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Neem is a medicinal tree of Indian origin. Neem This medicinal tree has been developed in India for a long time and its origin has become very high in other countries. Neem usually black soil. Neem tree grows from 50 feet to 60 feet. Neem tree is thicker and taller and the root spreads according to the soil and its root is mushy.


The neem tree releases about 10 liters of oxygen in a day and the old tree releases 20 to 25 liters of oxygen daily. Neem today has many species in India, and different species have different benefits. Neem leaves have a more bitter nature to eat. Neem absorbs carbon dioxide and releases pure oxygen. Neem has been used for medicinal properties.


Medicinal properties of Neem

Neem has many medicinal properties. Neem has many benefits from purifying the air to health. From the neem leaf to the root, there are only benefits. The properties present in neem are beneficial for health, antibacterial, antioxidant, antiviral, antifungal properties.


Botanical and family name of Neem

Botanical name and family of Neem
The botanical name of Neem is Azadirachta indica and Neem is a family plant of Miliaceae. Neem is known by different names in many languages.
Hindi – Neem, Nimb.
English – Margosa Tree.
Sanskrit – Nimba, Pichumard, Pichumanda.
Punjabi – Nip.
Marathi – Balantnimb.
Gujarati – Limba.


Benefits of neem

There are many benefits of neem. Grinding neem finely and drinking it purifies the blood. Grinding the soft leaves of neem and applying it on the wound and face helps in clearing the skin and healing the wound. Neem is beneficial to remove chickenpox, fever, itching, infection. Neem has the ability to reduce the poison of clean with regular consumption. The benefits and uses of neem have been duly explained by the article written below. By reading this article, you can know well about their benefits.


1. Relief by making neem paste and applying it on the wound

Finely grinding neem leaves and applying it on the wound or bruised area helps in relieving pain and drying the wound. The medicinal properties present in neem protect the wound from infection and antibacterial, which helps in quick healing of the wound.


2. Neem paste to relieve headache

Relieves from chronic to chronic pain and underdevelopment pain, general pain, pain from strong sunlight, from all headaches. To make neem paste, wash 10 to 15 leaves of normal neem leaves and make them finely. Mixing 5 spoons of curd with finely ground neem leaves and applying it on the forehead provides relief from headache.

Keep in mind that neem paste is only used to cure common pain. Do not use neem paste in any serious disease.


3. Body odor relief

The body odor that comes with sweat is always due to the toxins released from the body. or often due to a decrease in the purity of the blood of the body.



To remove body odor, first thing in the morning while taking bath, adding 10 drops of neem oil in 1 bucket of water, taking a bath provides relief from body odor and external germs, virus, bacteria.


4. Prepared paste of neem to get relief from itching

Relieve itching, by using the paste prepared from neem on the itchy place the body, preparing the paste, the skin and body are free from itching. Neem is antibacterial, antiviral, relieves fungus.


5. Benefits of neem pox relief

1. Finely grind the soft seed that comes out of neem seeds and apply it on smallpox, it provides relief.
2. Mixing turmeric powder with a finely ground new Kalle leaf and applying it on the skin provides relief from smallpox and smallpox stains.
3. Boiling deep bark of neem and applying it on the skin provides relief from itching and smallpox.
4. Applying neem oil from neem leaves on the skin provides relief from the skin.
5. Preparation of neem paste and pure cow’s ghee and applying it on the skin can reduce the symptoms through itching and smallpox.


6. Neem provides acne, blemishes and makes the skin soft

Who does not know about the properties of neem, but today all the products made from neem are being used for face wash (skin), shampoo (hair), bath soap. The benefits of using products made from neem vary. Using products made from neem face wash on the skin gets rid of blemishes from the skin. Or grind neem finely and mix milk cream in it and apply it on the skin, all the problems of the skin are cured. To maintain moisture on the skin, using this paste twice a week gives good results.


7. Relief from mouth ulcers neem leaves

If you are very troubled by mouth ulcers, then you can fix it by adopting two methods to cure mouth ulcers.

1. Grind neem leaves finely and separate the large particles and put the juice obtained in a bowl and drink a piece of ice and keep it in the mouth for 5 minutes, so that the liquid coming out of the blister gets separated.
2. To cure the blister, chew neem leaves and keep it in the mouth for some time.


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8. Antibacterial benefits of neem

If you feel very unwell about health, then eating 5 neem leaves daily will make you feel good towards health.


9. Benefits of neem to keep the fluid released from the period clean

Clearing fluids during periods is as important as immunity to maintain health. To keep the bleeding during the period clean, it is necessary to use soap made from neem to keep the vagina clean. It is important to keep the vagina clean during periods, because keeping it clean reduces the risk of vaginal infection.


10. Benefits of neem get rid of stomach worms

Often all of you must have heard that small children whose age is less than 5 years have worms in their stomach. Having worms in the stomach is not yet confirmed, what causes it. Abdominal pain and loss of appetite, weakness and tiredness due to worms in the stomach. The benefits of neem are able to kill stomach worms. To remove stomach worms, you have to grind neem leaves finely and make a solution in water and drink it, the stomach worms die, and in the morning they come out with stool.


