Migraine symptoms, causes, prevention and home remedies


Migraine is a severe type of headache. It is a more severe kind of headache. Migraine is a subacute form of headache. Nausea, vomiting, nervousness, dizziness along with half-captured disturbed vision are such problems with a person suffering from migraine every day. This disease is characterized by a headache lasting from one day to several days. This headache is one of the serious neurological problems. During migraine, the blood circulation in the head increases more rapidly. It is the cause of severe headache in semi-convulsive migraine.

What is migraine pain?

Migraine pain can range from a simple type to a more complex problem. Migraine pain can be identified in the following ways.

1. Feeling of trembling or tingling in the head.
2. Severe pain to be like shortness of breath.
3. A kind of pain in the head like a prick of acidity.
4. Severe headache.
5. Severe pain such as throbbing in the head can be of one kind or both.

Migraine can be a mild to severe type of pain. This pain can sometimes be continuous or sometimes only for 1 to 2 hours. The special thing about a migraine is that it can cause severe pain from the forehead to both sides of the head.

Symptoms of migraine

Migraine pain is different from normal headache. It is then felt. When it gradually progresses from normal pain to severe pain. Its pain can last for 1 to 2 days or for several weeks. Intermittent zigzag lines appear with a person suffering from migraine. The pain of migraine half-capacity lasts from about a day to several days. Migraine can be included from general symptoms to complex symptoms which can be as follows.

1. Migraine pain starts from one side of the head to the other.
2. Eye pain, skin irritation, darkening under the eye, vomiting or nausea.
3. Hypersensitivity to light and smell may be present.
4. Migraine pain can range from a mild headache to severe pain.
5. Its pain is often severe and prick-like.
6. Migraine headaches can range from half-cap to pain anywhere throughout the head.
7. Dizziness due to headache.
8. Its pain is like a veil on the eye.
9. The pain of a migraine is different from that of a normal headache.

What is the cause of migraine?

However, the exact cause of migraine is not yet known. Whereas due to the following decompositions, the recognition of complex and severe pain of migraine headache may be aware. Migraine factors can be closely triggered.

  • Genetic cause of migraine

Migraine is a complex and genetic disease that can be responsible from parents to children and distant relatives.


  • Migraine causes high stress

The disease of migraine is more in those people who have always lived a stressful life. Stress is the cause of and responsible for the rapid and slowing of blood to the brain.


  • Taking medicine

If any person takes medicine again and again to cure any disease. So it can also be responsible or aggravate the cause of migraine disease. For the treatment of any disease, a doctor must be consulted once. Because by taking the medicine again and again, it can increase the cause of the following diseases.

  • Lack of nutritious food

Nutritious food is a common key to health and boosting immunity. Nutritious food helps the body fight disease by increasing immunity.


How to prevent from migraine?

Migraine is one of the complex problems. It occurs when you get migraine problem due to lifestyle changes, lack of nutritious food or due to excessive stress in lifestyle.

1. Healthy food reduces the cause of migraine.
2. Drinking more water makes up for the lack of oxygen in the blood.
3. Drink 7 to 8 glasses of water daily.
4. Dehydration disease is loss of water.
5. Green vegetables contain a wide variety of vitamins and nutrients. Its consumption is beneficial in increasing immunity or removing the deficiency of the body.
6. Migraine is caused spices and chillies.
7. Stress is the cause of migraine. To avoid this, adopt entertainment and yoga.
8. The Adopt yoga so that mental and physical stress is removed.
9. Being hungry for a long time is an important cause of migraine or headache.
10. Drink plenty of fluids like lemon, orange, buttermilk.

Risk factors for migraine

Preventing or increasing the risk factor of migraine is beneficial in migraine. If there is even the slightest carelessness in understanding or treating a migraine, it can increase any risk factor. The risk factors for migraine can be as follows.

1. Lack of sleep

Migraines often cause lack of sleep. Because of constant headache in this disease. Or a person suffering from migraine often lacks sleep. To overcome the lack of sleep, the lack of sleep can be overcome after taking the medicine with the advice of the doctor.


2. Brain stroke

Due to persistent headache due to unrecognized migraine disease. Migraine is left as an incurable disease. While there is nothing like that. If the complete treatment of migraine is done till the end, then prevention of brain stroke disease can be prevented.

3. Panic button

In migraine disease, the person often has a problem of nervousness or increased blood pressure due to headache. If the disease of migraine is treated at the right time, then it can prevent the problem of anxiety and increase in blood pressure. But the problem of anxiety and blood pressure does not occur with everyone in the disease of migraine.


4. Brain tumor

In the disease of migraine, the process of headache lasts for 1 to 2 hours or it continues for a week. Due to the complex and half-capacity of headache, people consider it a disease of brain tumor due to lack of proper treatment. A brain tumor has a lump. Due to which there is more and more severe headache like headache. If brain tumor is treated at the right time, it can be prevented and the symptoms of headache can be stopped.

Home remedies for migraine

Home remedies are more beneficial for the treatment of migraine disease. Incorporating the ingredients in home remedies in different ways is beneficial in the treatment of migraine. Migraine is a common type of headache. In which home remedies give instant relief from the disease. Home remedies do not cause any special harm to health in any way.


1. Chilled oil gives relief from migraine

Chilled oil is made from a variety of herbs. For the treatment of migraine disease, vegetable oil is beneficial in providing instant relief from migraine headaches. Massaging by applying cold oil on the head provides instant relief from the pain caused by migraine. Regular application of this oil once daily gives immediate relief. Its special thing is that if there is a headache due to any other reason, then oil massage gives relief immediately.


2. Green tea gives instant relief from migraine

Migraine disease has a different type of pain than the normal type of headache. Migraine causes more severe headache and exacerbation. Including green tea in the home remedy of this disease provides instant relief from common and complex types of headaches. Green tea is a mixture of a variety of household ingredients. In which some such as – cardamom, clove, ginger, lemon. Home remedies for migraine provide instant relief. Consuming green tea in a normal way has many health benefits.

3. Buttermilk gives relief from migraine

Drinking buttermilk is beneficial in curing and preventing disease in many types of home remedies. Buttermilk is beneficial in providing instant relief from dehydration and migraine, abdominal pain, diarrhoea, acidity, indigestion of food. Buttermilk is a common mixture of many household ingredients. In which something has been included such as – black salt, cumin, green coriander, ice cubes. Drinking buttermilk regularly is beneficial in home remedies. It is beneficial in providing instant relief from migraine disease.


4. Coffee beneficial in relieving migraine

Apart from migraine, coffee is beneficial in other types of home remedies. Its medicinal properties are more beneficial in providing instant relief from coffee fatigue, migraine headache, general headache, mental stress, physical pain. The caffeine present in coffee reduces the effect of adenosine in migraine. As excess caffeine is harmful to physical health. Drinking coffee regularly is more harmful for health. It cannot be consumed regularly in lifestyle.


5. Massage to relieve stress

As you well understand that people adopt massage to get relief from stress. Massage provides instant relief from mental and physical stress. Headache and body aches are a common degenerative of migraine. In addition to migraine, massaging can provide instant relief from other ailments and fatigue.

6. Ginger gives relief from migraine

There are many types of symptoms in migraine. In which Nausea, Vomiting, Stomach pain, Indigestion of food, many such problems happen with every person every day. Ginger is beneficial in providing instant relief from migraine disease. Boiling ginger, filtering the remaining water and drinking it gives instant relief from migraine disease.

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