Symptoms and causes and prevention of swine flu

Swine Flu ( H1 N1 )

Swine Flu H1N1 Virus in 2009 Rapidly spread this virus by breathing by swine or by swine coughing, H1N1 virus by breathing by human virus from nose and mouth its virus H1N1 inside the body. By entering it affects the respiratory tract and immunity, in which the swine flu patient shows some symptoms similar to the corona virus or the flu disease such as – cold, cough, fever, head. If such symptoms are seen in a healthy person, then contact the doctor immediately, otherwise it can be fatal for health, the symptoms of virus resembling swine flu are similar to the symptoms of corona virus. Do you have corona virus disease currently running?

Symptoms of swine flu

There is no difference between the symptoms of swine flu and the symptoms of the current stage of the ongoing epidemic disease corona virus. If such symptoms are seen then contact immediately at the nearest health center, the symptoms of swine flu can be as follows.


1. Fever
2. Cold and cough
3. Runny nose
4. Body aches
5. Sore throat
6. Vomiting
7. Joint Pan


1. Fever – In a person suffering from the influenza virus H1N1, fever remains at all times from 101 °F to 103 °F and body temperature is maintained for some time and then it becomes the same.


2. Runny nose – Symptoms of swine flu: Nasal congestion or watery nose; If such symptoms appear, contact immediately at the nearest health center. Is it a symptom of corona virus?


3. Body aches – Body aches due to doing any work or due to cold, but due to some other diseases of the body aches can be life-threatening such as – swine flu, corona virus, fever , AIDS can make the body ache with all types of disease.


4. Cold – The virus H1N1 or swine flu, affects the respiratory tract by entering the body through the nose, ears, mouth of a healthy person, causing the symptoms of colds.


5. Sore throat – Symptoms in a swine flu patient are caused by a cold sore throat. This symptoms causes the swine flu virus H1N1 to enter the body and swine flu viruses become more active and try to block the throat. The problem of removing sore throat and phlegm intensifies. Sore throat is more due to common cold.

6. Vomiting – Although vomiting is caused due to vomiting, due to food intake or not having proper digestion of food, it is not necessary that vomiting can lead to other causes and diseases such as – swine flu, corona virus. Vomiting due to all types of symptoms, stomach pain, poor digestive power, so if vomiting occurs again and again, immediately go to the health center and check if it can be fatal to health.


Causes of swine flu

Due to swine flu, the following 5 types can be seen due to swine flu Patient, without delay, go to a good hospital and check if it can be fatal to your health.


1. Contact with the afflicted person – If a healthy person stays in contact with the patient suffering from swine flu, then he suffers from the swine flu H1N1 virus. This virus is present in the air for a while due to sneezing, coughingof swine flu patient, due to which any (healthy) person comes in contact, then he also becomes ill.


2. Use of the victim – Face masks, clothes, toilet used by the patient suffering from swine flu are all used by a healthy person, then he can also complain of swine flu H1N1 virus.


3. Immunity Weak – Virus of swine flu H1N1 Healthy/Unhealthy person whose age is more than 50 and children aged 1 to 5 years, who is weak immunity and suffering from other disease, then the person and child are full of swine flu virus. This virus is enough to get kind of sick.


4. Swine Flu – Carrier of swine flu disease (swine) by an animal, the virus spreads rapidly in each other’s person at a rapid rate, the virus (animal) is coughing, sneezing, the virus is long in the air. As long as the healthy person comes in contact with it, he also suffers from the swine flu virus H1N1.


4. Aware of Swine Flu Virus – Swine Flu Virus H1N1 In 2009, the virus was spreading so fast that no one knew what caused the spread of H1N1 and how it spread? Swine flu virus H1N1 is enough to make a healthy person sick by spreading the air at a more rapid rate due to swine coughing and sneezing.


Swine flu virus infection by the person such as – coughing, sneezing, shaking hands, coming in contact with the victim, the virus causes the nose, ears, mouth, hands at a rapid rate. H1 N1 virus enters the body and affects the respiratory tract. And weaken the immunity due to which different symptoms appear in the afflicted person. The virus spreads rapidly due to not being aware of the swine flu virus.

How to prevent swine flu virus?

Swine Flu Virus H1N1 This virus is mostly able to make all the children of 1 to 5 years old and their mother pregnant woman and above the age of 50, the virus of swine flu is more able to make everyone sick at a more rapid pace and the person is immune to disease.


