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Chickenpox disease spread to the whole world from the European as the first epidemic. Some types of symptoms in people suffering from pandemic (smallpox) – small rash on the face, fever, headache, body aches, irritability, loss of appetite, rash and red rash on the body, itchy, body aches All types of symptoms are seen in people suffering from epidemics. WHO expert says that the disease is caused by Varicella zoster.


Varicella zoster virus active month summer season. Smallpox is more active in the months of March, April, May.  Smallpox was first administered by Dr. Edward Jenner.


What is chickenpox?

Chickenpox is an infection and pandemic disease, this disease is more common in children and middle class of people. Has spread from Many people were affected by the smallpox epidemic. The chickenpox disease is spread rapidly in each other by infection. Some types of symptoms are seen in children and middle-class people suffering from smallpox virus – white and watery rash, itching, rash, headache, fever, irritability and all kinds of symptoms in people suffering from pandemic disease Appears.


Type of chickenpox?

There are two types of chickenpox -: chicken pox and small pox

1. Small pox – This is the smallest chickenpox of the type of chicken pox disease. It is one of the small pox epidemic disease and this disease is mostly in the young children. Smallpox is a form of small rash all over the body. Chicken pox is less painful. Chicken pox cured home remedies in about 7 to 8 days. Person suffering from smallpox cured and smallpox spots remain on the body.


2. Smallpox 

Chickenpox is more common among the younger and middle class people. Smallpox virus active March, April, May. If a healthy person comes contact suffering from Chickenpox virus infection. Symptoms in a person suffering from smallpox are as follows – body pain, fever, headache, rash on the body, itching, irritability and all types of symptoms occur in people suffering from Chickenpox.


Symptoms of Chickenpox & smallpox

1. A rash on the face and all parts of the body.
2. High fever.
3. Itchy rash on the body.
4. Body aches and headaches.
5. Excess fatigue.

6. Vomiting.
7. Dizziness.
8. Early symptoms of Chickenpox with headaches accompanied by a small number of rash on the face.
9. Diarrhea.
10. Fever 103 ° F.
11. Urination yellowing.


12. Excess of palms on the body 2 to 3 days after the chicken pox and with it bleeding on the face and body.
13. Excess heat and thin diarrhea in the case of Chickenpox.
14. Chickenpox becomes more active.
15. After a week of Chickenpox, if the rash of the chicken pox dries, there is black and smallpox rash on all parts of the body.
16. Chickenpox is an infection caused by a virus that comes into contact with each other and spreads the disease more.
17. Inflammation on the skin of a patient suffering from Chickenpox.
18. Skin deformity increases every.
19. Fluid pus in Chickenpox.


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What causes smallpox and Chickenpox?

Heat – The Important cause of smallpox. Person working in the high heat ( sun ), the smallpox virus becomes more active in the body. In which smallpox is more active in some months like March, April, May, June. Causes to happen.


Immunity – If a healthy person has a disease, weakening of the body’s immunity, the weakening of the ability to fight against the disease is the reason for the immune system. Weakness of immunity leads to the following types of diseases such as Chickenpox, fever, corona virus, cold, cough, allergies, body pain, pneumonia, all types of diseases are caused by the weakening of immunity.


Infection person – If a person suffering from Chickenpox comes in contact with a healthy person, this virus can make a healthy person suffer from smallpox by coughing, sneezing and touching and wearing the clothes of the infection person.

Infectious diseases such as – corona virus, swine flu, cold, bird flu.


Chickenpox Vaccine – The Important cause of Chickenpox for a person suffering from smallpox is the non-vaccinations of smallpox after birth.


Strong sunlight – Smallpox is that strong sunlight causes the ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun to affect the skin more, which increases the risk of smallpox and makes a healthy person ill with many types of diseases. Can do – smallpox, fever, blood cancer, skin disease.


How to prevent Chickenpox?

1. Do not protect yourself from the early summer season and excess heat.
2. Avoid eating contaminated food and water and do not eat outside food.
3. Avoid using more soap in the summer season.
4. Protect yourself from infected person.
5. Must be vaccinated with smallpox vaccine.
6. Do not come in contact with a person suffering from contaminated clothes and smallpox.
7. Immunity helps in fighting disease and strengthens it.


Get children vaccinated against chicken pox

It is mandatory to get smallpox and chickenpox vaccine administered from a young child from 6 months to 5 years. With this vaccine, by correcting the body’s immunity, it prevents this varicella zoster (smallpox) virus and also cures other diseases of the body. By applying this vaccine, the body’s immunity increases and protects against smallpox.
Immunization of smallpox must be done to prevent smallpox disease.


Risk to the patient suffering from chickenpox

1. Skin color dark and stained.
2. Melanin fluid affected.
3. Bone infection.
4. Itching disease lasts longer.
5. Toxins in the blood.


What to eat chickenpox and smallpox?

1. It is very important to take special care of food along with the treatment of a person suffering from smallpox.
Simple food – bread, lentils and milk intake.
Fruits – Apples, oranges, grapes, watermelons, cucumber.


Home remedies for chickenpox

1. Bitter gourd and turmeric juice should be prepared and drunk to get relief from chicken pox.
2. Turmeric and milk should be drunk together to relieve the pain caused by smallpox.
3. Neem leaf should be boiled and washed with water Neem leaf has antibacterial and antioxidant properties which protects against infection.
4. After taking juice out of basil leaf, pour it in water and take a bath.
5. Applying fluid from Aloe Vera leaf on your smallpox will provide relief.


6. Applying coconut oil on the chicken pox gives relief from smallpox disease and relief from the palm oil.
7. Relieving smallpox by drinking Gooseberry juice.
8. Drinking mango solution relieves smallpox disease and relieves dehydration.
9. Relieving drinking Aloe Vera juice and beet too.
10. Skin infections do not use any soap in the bath.


FAQs Related Chickenpox

Frequently asked questions and answers related to smallpox.


1. How long does it take to cure smallpox?

It takes 1 week to 10 days for chicken pox.


2. Body itching?

No, there is no itchy chicken pox.


3. Does chicken pox cause infection?

Yes, it spreads easily from 1 person to others person.



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