Symptoms, causes and home remedies for dental pyorrhea

Introduction teeth

Teeth are located inside the human mouth between the jaw and gums. Teeth are made up of many different elements and compounds.

The work of the tooth is used to eat the food. Teeth do the work of chewing, tearing, cutting food so that food goes into the stomach and there is a successful digestion process. The work of teeth is used for various purposes in humans and animals, such as teeth are used by an animal to protect itself. Some animal to kill someone.


Pyorrhea disease

Pyorrhea disease is one of the growing problem of teeth. Today the number of pyorrhea patients is increasing day by day all over India. Compared to other countries, India has less than any other country. Pyorrhea disease is related to the teeth. Due to not cleaning the teeth, pyorrhea disease bacteria arise around the teeth. The bacteria affect the teeth and gums. Due to which some such symptoms can be felt in the mouth and teeth such as – bad breath, severe pain in the teeth, watery teeth, bleeding from the teeth, tooth decay occurs in pyorrhea disease.


What is dental disease?

The diseases that occur in the teeth are of the following types. Tooth disease can happen to any person who is as follows. You can learn about dental disease.

1. pyorrhea disease
2. Gum pain
3. Toothache
4. Cavity disease
5. Bad teeth
6. Swollen gums
7. Worms in the tooth
8. Infection of the teeth Tooth infection.
9. Vacation between teeth.
10. Tooth Out
11. Dental Cancer
12. Tooth loss
13. Watery teeth
14. Crooked Tooth


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What are the causes of pyorrhea?

The causes of pyorrhea are of the following types.

1. The cause of pyorrhea disease is bacteria.

2. Tobacco cause of pyorrhea.

3. Cause of Calcium Deficiency.

4. Genetic.

5. Pyorrhea disease the maximum consumption of meat in food and beetroot.


Types of pyorrhea

There are three types of pyorrhea.

1. Chronic pyorrhea

Among the types of pyorrhea is the most common type. Chronic pyorrhea is the cause of plaque buildup. Chronic pyorrhea is more common in men.


2. Aggressive pyorrhea

The second type of pyorrhea is aggressive pyorrhea. This is due to inheritance. It is important to examine the family medical history before treating aggressive pyorrhea. Treating aggressively leads to a quicker recovery.


3. Necrotizing pyorrhea 

The third type is the worst type of necrotizing pyorrhea. In necrotizing pyorrhea, due to the lack of blood, the gums attached to the bone, teeth are more affected. Cause of necrotizing pyorrhea such as – nutrient deficiency, calcium deficiency, excessive diet, excessive intake of salt water.


What are the symptoms of pyorrhea?

The symptoms of pyorrhea appear to the patient as follows.

1. Bad breath in the mouth.
2. Bleeding from the tooth.
3. Cold in the tooth after eating or drinking anything.
4. Inflammation of the gums.
5. Cavity in the tooth.
6. Weakening of teeth.
7. Severe pain around the tooth.
8. Tooth crookedness.
9. Yellowing of teeth.
10. Pus discharge from the teeth and gums.
11. Separate the gum attached to the tooth.


Prevention of pyorrhea

To prevent pyorrhea, keep the following things in mind.

1. Cleaning the teeth – To prevent pyorrhea, it is very important to clean the teeth first. Now the question arises in the mind that which toothbrush should be used for the teeth so that the teeth can be cleaned properly and there is no effect of any kind on the gums and teeth. Teeth cleaning should be done once or twice a day for only 2 minutes. To clean the teeth, a soft and soft toothbrush should be used so that there is no effect on the teeth and gums. This can prevent pyorrhea disease.


2. Sweets made from sugar – Although consuming any sweet substance for health is beneficial to some extent, but if the consumption of sweet substance is more then it is harmful for health and also gives rise to many diseases. Excess consumption of sweet foods leads to tooth decay, due to which bacteria of pyorrhea disease start to grow. Which is the cause of pyorrhea disease. To prevent pyorrhea, sweet foods should not be consumed in excess. Even if you do it for some reason, then you should definitely clean the mouth with water so that pyorrhea can be prevented.


3. Dinner – By having dinner, a piece of food gets stuck in the middle of your tooth. The piece of food stuck in the tooth starts to rot by morning, due to which bacteria of pyorrhea disease start producing which affects the teeth and gums more. To prevent pyorrhea, one must clean the teeth after having food at night.


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Other measures to prevent pyorrhea

Other measures to avoid pyorrhea disease are as follows

1. After meals, clean the teeth with warm water.
2. Use the toothbrush carefully.
3. Toothpaste for teeth Salt and clove mixture.
4. Dental exercises.
5. Avoid tobacco and alcohol.
6. Do not consume more solids.
7. Consumption of healthy food.
8. Clean the teeth with salt or baking soda after having food at night.


Home remedies for pyorrhea

Pyorrhea can be treated with home remedies which are as follows.


1. Onion – Onion is more beneficial for many diseases. If onion is used for pyorrhea teeth, then pyorrhea disease is more effective in curing toothache.

After taking out the peel of the onion, chop it finely and grind it in a mixer, separate the juice of the onion and massage it with a light hand on the tooth or apply it on the tooth. It is more efficient to fix.


2. Salt turmeric – To cure pyorrhea from the root, take equal quantity of salt, turmeric, garlic and make it finely by making a paste, it cures pyorrhea.


3. Salt and Baking Soda – Grind salt and baking soda and mix it well and rub it, it ends pyorrhea in the teeth.


4. Papaya – Papaya is more delicious to eat and more beneficial for health. Papaya is used in tooth pyorrhea, it cures pyorrhea of the tooth. Pyorrhea is cured by applying milk from papaya leaves on the teeth.


5. Cloves – After grinding cloves finely, extracting its oil and applying it on the teeth, clove oil is more beneficial for all the pyorrhea, toothache, bacteria, bacteria in the teeth.


6. Mango Seeds – You all know that mango is a fruit which is more tasty and beneficial for health. Mango seeds are more beneficial in curing pyorrhea of ​​teeth from the root. After roasting the seeds of mango, grinding it finely, adding salt and cloves to it, applying it on the teeth ends yellowing of the teeth and gets rid of pyorrhea.


7. Lemon – Grind salt and cloves finely and add 5 to 6 drops of lemon to it, use it on the teeth before brushing, get rid of pyorrhea.


FAQs from Pyorrhea

Q. 1 pyorrhea disease caused bacteria?

Ans – Yes, pyorrhea caused by bacteria occurring in the tooth.


Q. 2 Should I brush my teeth after dinner?

Ans – Yes, buy daily tooth brushing destroys the calcium of the upper surface of the tooth.


Q. 3 What is the cause of pyorrhea disease?

Ans – Weak teeth, not cleaning the teeth, bacteria.


Q. 4 What are the symptoms of pyorrhea?

Ans – The symptoms of pyorrhea disease are as follows – there are all kinds of symptoms like toothache, gingival swelling, tooth decay, watery teeth.


Q. 5 Who can get Pyorrhea disease?

Ans – Pyorrhea can happen to people of any age. (due to pyorrhea disease due to alcohol, nicotine, dirt stuck in the teeth)


Q. 6 Food taken in pyorrhea?

Ans – Fruit juice, lentil juice, milk, banana, orange.

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