This virus is weak enough to make everyone sick at a more rapid pace, so it is very important to protect against the virus of swine flu. Following is the way to protect against swine flu virus ( H1N1 )


1. Face Mask N95 – Swine flu virus spreads the virus by coughing, sneezing, spitting of the victim, which also makes other people sick. To protect against swine flu virus (face mask to the victim Should be used to help prevent virus infection. To take care of the patient suffering from swine flu, use a face mask.


2. Hand Sanitizer – The virus is spread with each other due to swine flu virus, death and infection like – shaking hands, using the object used by the victim, living virus of the victim is spread by this virus. To prevent the spread of swine flu virus, any hand sanitizer containing 99.9% hand sanitizer of alcohol base should be used to prevent the spread of deadly diseases like swine flu virus and corona virus.


3. Tissue Paper – Sneezing, coughing, or coughing on a person suffering from swine flu or a person currently suffering from corona virus, it spreads rapidly to another person through exposure to air, so prevent swine virus and corona virus. The victim should cough up, sneeze and use Tissue Paper to prevent the virus from spreading.


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4. Distance from the victim – Keep distance from the swine flu patient: The virus enters your body through your hands, nose, mouth, by sneezing, coughing, shaking hands or touching anything used by the swine flu patient. Enough to make even sick.


Who is at risk from swine flu H1N1?

Swine flu virus is one of the deadly disease. H1 N1 Virus: Due to the presence of people of most age groups or the health person in contact with the victim, this virus can become more active and there may be some danger or risk in the following way.

  • Pregnant women are most at risk from swine flu patients.
  • A pregnant woman can have this disease from the child in her stomach from her mother to the child.
  • Young children whose age is 1 to 5 are at greater risk of swine flu.
  • Swine flu disease Those who are above 50 years of age can have deadly diseases like swine flu and corona virus.
  • Swine flu disease: Any other person who has been ill for a long time, such as blood pressure, AIDS, genetic disease can all be the disease.
  • Weakness of immunity can also cause swine flu disease and other types of disease.


Some other facts for swine flu patient

Following are some effective facts which may prove helpful for a person suffering from swine flu.

  • In swine flu disease, the patient should consume hot beverages (tea, hot water, decoction, lentils).
  • The person suffering from H1N1 virus should be alert to someone else (virus is caused by infection).
  • The victim should apply a face mask and the person in contact with the patient should apply a face mask.
  • The item used by the swine flu patient should be put in dustbin.
  • Swine flu disease is spread more by infection. (Must defend)
  • The food and drink facility should be good for the swine flu patient.
  • To increase immunity of the patient (Garlic, ginger, Giloy should be consumed).


Diagnosis of swine flu


To diagnose swine flu, your doctor will know fully that you are fully suffering from swine flu and need more of the right treatment only after taking a sample of fluid from the body and testing it in the laboratory.


When you go to the doctor to check the patient suffering from swine, he can ask you about some of its symptoms and this is possible only if you make sure that the symptom is found from swine and you are actually from swine flu. I am suffering.

Swine flu patient food


The patient suffering from swine flu should pay special attention to the food along with the medicine, so that to cure the patient of swine flu (to be cured quickly) vitamins, immunity, nutrients, all the food intake Should do as What kind of food should the patient eat is clear as follows.


  1. Swine flu patient should eat more vitamin and fiber rich food.
  2. Eat green leafy vegetable.
  3. Low fat milk should be consumed.
  4. Dry food should be consumed.
  5. Protein-rich lentils should be consumed.
  6. Use of salad such as carrot, beet, onion, garlic, all should be used in food (option is available).
  7. Egg and red meat should be consumed in food.


Avoid food for swine flu patient


The patient suffering from swine flu should pay special attention to food as well as food, which will help to cure the patient of swine flu. Medication is required to cure a swine flu patient, similarly food is also needed. The wrong treatment of a person suffering from swine flu has a bad effect on the ongoing treatment, therefore, such a diet should not be taken during the treatment.


  1. The patient suffering from swine flu should not consume sour substances such as lemon, tomato, chilli.
  2. Spicy food should not be taken because swine flu has a bad effect on the patient.
  3. One should not eat low protein rich and high fat food.
  4. Outside (contaminated) food should not be taken as it is harmful for swine flu patient.


