Symptoms, causes & home remedies of hemorrhoids ( Piles)

Hemorrhoids (Piles)

Hemorrhoids is a disease that is painful. The emergence of swelling in the form of warts in the lower part of the rectum inside and outside the anus. Warts move in and out during bowel movement. Due to which there is more unbearable pain. In the disease of piles, there is a constant need to pass stools. And it seems that the stomach is not cleared yet. Sometimes it becomes so complicated that there is more pain with blood during bowel movement. So far, no concrete reason can be attributed to the disease of piles. People also know this disease by the name of bloody bowel movement, unbearable pain. There is no limit to this, it can happen to anyone, woman or man at any time. Piles is also known as genetic disease. It is passed on from one generation to another due to genetics.

Types of hemorrhoids ( Piles )

Hemorrhoids are of two types.
1. Bloody hemorrhoids
2. Bad hemorrhoids


1. Bloody hemorrhoids 

Blood comes out with stool in bloody piles. Due to which there is no painful pain of any kind. Whereas in later hemorrhoids, there is more pain and more stiffness and difficulty in passing bowel movements. If bloody piles are not treated for a long time, then it takes the form of a canker. Which can be serious and troublesome. The only treatment for piles is its timely surgery, it gets cured. If there is even a slight disturbance in physical activity, then it can become piles again.


2. Bad hemorrhoids

Bad hemorrhoids are the second most complicated process of the rectum. It is felt when you have piles in the initial day of the disease, it is full of difficulty and most problem in bowel movement is on this day. In dry hemorrhoids, warts are sometimes inside the rectum and sometimes outside. One has to face high pressure and unbearable pain while passing stool. If you have eaten more spicy food in dinner. So in the morning burning and sharp pain would be felt
If during this period even a little care is taken towards piles disease, then it will always prove to be painful and more painful.


Symptoms of piles

Many times its symptoms are normal in the early stages of piles. When the warts in the rectum start growing, then its symptoms start increasing gradually. The initial symptom of piles is the discharge of blood with unbearable pain while passing stool. Some more common symptoms of hemorrhoids can be felt. If not treated in time, it can lead to serious illness. Which can be risky with many problems later in the lifestyle.

1. Blood and unbearable pain while passing stool.
2. Feeling of hard lump in the inner and outer part of the rectum.
3. Even after bowel movement, it is felt that the stomach is not completely cleared yet.
4. Burning and hard feeling near the anus.
5. Frequent urge to pass stool.
6. Excess blood with stool in piles.

Ignoring all types of hemorrhoids symptoms can have a bad effect on the lifestyle of health.


Cause of hemorrhoids

The cause of hemorrhoids is commonly linked to constipation and genetic disease. Piles emerge in the form of wart of vein from the passage of the rectum at the age of 45, which is considered to be the main cause of more unbearable pain with blood during bowel movement. Hemorrhoids can be such a problem in people of 35 years of age, either a woman or a man. There are other causes of hemorrhoids. which is understood by the option.

1. Hemorrhoids can be linked to a genetic disease.
2. If you already have the problem of constipation, then you can complain of piles at any time.
3. Digestion problems with piles can occur if the amount of fish and meat prepared in food, oil and spices is high and eating it 4 to 5 times a week.
4. Frequent anal sex can lead to hemorrhoids.
5. Due to disturbances in physical activities, there may be a problem of other diseases in addition to hemorrhoids.
6. Millions of people get sick every year due to the problem of hemorrhoids due to constipation.
7. Obesity can be the cause of hemorrhoids.

Hemorrhoids diagnosed

An examination of your anus is enough to diagnose hemorrhoids. If the doctor has to adopt other methods for diagnosis. He can also use the optical base camera to depict the external and internal view of the rectum.
In a digital rectal exam, the doctor wearing gloves can feel both the inside and outside of your anus. If needed, the doctor can adopt other methods.


How to prevent piles?

To prevent piles, adopting several simple and lifestyle methods. Piles is one of the serious and complicated disease of the rectum. This lifestyle can be extremely difficult and painful. Hemorrhoids prevented by adopting more water and healthy food.

1. Drink more water so that the stool does not become too hard and hard.
2. Do not try to sit for a long time as it can have a bad effect on the rectum.
3. Eating more spicy food can cause this problem.
4. Hemorrhoids problem adopting exercise.
5. Fruits, cooked grains, green leafy vegetables, sweets take healthy food.
6. For proper digestion of stomach, take more water and exercise.
7. Sitting continuously, which can be the cause of hemorrhoids.
8. Keep the toilet clean as hemorrhoids can increase the condition of infection.

Complications of hemorrhoids ( piles )

1. Anemia is caused by excessive bleeding.
2. Blood can clot with swelling in the blood cells.
3. The rate of infection can be spread to another person.
4. bleeding
5. May aggravate other diseases of the rectum.
6. You may feel dizzy with weakness.


Home remedies for hemorrhoids

1. Home remedies for hemorrhoids aloe vera

Aloe vera can be more beneficial in treating piles. Because all those properties are present in the aloe vera leaf. Which is a medicine which has all the ingredients of medicine to cure the disease. Due to the medicinal properties present in Aloe Vera. In the disease of piles, it can be completely cured by applying aloe vera gel to the protruding hemorrhoids of the rectum internally and externally.

Aloe vera brings itchiness along with burning in the symptoms of piles and softens the wart.


2. Almond oil beneficial for the treatment of piles

All those elements rich in vitamins and nutrients are found in almonds. Which is the essential amount of nutrients available for a healthy person. All those elements are present. Almonds are the best source of Vitamin E and Vitamin K. Which helps in making the hair healthy and long. It plays an important role in healing wounds and injuries. Almonds are beneficial for calming the disease of piles and reducing irritation. Applying almond oil to the outer part of the rectum with the help of cotton reduces irritation and swelling, softens the wart.

3. Drink more water to get relief from piles

Drinking water is more beneficial in the disease of piles. Water is said to be more beneficial for calming and curing the disease of piles. Drinking water provides softening of stool and relief in passing it in disease. Drinking more water can prevent piles disease.


4. Buttermilk in home remedies

Consumption of buttermilk is more beneficial in the home treatment of piles. Mixing black salt and cumin, green coriander according to taste with matha, taking it daily in the morning and afternoon is beneficial in the treatment of piles.


5. Drinking ripe banana juice is beneficial in piles

Banana has more nutrients. Which is beneficial for health. Vitamins and many nutrients are found in banana which is beneficial for physical health. Banana would be beneficial for piles disease. Making banana juice and drinking it is beneficial. It reduces the irritation of piles and reduces the stiffness of the wart.

6. Hot water defecation in the treatment of piles

Another home remedy for piles is urinating with warm water to get relief from burning and pain. The rate of infection can be reduced by mixing the antibacterial element with hot water.


7. Beneficial in treating hemorrhoids with exercise

The single best treatment for piles is to exercise. If you include any kind of exercise in your lifestyle. So it has many health benefits. Exercise is beneficial for the prevention and treatment of piles.


Frequently asked questions about piles

1. Can hemorrhoids be a problem even after surgery?

Ans. Surgery is such a treatment in the disease of piles that even after recovery in lifestyle. it can re-emerge at any time.

2. Is hemorrhoids a genetic cause?

Some diseases are like this. The symptoms of this disease can be felt in children after a few days due to the mother’s genes. Similarly, the disease of piles can be due to genetics.

3. Are there two types of piles disease?

There are two types of piles disease. The first type of piles is known as bloody piles. Whereas the other type of piles is known as bad piles.

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