Tuberculosis symptoms, causes, prevention and treatment


TB disease is known by many names. Many people know it by different names as Tuberculosis, Tuberculosis, Kshaya. It is a disease spread by infection that affects the lungs. Today the patients of this disease are second in the world. Symptoms of TB disease are cough, fever, fatigue, weakness, vomiting of blood, breathlessness, weakness. If a sick person coughs, sneezes or stays in a used toilet or living space for a long time, its infection is enough for a healthy person to become ill. Complete treatment of TB disease can take from 6 months to 1 year.


Types of TB disease

There are two types of TB disease.
1. Latent TB                2. Active TB

1. Latent TB – In this type of TB disease, due to the immune system of bacteria, it does not affect the body and does not show any symptoms.


2. Active TB – Active TB. This is the type of TB in which bacteria develop. Symptoms felt after a few days. In active TB, the disease can increase the activity of other diseases.


Symptoms of TB disease

TB disease is an infection and the most dangerous of all diseases. Its initial symptom gradually affects the lungs. After a few days, its symptoms start. In active TB, its initial symptoms after a few days. Symptoms: Coughing for more than three weeks, coughing up mucus or blood, coughing, shortness of breath, body ache.

1. Fever
2. Body stiffness
3. Night sweats
4. Breathlessness
5. Loss of appetite
6. Muscle damage
7. Chest pain
8. Coughing up mucus and blood
9. Weight loss
10. Facial swelling
11. Headache
12. Body pain and joint pain
13. Stomach ache
14. Confusion


TB disease causes 

TB is caused by a bacteria called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. After diagnosing the initial symptoms of TB, what type of TB and how actively its effective symptoms can affect the body. Coughing, sneezing, toilet and living habits of a person suffering from TB disease are enough to make a healthy person sick. Other causes of TB disease that are enough to make a healthy person sick.

1. Weakened immunity.
2. Being sick for a long time.
3. Cough for more than 3 weeks.
4. AIDS patients.
5. Kidney disease patients.
6. Diabetic patients.
7. Keeping in touch with the patient.
8. Alcohol and drug.
9. Asthma disease affected by TB bacteria.
10. Silicosis.
11. Treatment of cancer by therapy.
12. Hyperactivity of bacteria of TB disease due to allergies.

TB disease risk factors

Many factors make you more susceptible to infection with TB disease. The disease most responsible for TB has been linked to AIDS and malnutrition.

1. Administering the medicine by syringe.
2. Lung disease.
3. By bringing in the illegal use of tobacco and alcohol.
4. Person suffering from HIV.
5. Living in a crowded place.
6. The disease of silicosis affects 30% and is responsible.
7. Cigarette.
8. From consuming alcohol.
9. Genetic is responsible for 20% of TB disease.
10. Staying with an infected person for a long time.


TB ( tuberculosis ) disease prevention.

To prevent TB disease, it is important to keep the following things in mind.

1. A person suffering from TB disease should be treated till the end.
2. During the course of treatment the patient should follow the guidelines as prescribed by the doctor.
3. Wearing a mask, use tissue paper while coughing or sneezing.
4. The person suffering from the disease should not go to crowded places.
5. During treatment, keep yourself quarantined at home.
6. Special attention should be paid to cleanliness.
7. If the cough lasts for more than several weeks, contact your doctor immediately.
8. Face mask for the patient to walk and do not spit here and there, the activity of the disease increases.
9. Sanitize hands or use alcohol base soap.
10. Do not let anyone touch all the things you have used and important things.

How is TB disease spread?

TB bacteria in the air by coughing, sneezing, speaking and talking, the activity of TB disease bacteria by coming into the air from the lungs to the throat with bacteria or sputum, the activity of TB disease increases by breathing or contact with another person, which causes TB The disease spreads from person to person through infection.

How do the bacteria of TB disease spread rapidly from person to person.

1. By shaking hands and being in contact with a person suffering from the disease, its activity spreads rapidly among each other.
2. Its activation by touching or being in contact with all the objects used by the patient is enough to rapidly make a healthy person sick.
3. Disease spreads through exchange of blood with each other.
4. The bacteria of this disease spread by using the toilet used by the victim.


TB disease diagnosis

 Types of TB disease   TB disease diagnosis
1. Pulmonary TB 1. Chest X-ray
2. Sputum test
3. Testing is done under observation.
2. Extrapulmonary TB 1. CT scan
2. MRI
3. Scan ultrasound
4. Scan urine blood
5. Biopsy
3. Latent TB 1. Blood test
2. Chest X-ray
3. Biopsy
4. Saliva test
5. Identify by symptoms

World TB Disease Day (India) ( Anemia symptoms )

TB disease is caused by the bacterium Mycobacterium tuberculosis. It is also known as Tuberculosis or Tuberculosis. The number of patients of TB disease is increasing day by day in the whole country. The number of this patient in India is more than one lakh per year. World Tuberculosis Day is celebrated every year on 24 March to make people aware of TB disease.

TB ( tuberculosis ) disease home treatment

1. Green Tea – In home remedies, green tea is considered to be the most important for health to cure disease and increase immunity. Many such elements are found in green tea that are capable of fighting TB bacteria.

2. Garlic – Garlic acts as immunity and anti-bacterial in curing the disease of tuberculosis. To eliminate the bacteria of TB disease, by including garlic in home remedies, the elements present in sulfuric acid and other elements contribute fully in curing this disease. Garlic is used in home remedies to cure many diseases.


3. Amla It plays an important role in curing any disease in immunity and home remedies. Amla contains many such elements which are beneficial for health. Its proper and regular consumption can be used to cure TB disease. The properties of amla are considered better for health.


4. Drumstick – Apart from home remedies, It is eaten as a vegetable and pulse used every day. Drumstick for health is believed to be not in the form of a vegetable but also full of supplements and vitamins. The ingredients of drumstick help in fighting the bacteria of TB disease. The essential parts of drumstick are beneficial for health.

5. Mint – Mint is used in home remedies to cure many diseases. Its properties are the best and healthiest remedy for stomachache, dehydration, protection from heat and strengthen immunity. Grinding mint finely, adding its juice to a glass of water, mixing it well and consuming it helps in eliminating the bacteria of TB disease.


6. Orange fruit – Consuming fresh juice of orange fruit daily is beneficial for improving health and eliminating the bacteria of TB disease. Orange fruit contains essential nutrients and can be consumed daily to strengthen immunity.


Take care of diet in TB disease

1. Take vitamins and nutritious food in food.
2. Eat fruits and fresh vegetables.
3. Consume green tea twice a day.
4. Eat garlic raw.
5. Consume cereals and beverages (milk, fish juice, pomegranate, yellow fruit juice) that increase immunity.
6. Eat paneer during breakfast. ( Giloy )

What is the lifestyle like in TB disease?

1. Use tissue paper while sneezing and coughing.
2. Do not cough in public place.
3. Take special care of rest.
4. Take regular medicine.
5. Follow doctor’s advice.
6. Don’t do the work
7. Pay special attention to the important factor that spreads the disease.


When to see the doctor

TB is a deadly disease. The bacteria of this disease spread so fast. If you take a gap of one day at the time of medicine, then this disease takes its effect equal to 10 days. If there is a complaint of cough and mucus for more than three weeks or if there is no relief by taking medicines and home remedies, then during this time you must go to the nearest health center and consult a doctor.

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