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Ringworm occurs on the upper surface of the skin. Ringworm spreads very easily in each other due to viral effects. Due to the change of herpes season, most of the viruses are more active in the summer season due to which its symptoms can be seen clearly on the upper surface of the skin and it is not correct to say that in the summer season, the ringworm is more active because There may be more reasons for the following. Ringworm is also known as Tinea. Ringworm is similar to red rash and round circles on the skin and shingles can occur anywhere on the skin. Ringworm is more painful because ringworm is a burning sensation on the skin and bleeding with sharp palm. This bleeding is the root cause of ringworm. There are other causes of ringworm.    


What is ringworm?

  It occurs on the upper surface of the skin due to viral infection of herpes skin. The reason for ringworm is active (more lack of living and cleanliness towards the body). Lack of cleanliness and lack of purification of blood is the reason for shingles. It can be seen as ringworm by making its virus active anywhere on the skin of the body in red and round circles. Ringworm is more painful and promotes itching and due to untreated it grows faster on the skin which is more painful for you.    


Types of ringworm?

It is divided into several types due to shingles being in different places of the body. Ringworm can be given to any person by the following 8 types of shingles.

  • Tinea capitis – scalp.
  • Tinea Facial – face.
  • Tinea beard – beard.
  • Tinea manus – hand.
  • Tinea ungulim – nails.
  • Tinea pedis – foot.
  • Tinea carpois – body.
  • Tinea cruis – groin.


What is the cause of ringworm?

Ringworm is an infection that occurs on the outer layer of skin due to the activation of herpes virus on the upper surface of the skin from fungal infection. This infection spreads easily from one person to another due to greater irritation and itching on herpes skin. Ringworm occurs due to many different reasons and spreads easily in many people.

1. Spread from infected person to healthy person

Ringworm This skin parasite becomes more active and spreads to a healthy person due to easy skin contact from a infected person to a healthy person.

2. Ringworm is spread from animal to human

We are going to explain another cause of herpes which spreads easily from animal to humans and this is possible only when you touch the infected animal or between human and animal (dog, cat, cow, buffalo) Ringworm is active with the help of.

3. Infected healthy person

It can be spread in a healthy way in a healthy person by using an infected item used by an infected person, clothes, bed, comb.

4. Infected soil

Infected soil becomes more infected due to rain during the rainy season, during this time if a person comes in contact with infected soil then he may also complain of shingles.

5. Blood purification

Blood purification – If there is a decrease in the percentage fear of blood purification of a person, then this sign can appear on the upper surface of the skin in the form of shingles, which is enough to make the healthy person suffer from the skin.

Symptoms of ringworm

Ringworm can occur at any place on the body. Ringworm depends on the infected area of the body depending on how it is spreading on the skin and how the infected person can feel it which is normally included.

  • Ringworm appearing in red circles on the skin.
  • More itching in red circles.
  • Ringworm being in a circle and clear like empty space in the middle.
  • Crust on the skin.
  • Hair loss in place of shingles.
  • Ringworm (skin) spreading from one place to another

Symptoms of ringworm of body parts

  • Tinea capitis scalp – red circles, itching, swelling, skin infection (spread).
  • Tinea Facial – Red spots, itching, hair loss.
  • Tinea beard – Red circles, itching, crust on the skin, shingles (spread) in one more place.
  • Tinea manus hand – Red circles and more itching on upper surface or inner surface of finger.

How to Prevent Ringworm?

In order to prevent ringworm, you have to pay special attention to cleanliness in food and lifestyle in your lifestyle because ringworm is easily spread from one person to another due to dirt and fungal infections. Following steps can be taken to prevent ringworm.

  • Keep the skin clean.
  • Maintain moisture on the skin.
  • Wear shoes that have air in them.
  • Keep distance from ringworm infected person.
  • Eat fruits and grains that contain vitamin E.
  • Use hand sanitizer (whenever you go out of the house)
  • Do not sweat excessively (use anti fungal)
  • Wear antibacterial clothes and use antibacterial liquid to keep the house clean.
  • Do not consume tobacco, alcohol, smoking.
  • Keep distance from the pet or keep it clean daily.
  • Do not eat spicy food.
  • To reduce ringworm, do not itch in the ringworm area.
  • Do not use any items of the infected person such as brush, soap, comb.
  • Drink more water to prevent ringworm.

