Skin Whitening natural Home Remedies

Skin Whitening in few days

Everybody wants that the skin can be refined in a few days and the skin remains glowing when this happens when someone has to go (wedding-marriage, party, interview). The beauty and attractiveness of a person (woman, man) comes from the beauty of his skin. To maintain the beauty of the skin and to get beauty on the skin, use home remedies and get good results after a few days but there are some factors which take away the beauty of the skin in no time. To maintain the beauty of the skin, it is very important to know the skin and factors.


A person’s beauty is affected by these reasons

The beauty of man (woman and man) is affected due to the following reasons.


1. Increasing age – The beauty of a person remains as long as his age is low. As soon as the age of the person starts increasing gradually, his skin starts to shrink and shrink due to which the beauty of the skin gradually decreases. It seems. To maintain the beauty of the skin, follow the home remedy or adopt a diet plan properly.


2. Diet plan – According to the diet plan, the beauty of the skin is maintained by keeping the diet and health is also good. As soon as there is a deficiency in the diet plan, the beauty on the skin is reduced and the health is also not good.


3. Unhealthy lifestyle – Skin beauty and health are not good, such as – smoking, drug abuse, unhealthy eating, any fatal disease, all the reasons, the skin beauty is reduced and health is reduced. Not being well is the biggest reason for unhealthy lifestyle.


4. Hormonal changes – Due to hormonal changes in the skin, the pigmentation of the skin starts to weaken and the skin is reduced due to dryness, skin blackness.


5. Sun rays – Side effects are more due to sun rays falling on the skin, due to which the melanin of the skin is increased and the skin’s darkness increases more.


6. Mental stress – Increased mental stress has a bad effect on health and also has a bad effect on skin tone, which increases skin color more.


Skin types 

To get beauty on the skin, it is important to know the type of skin.


There are usually 4 types of skin

1. Oily skin (Excess of sweat and oil from the skin due to change of season).
2. Dry skin (skin dryness is more during cold season).
3. Normal Skin (This skin is good for all seasons).
4. Mixed skin (using cream on mixed skin has different results everywhere on the skin).


Home remedies for skin beauty

1. The use of Aloe Vera and vitamin C can instantly improve the skin

Aloe Vera helps to remove all types of problems like dust, impurities, dead skin, pimples, oily skin on the outer layers of the skin, and vitamin C can improve the external and internal problems on the skin and improve the skin glow and facial glow. Maintains.

Material – :

1.  Sliced ​​aloe Vera
2. A pill of vitamin C or tomato juice (according to the face)


Method – :

5 minutes

Method of preparation – :

Remove the sliced ​​white pulp of Aloe Vera and finely grind one tablet of vitamin C and mix it well with Aloe Vera paste and leave the prepared Aloe Vera and vitamin C paste in a cool place for 5 minutes.

How to used – :

Before applying Aloe Vera and vitamin C paste on the skin, thoroughly clean the skin and clean the face with the help of tissue paper.
Apply a paste of Aloe Vera and vitamin C on the face and massage the paste on the face with the fingers with light hands for 2 minutes and leave it on for 15 minutes and then wash the face with lukewarm water. Skin brightens.

Used – :

once a day

Suitable to skin – :

ஃ Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Mix Skin, Oily Skin

2. Tomato Face Pack 

Tomato is used to enhance the hemoglobin as well as to take care of the skin, the element in tomato is also a source of citric acid and vitamin C, which helps in increasing the skin refinement.

Material – :

1 )  According to tomato skin
2 ) A few drops of lemon

Method – :

5 minutes

Method of preparation  – :

Finely chop the tomatoes and separate the tomato seeds and then grind the tomatoes finely, add a few drops of lemon to it and prepare a paste and leave the prepared paste for 5 minutes.

How to used – :

Apply the tomato face pack on the face skin and massage it with light hands on the face for 2 minutes and leave it on the face for 30 minutes and then wash the face with water, using the tomato face face on the face Skin brightens and skin becomes beautiful!

Used – :

Once a day (before bathing)

Suitable to skin -:

ஃ Dry Skin, Normal Skin, Oily Skin

3. Gram Flour Pack 

Using gram flour on the skin reduces all types of skin problems such as skin wrinkles, skin dyes, skin whitening, oily skin.

