. Which often leads to sores or blisters in the mouth when taken in excess with paan. Lime works as a home remedy to remove skin warts from the root. Apply a small amount of lime on the affected skin area regularly for 1 week on the wart. The warts gradually dry up and the skin becomes free.


3. Mixture of lemon and lime gives relief from warts

Lemon is the best source of vitamin C. And more useful in increasing immunity. Lemon also has antibacterial elements. Which helps in doing home remedies for the treatment of symptoms caused by germs, bacteria, viruses and fungi. Lemon and lime are more beneficial home remedies for skin warts. Home remedies for warts from the affected skin By applying lemon and lime, the warts gradually become free from the skin.

4. Warts home remedies caustic soda

Wart home remedy Caustic soda. Caustic soda at home and simple home remedy for skin affected by warts. Caustic soda is alkaline. This happens against the skin and against the wart. By applying caustic soda on the wart, the wart gradually dries up.


5. Potato wart home remedies

Potato is used in home remedies to cure many diseases. To get rid of the wart from the skin, boil the potato and rub it repeatedly on the affected area, it dries the wart from the skin. Home remedies can be done regularly for 1 week.


6. Banyan leaves provide relief from warts

Banyan leaves are soft and in home remedies, it has a good effect of curing against many diseases. Skin diseases: Boiling a banyan leaf in a wart and applying it on the affected area of the skin makes the wart dry gradually and the skin becomes free. In home remedies, milk coming out of the stem of the banyan leaf is beneficial for the treatment of sleep disorders.

7. Eliminate skin warts with incense sticks

Yes it is true that if you want to eliminate the skin wart completely from the root. Incense sticks can be more beneficial in home remedies. To remove the wart with incense sticks, first you have to act with great courage. Light the incense stick and burn the wart slowly, it will end the wart. But removing the wart from the root with incense sticks can be risky, remove it carefully with the help of a doctor.


8. Turmeric and Neem Paste

Turmeric is the best source of antibacterial and antioxidant. By making a paste of turmeric and neem and applying it on the affected skin, the warts of the skin are gradually eliminated and the skin becomes free. The paste of turmeric and neem should be thick and hard. So that the wart can be eliminated gradually.

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