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Who doesn’t want to be Weight Gain ( Fat )? What they do not do to become fat, even by consuming good protein and fat for medicine and food, they do not get any result. And seeing his slim body, he gets upset all the time. While people keep making fun of him in the society. Leanness and weight loss affect the immune system more. There are different types of diseases in thin people, women and men. Obesity is also a root of disease. Which invites some disease all the time. And the body also accepts it.

People who are troubled by this problem for a long time. Taking home remedies and making some lifestyle changes soon from their lean physique can help them in reducing obesity and weight gain. Gaining weight and obesity can prove to be injurious to health. Because many people are troubled by almost obesity in India. Now they have to adopt the following methods to become thin.


What is the cause of Underweight?

The Cause for being underweight can be not one but many reasons. Loss of weight occurs due to poor health or being malnourished or surrounded by other diseases. According to the opinion of science, if a person does more work. And due to the lack of calories and fat in the body, this can happen to every person every day. Loss of obesity can be seen as the biggest factor in any serious disease such as thyroid, tuberculosis, allergies, infection, AIDS, stress. And ignoring stress may be the single most important factor in obesity. There can be other Cause for obesity and weight loss.

1. Malnourished
2. Lack of fat and calories.
3. Stress is the main cause of obesity and weight loss.
4. Infection
5. Suffering from a serious illness for a long time.
6. Cancer disease.
7. Thyroid, tuberculosis, allergies, infection, AIDS.
8. Snowed under.
9. Loss of appetite.

How to start the day for Weight Gain?

How should the day start for weight gain? Yes, if you ask this question to yourself, then maybe you will definitely get some answer. And this answer might be useful for you. So let’s know how to increase weight gain without delay. First of all when you wake up from sleep. So you should do any yoga for at least 10 minutes. Then brush and rest for some time. After this, eat jaggery and drink water. And eat soaked gram, take kismis and a glass of milk along with it. And eat food after 1 hour. Eat plenty of protein-rich food in the food and it is very important to contain all the vitamins and minerals. Only then you can get help in gaining weight.


Eat protein rich food

Consuming protein-rich foods can ease and help in your weight gain. Proteins make up for the calorie deficit in the body. And gradually increasing in the form of fat can increase weight gain. You can consume it according to the regular timetable.

Wheat, millet, lentils, milk, cottage cheese, egg, almond, spinach, carrot, beet, peanut, curd, walnut, apple, papaya all food items contain high level of protein. You can gain weight by consuming it.


Eat fatty food to Weight Gain

Vegetables – Spinach, Carrot, Beet, Cauliflower, Gourd, Tomato, Onion, Mushroom, Jackfruit, Soyabean etc.

Fruits – Mango, Guava, Pomegranate, Pear, Papaya, Mossmi, Apple.

Meat – Goat, Rooster, Fish, Egg, Red meat

Dry fruits – Almonds, walnuts, chickpeas, currants.


Full attention to calories for weight gain and healthy living

It is very important for all of you to know the calories for obesity and to stay healthy. By which, according to your working capacity in a day, how many calories of energy do women and men need do any work and stay healthy. What is Calorie? When all of us consume food or some food items. Due to which all of us get a new energy and strength. This energy or energy is a type of calorie. Calorie is the energy obtained by which to do some work. Calories come from food and foods. A healthy man should eat 3300 calories per day. Whereas a woman should eat 3200 calories per day. By which he can maintain healthy and obesity in the form of fat.


Relieve mental and physical pain

Mental and physical pain can be the biggest obstacle for your health and weight gain. Stress has a bad effect on your health and lifestyle. Because stress hinders the functioning of the brain and does not allow the ability to think to concentrate. So which work to do in lifestyle, when. The person does not understand anything except worry. If stress is not treated, it can lead to mental disorders. Due to increased stress, physical activity and lack of sufficient food intake, the immune system starts to weaken. Due to which other types of disease can increase. Stress is one of the major causes of weight gain.


What is the cause of obesity?

To increase obesity can be increased by including many types of household ingredients. Or making some lifestyle changes can be more helpful in increasing obesity. It’s called obesity. An example of obesity is when there is a change in body weight and body composition or when there is an increase in fat. The following factors or the presence or accumulation of fat in the body for obesity and weight gain is called obesity.

1. Overeating of food.
2. Eating food rich in vitamins and proteins.
3. Eating more fat free food.
4. Consuming meat, fish, alcohol in small amounts is the cause of obesity.
5. Consuming milk and fruits after eating food.
6. Do not adopt exercise position.
7. Home remedies cause obesity.


Weight Gain towards which some caution

1. For weight gain, you must sleep till full sleep.
2. Don’t work too hard.
3. Vitamins, nutrients, calcium, all elements must be taken in sufficient quantity in food.
4. Avoid mental stress.
5. Eat regular food in which nutrients and high amount of calories.
6. Every day all of you should eat 3300 calories of energy.
7. Do not work in excessive sunlight and heat, because high energy can be emitted from the body through sweat.
8. Do yoga or Suryanamaskar once a day in the morning, it gives you energy and strength.
9. Avoid drinking too much water.
10. Lead a healthy life.


Home Remedies for Instant Weight Gain

1. Regular consumption of curd and jalebi can help in weight gain. If you are lean and lacking in weight, then you can increase the weight gain to a great extent by adopting these tips. You should consume a bowl of curd in the morning along with 100 grams of jalebi regularly as breakfast. Vitamins, proteins, fats, minerals are found in abundance in curd. Which is a home and effective way to gain weight and stay healthy.

2. Gram and milk

Soak the gram and leave it overnight and then do any yoga for at least 10 minutes in the morning. And then after brushing, consume gram along with 1 glass of milk regularly, you can gain weight by consuming it.
Milk also contains vitamins, fats, proteins, minerals and essential nutrients. Which increases metabolism, which helps in weight gain.


3. Elements present in egg contains vitamins, proteins, calcium, and many elements. By consuming it, You can increase healthy and weight gain. Along with eating it after boiling the egg, It can be consumed according to the need to increase the weight.


4. By consuming banana and milk, you can gain weight as soon as possible and the simplest solution is to increase the weight. Because calcium, manganese, vitamins are found in sufficient quantity in banana. Regular consumption of banana and milk increases metabolism. Metabolism can help the body to gain weight and obesity. Health and obesity can be increased by regularly consuming banana and milk after eating your morning meal.

5. The elements contained in desi ghee are such that vitamins, calcium, minerals, all the nutrients are found in sufficient quantity. Which increases metabolism. This leads to an increase in weight and obesity. Consume native ghee along with food. Keep in mind that the consumption of ghee can increase the symptoms of sore throat or cough. Therefore, consuming it along with food helps in meeting the lack of health and essential nutrients.


6. Supplements

Any product made from supplements, you can use it as medicine, in the form of powder or supplements obtained from direct food or fruit is the best source for increasing weight. Some supplements increase obesity without disrupting health. While some supplements do more harm to the body. If you are thinking about taking a supplement. So the supplement should be consumed only after meals. Before taking any supplement, the doctor should be consulted once. Because there are many types of supplements to increase obesity. While all supplements can also be harmful for health.

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