11. Neem strengthens digestion power

Everyone is well aware of the benefits of neem. Grinding neem leaves finely and drinking it in water daily gives the ability to strengthen the digestive power. Its properties of neem are able to protect the digestive power from antibacterial, antifungal.


12. Benefits of neem for purification of the body

There are many benefits of neem for purification of the body. There are many toxins present in the body. Toxins are often removed from the body through sweat. Sometimes in excess, there is a problem of itching, rash, skin diseases on the body. To keep the body pure, grinding neem leaves finely and making a solution in water, drinking it helps a lot in getting the toxins out of the body.


13. Neem leaves for all hair problems

Hair problems can become serious if not treated at the right time. To cure the problem of hair, try the benefits of neem. Grinding neem leaves finely and mixing guava leaves and applying it on the head gets rid of all the problems. Hair fall, graying, dandruff, alopecia areata all problem related to hair.


14. Benefits of neem for pyorrhea of teeth

Pyorrhea of ​​teeth is often caused by dirt. Due to not cleaning the teeth after eating dinner, the food stuck in the teeth rots by morning, gum is also affected by tooth decay. Pyorrhea is a frequent complaint of tooth decay. To reduce the symptoms of pyorrhea, brushing neem acts as an antibacterial for the teeth, cleans the teeth and also prevents decay.


15.  Benefits of neem to get relief from fever

Grinding neem leaves finely and drinking it every morning after brushing with water strengthens immunity (protection in fighting disease).
To cure fever or if there is no fever, drinking a solution of neem leaves every day gives great protection to the body.


16. Beneficial neem for hair lice and nits

Neem is beneficial for hair, as the properties of neem work as a medicinal medicine. Lice and nits lying in the hair are always the cause of itching for you, because lice and nit bites cause itching instead of pain in the head, which causes itching as you want.


If you are suffering from itching and lice and nits, then you will feel relief from using neem once because the properties present in neem act as medicine to kill lice and nits and Grind soft leaves of neem and apply it on the scalp, it gets rid of lice and nits. And the easiest way to keep your head cool.


17. Benefits of neem for diabetes relief

Diabetes is caused by an increase in the amount of sugar in the blood. To reduce diabetes blood sugar, making a paste of neem leaves and consuming it in the form of a solution with water provides relief. According to research, neem leaves have anti-diabetic properties.


18. Neem helps prevent cancer

Neem leaves have anti-cancer properties according to research, if you consume neem leaves every day, then you are currently leaving no stone unturned to make yourself cancer free. Neem leaves help in preventing cancer by 30%.


19. Neem to give relief from joint pain

If you are troubled by chronic joint pain, then neem will come in handy for you and Grind finely ground neem leaves or root with turmeric powder and apply it on joint pain, it reduces swelling. Neem has anti-inflammatory properties.


20. Neem leaves get relief from protruding gland

A protruding gland is always the cause of pain and If Protruding gland normal, then grind neem leaves finely and heat it and then applying it on the affected area provides relief from normal protruding gland.


21. Neem bark gives relief from asthma

The properties present in neem bark are anti-asthma and cough, which helps in curing it.


All parts of neem used as medicinal

All parts of neem act as medicinal for health

1. Root
2. Stem
3. Twig
4. Leaf
5. Flowers
6. fruit
7. Seed Oil


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How to prepare Neem juice

To make neem juice, you need to break 10 green leaves from the neem tree and wash it with clean water. Grind the neem leaves in a fine mixer. Prepare a solution by mixing the ground paste in 200 ml of water. And filter the solution and separate the big neem particles. Now consuming the solution made from prepared neem paste has many benefits.


How to use of neem

Benefits of neem are well known and understood, This article that many benefits of neem are beneficial for health. At present, medicine and shampoo for hair, soap from Neem are all prepared in a medicinal form and are available in the market.

Neem should be used for health in this way

1. Grind the soft leaves of neem and mix turmeric powder and use it as a face mask.
2. To protect the injury from infection, it can be done by making a paste.
4. You can protect your teeth by brushing with a twig of neem.
5. Get rid of nits and lice by applying neem oil to the hair.
6. Consuming neem leaves daily can increase immunity.


What are the disadvantages of Neem tree

Indian leaves Neem is a natural used medicinally. Along with neem natural, it is more beneficial towards health. The benefits of neem help you stay healthy and fight disease. Properties of neem are harmful to the victim or the wrong company. The disadvantages of neem are mentioned below, which you can read and know about them.

1. A person suffering from sugar should avoid the consumption of neem.
2. Avoid skin allergy.
3. A pregnant woman should be protected from any form of it.
4. Asthma patient should avoid neem smoke.
5. Young children should avoid using any kind of neem.
6. Tobacco and drug users should avoid the use of neem.


Elements of neem which are beneficial for health

There are many elements in neem which are beneficial for health.


1. Fat
2. Protein
3. Calcium
4. Magnesium
5. Cobalt
6. Iron
7. Vitamin
8. Potassium



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