Material – :

1. Gram flour according to facial skin.
2. Turmeric powder 1/2 teaspoon.
3. A few drops of lemon.

Method – :

5 minutes

Method of preparation – :

Prepare a paste by mixing gram flour 3 tablespoon and turmeric powder 1/2 tablespoon, a few drops of lemon, all according to the water paste, using gram flour on the skin removes skin irritation and skin tone. Further enhances.

How to use -: 

Prepare gram flour paste in such a way that a paste is applied on the skin, apply gram flour paste on the face and neck of the neck and let it remain on the skin for 1 hour and then wash it with light lukewarm water, thus the paste When used on the skin, the skin starts glowing.

Used – :

Before sleeping at night or in the morning before taking a bath

Suitable to skin -: 

ஃ  Oily skin , Mix skin

This paste is more beneficial for all skin types but less beneficial for dry skin.

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4. Using milk cream to the skin improves beauty

Many types of vitamins and calcium, nutrients are present in the milk cream, which is more beneficial for the health of the person and in strengthening the immunity.
Similarly, the use of milk cream on the skin is more effective in reducing all the problems on the skin and eliminating skin irritation.

Material – :

Cream of milk according to skin.

Method – :

5 minutes

Method of preparation – :

Putting a piece of tomato in the cream of milk and using it on the skin, removes skin irritation and skin dryness.

How to used – :

Before applying the cream to the skin, after thoroughly rinsing the skin with an herbal face wash, use the milk cream paste on the skin, so that skin irritation and other types of problems are also removed on the skin.

Used – :

Use this paste on the skin before sleeping at night and in the morning clean the mouth with mild lukewarm water (use water as per the weather, such as cold water in summer and lukewarm water in cold weather), it gives a good result on the skin.

Suitable to skin – : 

ஃ  Dryness, oily skin, mixed skin.

5. Honey Face Pack 

Used – :

Consuming honey in food keeps the health and immunity strong. Similarly, using honey on the skin removes skin irritation by repairing the dust, pimples, pores and pores on the skin. Using honey on the skin 2 times a day is beneficial for the skin.

Suitable to skin – : 

ஃ  All skin types

6. Home remedies for quick skin whitening

The following are the home remedies to get instant skin whitening.

1. By using a paste made of orange peel on the skin, the skin becomes darker.
2. The use of green tea face mask on the skin removes skin irritation.
3. Turmeric Saffron Face Pack
4. Multani – mitti face pack
5. Drinking 7-8 glasses of water daily makes the skin glow.
6. Use of coconut oil on the skin increases the glow on the skin!
7. Lemon juice brings new skin
8. The use of cucumber enhances the dryness on the skin.
9. Olive oil
10. Rose water removes skin darkening.

Do this change in the diet plan to improve the skin

1. Vegetable – Spinach, ladyfinger, bitter gourd, chilli, potato, carrot, broccoli, brinjal.

Ingredients present – Sugars , vitamin B1 to vitamin B12 , cobalt , biotin , phosphorus , zinc , iron , vitamin C and vitamin D , folate , ascorbic acid , vitamin A , vitamin E and vitamin K are all found in high amounts. Which is beneficial for health and skin , and helps more in improving the skin refinement.

2. Grains – lentils , maize , gram , roti , millet , peanuts.

Elements present – All elements are found in calories, vitamins, energy, protein, nutrients.

3. Fruits – grapes, oranges, pomegranates, apples, guava, papaya

Ingredients present – Vitamin A , Vitamin B1 and Vitamin B12, Vitamin C , Calcium , Zinc Iron , Protein , Magnesium , Cobalt are found in appropriate amounts which are more beneficial for health and skin.

Make this change in lifestyle to improve skin & health

1. Follow yoga to improve skin and stay healthy.
2. Drink 7-8 liters of water daily.
3. Exercise daily.
4. Protect the skin from sunlight and excess heat.
5. Do not use any chemical cream or lotion on the skin.
6. Avoid excessive pollution and polluted environment.
7. Eat vegetables, fruits, grains.
8. Milk should be consumed 2 times a day.
9. Eat carrot juice to improve skin.

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