Diagnosis of Ringworm?

Examining the skin to diagnose ringworm is as important as preventing herpes from spreading. Test of herpes examines herpes with the help of a torch to identify the parasite of herpes on the affected area of the skin. With the help of lab test to diagnose ringworm, Identified and which can help in treating ringworm.

Risk and complications of ringworm

The risk of ringworm is often caused by an infection from an infected person to other person, or from a pet to another person. Shingles can sometimes be a cause of serious illness because if you have been suffering from a serious illness for a long time, of which you have some such disease – HIV/AIDS and a serious disease like TB can be a risk of shingles.

Home remedies for ringworm

Home remedies for ringworm You can cure ringworm with this recipe in the following and simple way in almost a short time and with home remedies you do not have any side effects on the skin. To cure ringworm, you should constantly use home remedies.

1. Neem leaf to cure ringworm

Neem leaf is more important for curing ringworm as neem leaf has antibacterial and antioxidant in it and works like Ayurveda medicine for skin diseases and internal diseases of the body. Grind neem leaf finely and apply it on the affected area, it cures ringworm and is free from skin disease germ.

2. Along with curing ringworm, make the skin beautiful and moist

Aloe Vera is the best home remedy to cure ringworm as well as to make the skin beautiful and moist. Aloe Vera has anti-fungal and antibacterial elements. Applying the white pulp of Aloe Vera to the affected area of the skin cures ringworm and it can provide moisture on the skin when used on the skin.

3. Lemon to cure ringworm

Lemon is antibacterial because lemon has higher percentage rate of acidity. Lemon contains vitamins, nutrition, iron and all the elements are present in proper quantity. To cure ringworm, cut lemon on the affected area of the skin and apply its juice with the help of cotton.

4. Beans to cure ringworm

To cure ringworm, using a bean leaf on the affected area of the skin by breaking the tree twice a day proves helpful for curing ringworm. Beans is the best source of vitamin D and antioxidants. The best thing in beans is that the beans act as antibacterial, in which it can be beneficial to cure all skin diseases.  


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5. Turmeric ringworm

Turmeric is the best source of antioxidants and antibacterials. Turmeric is also a group of many vitamins. Turmeric has enough properties to whiten the skin and cure skin diseases and body pains. Ringworm is applied by making a paste of turmeric on the affected area of the skin.

6. Coconut oil to cure ringworm

Coconut oil is beneficial for thickening and prolonging the skin and hair because the elements in coconut contain fiber, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C. All the ingredients are in proper quantity. To cure ringworm, applying coconut oil on the affected area of the skin can reduce and cure the burning sensation of ringworm.

7. Tamarind to cure ringworm

Taking out the pulp from the tamarind seeds, pouring it in water, preparing its juices and applying it with cotton on the skin affected by ringworm, helps in curing ringworm. The ingredients present in tamarind are fiber, magnesium, calcium, vitamin C and best of all, tamarind helps to clean the dirt from the body.

8. White milk extracted from papaya tree

If the white milk from papaya tree is applied on the affected area of the skin, then it helps in ridding the ringworm from the skin. Papaya is the best source of vitamin D and vitamin C. Papaya acts as an anti-detox in the body and helps the body to maintain health.

9. Vinegar

Using vinegar and lemon made from sugarcane on the affected area of the skin is more beneficial for curing skin ringworm from the root.

10. Lime

Using alkaline lime on the affected skin ringworm helps in ridding the skin from shingles as this is possible only if there is a high amount of alkaline availability in the lime. Alkaline lime acts as a medicine to kill the parasites of skin disease.

11. Garlic

Garlic is the best source of antibacterial and antioxidants (it is beneficial for your health if you consume garlic daily with honey). To cure ringworm from the root, by grinding garlic finely and applying it on the affected area of the skin, it helps in curing ringworm.

When to contact the doctor

Dermatitis is one of the complex problems. Many causes of ringworm on the skin and some serious diseases can be seen in many different places on the upper surface of the skin. Treatment of ringworm if home remedies can cure simple. If this is the cause of some serious disease, then it is not cured by doing home remedies, but it spreads rapidly to other parts and places of the skin if you have such problem for several days. If you are getting recurring from it, then you should go to the doctor immediately without delay or else it can be a risk to your health.


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