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Oily skin

The problem of oily skin is increasing every day and no concrete reason has been found so far that what is the reason of having oily skin and Oily skin permanently natural treatment?
What is your skin type There can be more reasons for having oily skin, such as – due to changes in weather, pollution, hormonal changes, the skin starts to show due to the change in weather according to the type and your skin problem increases daily.
To reduce the problem of oily skin, the use of different types of medicine and the use of different types of cream on the skin increases the problem on the skin and there is only one solution to reduce this growing problem home remedies.
Oily skin: The skin is sticky due to the change in weather and more sweat can be seen on the sticky tissue paper when the sweat coming out of the skin.
There are many types of problems on the skin due to the skin oily of the woman/man, such as – blackening of the skin, pimples on the skin, red rash on the skin, changes in the tone of the skin can be all kinds of problems. Know the reason of the problem through the article written below.

What is the cause of oily skin?

Oily skin is caused by change of seasons, wrong eating, lifestyle changes, oily skin. Oily skin can be caused by the following types.

1. Genetic 

Genetic diseases are diseases caused by specific parents, similarly, if the skin of a parent is oily skin, then the reaction may be oily skin of the child, boy or girl.

2. Pollution 

Due to increasing pollution, various types of diseases occur in the human class and that disease can occur anywhere in the internal part of the body.

Similarly, due to increasing pollution, some types of diseases occur on the external body of human beings such as – oily skin , hair fall, skin darkening, dry skin may cause the following types of disease.

3. Weather changes

All types of skin, due to the change in the weather, the type of skin is affected, the skin starts to appear. As the oily skin changes due to the weather, the skin starts to show effects like excessive sweating from the skin, dark spots with sweat from the skin, the skin becomes sticky.

4. Hormonal changes 

Just as the body changes due to the hormonal changes of the girl or boy, the body changes from the body changes due to the hormonal changes. And the type of skin that begins to show its effect.

5. Makeup 

Everyone wants us to look a beautiful , so they do more makeup. Most women do make-up to look beautiful, but do they know that the excess make-up is covered with the pores of the skin, and the residual material from the skin is not able to get out, which causes oily skin.

6. Food 

In the life of a person, he wants to take many types of test in food and drink, but do he know how bad health effects are due to wrong eating. Similarly, high intake of food such as food and spices , oil , chilli , fish and meat has more effect on the skin, due to which the skin is oily.

What is the symptoms of oily skin?

Oily is the following type of skin symptom, which is something that appears on the skin due to change of seasons and other reasons.
1. Oily skin symptoms come out of sticky and over-sweaty skin in the afternoon.
2. Oily skin thick layer, coarse and skin follicles appear more clear.
3. When using makeup or any cream on oily skin, it is a symptom of oily skin.
4. A person with oily skin has more skin color than a man/woman.
5. Symptoms of oily skin Black spots on the tissue after cleaning the sweat on the tissue paper.
6. Skin irritation occurs due to sweat on oily skin.
7. Respiratory material accumulates on the skin due to excessive sweat on oily skin.
9. Smell of light on the skin due to perspiration due to weather changes on the skin.
8. Acne, blackheads, white heads can all be symptoms.

How to protect against oily skin

After knowing the symptoms of oily skin, how to avoid oily skin can be done in the following ways.
1. Whenever a man / woman with oily skin goes out of the house, cover the face and go out of the house and if there is perspiration from the skin, then use Tissue paper.
2. A person with oily skin should pay attention to the following things, such as – fish, poultry, meat and spices, meat, etc. should not be consumed in food.
3. Oily skin should be rinsed with cold water 2-3 times a day.
4. A person with oily skin should not work in a hot place.
5. A person of oily skin should do yoga and exercise daily.
6. Skin should be protected from sunlight. 
7. Fiber rich vegetables should be consumed to maintain skin balance.
8. To maintain the temperature of oily skin, which should be consumed in plenty of water, such as cucumber, watermelon, coconut water, sugarcane juice, apple juice, orange juice, gourd juice.

