Sinus Symptoms, Causes and How to Prevent it?

Sinus ( Sinusitis )

Sinus is a common type of common disease related to the nose & its similar in common symptoms to a cold and bit difficult to diagnose as the symptoms of cold and sinus are sometime similar such as headache, nasal congestion, swelling of face, fever, warm forehead If the sinus is not completely treated, stress, shortness of breath, congestion in the throat can cause asthma or serious illness. This increases the risk of infection.


What is sinus?

Sinus is one of the common problems of the nose. But its not due to any kind of allergy, but after birth, sinusitis is the oblique or suppression of the nasal bone of the child. Sinus always increase the condition of nasal congestion and cold. A runny nose in the sinus can be such a condition continuously for a month or a year.


Types of sinuses

Sinuses are of the following types.

1. Acute Sinus – This is the condition in which the maximum activity for the spread of virus infection occurs.

2. Chronic sinus – Its duration can be longer.

3. Deviated Sinus – Having the same position or at the same place in the nose is called Deviated Sinus.

4. Hay sinus – This type of sinus is considered to be an allergic condition.


Symptoms of sinus

Symptoms of sinus are generally similar to those of colds, but their symptoms differ from those of a cold when its condition becomes severe and inflammatory.

1. Headache
2. Nasal heaviness
3. Fever
4. Eye pain
5. Tears coming out of the eye.
6. Restlessness
7. Cough
8. Swelling on the face
9. Weak sense of smell
10. Change in voice
11. Feel tired
12. Lethargy


Cause of sinus

The cause of sinus is little problem in identifying it in the sufferer. The cause can be identified by an expert doctor and they are included as follows.

1. Cold
2. Weak immunity.
3. Pollution.
4. Crunchy or constricted nose bone.
5. Those who already have asthma disease.
6. Family history
7. Polluted City (Delhi)
8. Suffering from migraine
9. Polio or a state of mental disorder.


How to prevent sinus?

The following tips can be taken to prevent the problem of sinus serious and from this disease.

1. Drink light hot lentil juice.
2. Make a decoction of Giloy and consume it 2 to 3 times a day.
3. Wear a face mask to prevent infection.
4. Boil hot water and drink it frequently.
5. Do not consume cold foods such as radish, rice, onion, buttermilk, sugarcane juice, fruit juice.
6. Consume a decoction made from cloves, saffron, tea leaves, ginger twice a day. Relieves nasal congestion and headache.
7. Medicines and home remedies can be included as prescribed by the doctor.
8. Do not let the situation like cold and corona virus increase.


How to treat sinus?

Sinus is a common type of nasal disease, if its symptoms are identified and treated completely then it can be cured in a short time.


1. Ayurvedic treatment for sinus

Treatment ( Ayurvedic ) for sinus is the only such treatment where it has been said to be successful in treating the body without harming it.  Ayurvedic medicine has a great contribution to cure any disease in the present time and the success rate is very good with English medicine and the disease can be cured in less cost.


2. Antibiotics for the treatment of sinus

Antibiotic medicine gradually reduces the symptoms of sinus and cures the disease by stopping the growing virus.


3. Sinus Treatment Nasal Spray

In sinus symptoms, the nose becomes severely blocked and its symptoms become more severe due to the blockage of the nose. Such a condition occurs when a cold or a common symptom of a cold. Nasal spray to reduce symptoms of sinus or other nasal disease.


4. Sinus treatment surgery

Often in childhood, due to severe lack of nutrients during childbirth, the child’s organ is not able to develop fully, due to which the deficiency in the body such as curvature of the body part or lack of development of the body is responsible for the nutrient itself. Increases the symptoms of sinus disease in the development of the body. Nasal disease: Constriction of the nasal bone after birth due to sinus can aggravate the symptoms of sinus. The only treatment for sinus is to perform bone surgery.


Sinus Risk Facts

Sinus is one of the common diseases of the nose. If its symptoms are recognized and treated in time, then its increasing risk can be prevented. Everyone knows that their disease is a common symptom of sinus, yet they ignore the symptoms of this disease, which gradually leads to serious risk of its disease.

1. Severe sinus symptoms can affect the brain.
2. Symptoms of sinus can be felt in the eyes.
3. Asthma can aggravate the condition of the disease.
4. Allergic conditions can cause other illness.
5. Exacerbation of fever.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. Can allergies be responsible for sinus disease?

Ans – Sinus disease can be responsible for allergies.


2. Is sinus curable?

Ans – Sinus can be treated If you identify its symptoms and get treatment in time, then this disease can be cured.


3. What are the common symptoms of sinus?

Ans – Common symptoms of sinus include severe headache, fever, heaviness of the nose, weakening of immunity, runny nose, cold, sore throat, change in voice.


4. Which food Do not Consumption in sinus?

Do not Consumption of cold foods in sinus disease such as curd, buttermilk, radish, paneer, sweet, orange juice, banana, lemon, peanut.


5. What kind of food to eat in sinus?

Nutritious food consumed in sinus disease. Because in this disease the immunity, which weakens the ability to fight the disease.

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