Home remedy for swine flu

Taking home remedies during the treatment of a person suffering from swine flu can help the patient suffering from swine flu to recover quickly.

1. Cardamom & camphor


This homemade recipe prepared from cardamom and camphor is very useful and effective for swine flu and common cold. Taking cardamom and camphor 2 times a day cures H1 N1 disease from the root and removes residual substances from the body. How to prepare camphor and cardamom recipe?

Ingredients – camphor and cardamom.

Quantity – 2 grams camphor and cardamom 5 grams.

Method – Finely grind camphor and cardamom to separate small particles and big particles with a fine cloth.

Uses – Homemade recipe prepared from camphor and cardamom is more beneficial for swine flu and cold and cold and how to use it? This homely recipe prepared from camphor and cardamom is effective for swine flu and asthma patients and to use this recipe twice a day, keep the recipe made from camphor and cardamom in a fine cloth and sniff it twice a day. Flu (cold-cough) and asthma are cured by root.

Benefits – This recipe made of camphor and cardamom is beneficial for your health and to cure many diseases such as – swine flu, colds, colds, asthma, breathlessness, heart disease, blood pressure for all types Is beneficial.


2. Basil, Giloy and Pepper

This tips prepared from home remedies, Basil, Giloy, pepper is a panacea treatment for swine flu patient, which, once its intake, improves health and cures the patient. How to prepare a home recipe?

Ingredients – Basil, Giloy and Pepper

Quantity – Basil 10-15 leaves, Giloy 50-60 grams, Black pepper 5 seeds (1 to 2 glasses to prepare)

Method – Clean the basil leaf thoroughly and cut the giloy into several pieces, add it to three glasses of water and add 5 seeds of black pepper, boil it well on a low flame for 30 to 40 minutes and boil until it changes its color. After boiling, filtering it and drinking tea in the morning and evening is beneficial for swine flu, strong immunity, excluding residual substance etc.

Benefits – This tips prepared from home remedies are beneficial for your health and treatment of many diseases like – swine flu, asthma, tuberculosis, heart disease, immunity, colds and colds are beneficial for everyone.


3. Garlic and honey

Garlic and honey are beneficial for health and there are some diseases which are not cured by taking medicine, so this home tips are considered good for curing many diseases like – swine flu, Colds, colds, immunity, weight loss, cough are beneficial for everyone.

Ingredients – Garlic and Honey.

Quantity – 5 buds of garlic and 2 tablespoons of honey.

Method – Finely grind 5 buds of garlic and mix honey with it and prepare it well.

Benefits – This recipe prepared from home remedies is beneficial for health and is used and used to cure many diseases. It is beneficial to cure many diseases from the root, such as – swine flu, immunity, tuberculosis, reducing obesity is beneficial for everyone.


4. Neem leaf


Neem leaf contains antibacterial and antioxidant element which helps in excreting germs and residual substance in the body and neem leaf is beneficial for curing many diseases like – swine flu , pimple, residual matter from the body.

Ingredients – Neem leaf (15-20 to prepare a glass recipe).

Quantity – 15-20 leaves of Neem leaf.

Method – Finely grind the neem leaf, finely grind and mix it well in a glass of water, and drinking the prepared paste is more beneficial for health and beneficial for many diseases and cures it from the root.

Benefits – Neem leaf is considered to be the best source of antibacterial. Neem leaf is beneficial for health and its regular intake to cure many diseases from root cause like – swine flu, palm oil, ringworm, pimples, Residual substances from the body, insects in the stomach, are all used more to cure them from the root.


5. Milk and Turmeric

Milk contains high amount of protein, fat, calcium, vitamins, nutrients and turmeric is found to have antioxidant properties. Regular intake of milk and turmeric is beneficial for many diseases and health.

Ingredients – Milk and Turmeric.

Quantity – A glass of milk and 5 grams PC turmeric powder.

Method – To prepare a domestic recipe of milk and turmeric, mix 4 grams of turmeric powder well in a glass of milk and boil it on a low flame for 10 minutes, then take the prepared recipe regularly.

Benefit – Taking home-made prescriptions made from milk and turmeric regularly every morning and evening is beneficial to health in many ways and is helpful in curing many diseases from root cause such as – swine flu, colds, body pain, glow on the face, pimples are helpful in curing all types of diseases from the root.


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