Make changes in lifestyle towards oily skin

1. A person of oily skin should drink 2 to 3 liters of water a day so that the body temperature is correct.
2. Cosmetic products bad effect on oily skin.
3. No used on the skin like – bleach cream, penderm cream etc.
4. Fiber-rich fruits and vegetables.
5. Digestive food taken daily.
6. The stomach should be clean and there should be no complaint of any type of gas, otherwise it keeps the oily skin more excited to grow.
7. Home remedies reduce oily skin.
8. If your skin is oily then you should not use any kind of medicine and skin cream.
9. Due to sun rays falling on the skin, sweat comes out from the skin, which is the cause of oily skin, so use a face mask to protect it.
10. Moisturize the face or skin thoroughly with home remedies so that the skin remains moist.
11. A person with oily skin should not consume tea, tobacco, alcohol and drugs.

Home remedies for oily skin in just 10 days

All people have been suffering from oily skin for a long time and even after consuming other types of medicine, they have not got any results but today with this article you can get all the home remedies to cure oily skin all the time.

1. Papaya Oily is beneficial for the skin

Papaya is more beneficial for removing oily skin. Cutting ripe papaya and removing the seeds inside and applying on the skin for 20 minutes and washing it with mild lukewarm water, it has many benefits such as – relieve skin oily, relieve dry skin, reduce skin irritation, skin sparkle glow.


2. Multani mitti oily is beneficial to remove the skin

Leave the Multani Mitti on the skin for 10 minutes by soaking as needed, and after 10 minutes apply it on the skin with light hands and after some time washing with cold water 2 to 3 times a week, make the skin soft and oily skin Removes.

3. Soak wheat for 10 minutes and apply it on the skin

Soak the wheat for 10 minutes and then grind it finely with the help of a mixer and mix it in the same amount of water and apply it on the skin to remove all the problems caused by the skin like – oily skin, pimples, stains, skin irritation etc.

4. Use of tomato paste on the skin removes oily skin

Remove oily skin from home remedies tomatoes in just one week, to make tomato paste, native tomatoes and a lot of juice.
Finely chop tomatoes and mix a small amount of finely powdered turmeric powder and grind them finely in a mixer to prepare a paste and apply it on the skin, and after 10 minutes, wash it with cold water, It tomato paste regular use to removes skin oily and enhances skin glow.

5. Turmeric powder and honey are beneficial for oily skin

Grind the turmeric powder finely, mix honey in equal quantity and heat for a while on a low flame and then apply it on the skin after cooling, applying it on the skin has many benefits such as – Oily Skin removal, skin whitening, Pimples.

6. Remove oily skin with the help of cucumber or watermelon

Massaging the cucumber by cutting it removes the oily skin’s , or cut the melon into small pieces and apply on the face and wash with cold water and then leave it for a while by applying honey and washing with clean water has many benefits.

7. Curd is more beneficial for all skin types

Yogurt is beneficial for all skin types and before using curd, curd should not be pure and more sour or else can have a bad effect on the skin.
Apply the curd on the face at night while sleeping, and wash in the morning with cold water and using this recipe in the morning and evening the day is more beneficial.

8. Use of vinegar made of apple removes oily skin

Apple is more beneficial for all types of skin problems and is also more beneficial for health.
Prepare apple vinegar paste before applying it on the skin. Applying a little honey with apple vinegar on the skin, removes oily skin and improves skin and has countless benefits.

9. Oily skin removed by turmeric 

To prepare turmeric and beeswax paste, take 2 teaspoons turmeric powder and 1 teaspoon piece of wax and mix it and heat it for a while and apply on the skin when it gets rid of oily skin.

Using it 1 time a day removes the skin’s oily.

10. Aloe Vera for oily skin

Aloe Vera has antioxidant and antibacterial properties and its use on the skin removes the skin is oily and enhances the skin.