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Nipah Virus

Nipah virus was first detected in Malaysia in 1999 after a confirmed patient test. This virus is easily spread between humans and animals through infection. Nipah virus is spread through the excreta of infected animals, bats and pigs. The bat eats the juice of the fruit from the date palm, which increases the risk of infection even more.

Nipah virus was first detected in Malaysia in 1999 after a confirmed patient test. Malaysia Since 1999, its virus has gradually spread to some countries in many places. A Nipah virus patient has been confirmed recently (2021) in the Indian state of Kerala and the symptoms were also similar to the virus. After investigation at the last minute, it became clear that 2 days before its virus in a 12-year-old boy who died last night itself. The health department of Kerala state has ordered a few more people to test it. Was in contact with the patient before. After investigation, it has not been confirmed in any person and is now out of danger of that virus.


Nipah Virus Facts

1. Nipah virus spreads from infected person to person.
2. Like the corona virus, its symptoms are also found.
3. The risk of exposure to the virus is 45 to 78%.
4. There is no treatment and vaccine available for Nipah virus yet.
5. The main treatment is to avoid infected pigs and bats.


Nipah Virus symptoms

Symptoms of Nipah virus start showing its symptoms in 5 days to 14 days. The initial symptoms of the virus include headache, shortness of breath, body aches, fever, loss of memory and brain pain, in the later its symptoms become more intense which can increase the risk of disease like stroke. Even coma symptoms can be seen and Brain swelling.

1. Headache
2. Fever
3. Breathing problems
4. Sore throat
5. Vomiting
6. Feeling cold symptoms
7. Body pain
8. Brain swelling
9. Stroke
10. Coma
11. Seizures


Cause of nipah virus

Nipah virus is an infectious disease. Which becomes a victim by coming in contact with an infected person or animal with which a health person comes in contact. Nipah virus is spread through coughing, sneezing, feces of bats and infected pigs. Nipah virus is a deadly disease like corona virus. And its symptoms are somewhat similar to each other. The difference between these two viruses is that in case of corona virus, they use fever medicine. Similarly, there is no medicine or vaccine for Nipah virus yet. When symptoms of Nipah virus appear, it is treated accordingly.

Nipah virus is spread from person to animal through contact with infected person.

1. Its virus spreads more rapidly in a person suffering from asthma.
2. Due to illness for a long time.
3. The disease spreads rapidly due to weak immunity.
4. More danger for corona virus patient.
5. It can be caused by coming close to infected pigs and bats.
6. In children whose age is less than the adult, they may feel its symptoms.



Nipah virus infection In many countries, its situation is not good. In which India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Singapore all have the same symptoms. Nipah virus spread an infection. This is enough to make a health person sick by activating the virus from one infected person to another with symptoms such as fever, coughing, sneezing.


Follow these steps to prevent Nipah virus

1. Protect yourself from swarms of pigs and bats living in the infected area.
2. Wash hands with soap.
3. Wear a mask
4. The disease is spread by touching the feces of pigs and bats.
5. Do not accept blood from an infected person.
6. The fruit is infected by bats living on the date palm tree.
7. The habitat of bats and pigs should be avoided.
8. Avoid sick bats and pigs.


Nipah virus spreads easily from person to person. The main reason for which is how fast the activation of the virus is, and how eager the health is to make the person sick. The virus is transmitted from a sick person to a healthy person. This is possible only when the person is in contact with another victim. To prevent Nipah virus, you can adopt the option mentioned above. Which helps to prevent from Nipah virus.



Nipah virus spreads from an infected person to a healthy person in a simple way through some of the following factors. Infected person pigs and bats that are already sick. He can spread the disease through infection.

It can be a major factor in the spread of Nipah virus

1. If a common person comes in contact with them through an infected person, then he can also become ill.
2. The virus is spread through contact with infected pigs and bats.
3. If you eat date fruits or other fruits with the touch of bats, it also infects them, which spreads the virus through the infection of the person.
4. Contact with an infected person is enough to transmit urine, blood, nasal discharge, and other substances.


There are different factors that can lead to getting infected with Nipah virus. Because the virus spreads through infection. By now you all know that the virus spreads through contact and fluid sampling of an infected person. Which is enough to make another person sick.



The diagnosis of Nipah virus (NIV) is known after testing the infected person at the time of illness. Or if the symptoms are already determined and it is well known that you are completely ill with Nipah virus. Symptoms of Nipah virus disease in the early stages: Swelling of the throat and nose, cerebrospinal fluid, blood and body fluids can be tested experimentally using polymerase chain reaction (RT-PCR). The CDC website mentions that the Nipah virus is tested for antibodies after recovery, using an enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA).


No concrete treatment has been mentioned so far regarding the treatment of Nipah virus. However, prevention is being considered more responsible for the treatment of the virus. The virus spreads through more infections, and makes people sick, in the same way, if you protect yourself against the virus, then it is no less than a cure. Because any infectious disease like corona virus and Nipah virus is deadly and more active in spreading like this disease. If the infection prevents the disease, then in protecting oneself from any disease, more effort and treatment is not less.


However, to prevent Nipah virus, it is important to understand its symptoms, how seriously the symptoms are increasing, and if not treated, it can be fatal. There is no vaccine or medicine for Nipah virus yet. According to the symptoms of this virus, medicine can usually be applied to control it. Medication may be given during the treatment of Nipah virus to reduce the symptoms of common illness.


FAQs Nipah Virus

Q. Is Nipah virus a disease spread by infection?

Ans. Nipah virus infection is usually a fatal disease. If we compare it with the corona virus disease in the present time, then nothing will happen.


Q. Is there any concrete treatment for Nipah virus yet?

Ans. There is no concrete cure for Nipah virus yet. If awareness is adopted for this disease, then the prevention of this disease is not less than any serious disease.


Q. Which factors are responsible for Nipah virus?

Nipah virus disease is a disease spread by an infection. This disease was first confirmed in Malaysia in 1999 and is believed to be responsible for its spread through swine and bats. Around 2000 pigs in Malaysia were killed by the Nipah virus and some bats were confirmed to have died in it. Due to this, the virus has been confirmed to die from this virus recently in the Indian state of Kerala.

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