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Menstruation or Period

Today I am going to talk about what is menstruation or period in girls? Yes, girls have less tendencies or less information in all this, so that she never talks about menstruation or period with anyone, nor does she want to openly talk about this topic. Period feels shy to even talk to its mother. What are the periods in girls? Periods start coming in girls 10 to 15 years old, there are about many eggs in the ovaries in the girl’s vagina, which develop every month. The development of the egg is due to the testosterone hormone of the girl. Menstruation comes out in the form of blood on any date of the month, on the last date of the month only bleeding with pain is called period or menstruation.


Why girls have periods

It is also very important to have period or menstruation in girls. After I get more information (research) about it, writing articles about period is a concrete step to make girl more aware. It is considered natural to have a period, or say that it is very important to have it. About the girl’s reproductive system. 1. Fallopian tube 2. Ovaries 3. Uterus 4. Vagina. During the period of the girl, they contribute, giving birth to a child and having a period are all due to these. There are millions of eggs in the ovaries, which are the reason for giving birth to children. After the development of the egg, it starts happening after 10 to 15 years of the girl, the girl becomes pregnant by having a relationship with the girl during this time.


Menstrual Cycle

The menstrual cycle is the change in the shape of the hormonal changes and the tendency of pregnancy. Synergies the two hormones of the menstrual cycle, estrogen and progesterone, and controls the egg that develops from the uterus during the menstrual cycle. The fluid released from the uterus is more like the tendency of fertilization, the menstrual cycle is about 5 days from the start date to the end date. The menstrual cycle occurs on a normal 28 day or 21 to 35 day period from the age of 10 to the age of 50. The eggs survive for about 5 to 6 days during the menstrual cycle, if the pregnancy stops at the time of fertilization.


Menstrual Cycle Normal Symptoms

1. acne
2. lower abdominal pain
3. Weight Gain
4. body pain
5. Inflammation
6. Breast Pain
7. Headache/back pain
8. Fatigue
9. Irritability
10. restlessness
11. Bleeding


Menstrual cycle pregnant

The chances of getting pregnant during the menstrual cycle are only a few percent. Menstrual cycles can occur anywhere from 28 to 40 days from the normal date, and are considered normal when menstruation occurs.


10 to 15 eggs develop before the ovulation period of menstruation and on this day 28 to 30 fertilizing during ejaculation of blood from the uterus, only a few percent of the man’s sperm are safe and alive in the womb.



Menstruation passes through the nearest day and after 72 hours, if the male’s sperm is present in the womb, then during this time about 70% of the pregnancy is played by the sperm that is alive and safe from the egg of the woman’s womb.


Menstrual cycle irregular

If a woman’s menstrual cycle lasts from a normal 28 days to 40 days, then it is considered normal, but if it is more than a normal day, then it is called irregular menstruation.


During menstruation, the endometrium of the uterus is harder and spongy during normal blood ejaculation from day 28 to day 40. Due to physical connection with the endometrium at the time of the menstrual cycle, the sperm has to move forward properly and does not do any reduction in strengthening the uterus.



Menstruation occurs from the age of 10 to the age of 45 years. Menstruation is the fluid coming out of the uterus to make you pregnant and possibly because of hormones.


Irregular menstruation is a longer than normal period. Irregular monthly hormone changes or these balance of hormones are also the reason for more irregular menstruation.


Cause of menstrual cycle irregular

1. Lose Weight
2. Weight Gain
3. Hormonal changes
4. Stress
5. Alcohol
6. sick for a long time
7. eating disorders
8. Sports (Running, Kabaddi Games)
9. Menstrual


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Menstrual pain

It is natural to have menstrual pain as menstruation is normal from 28 days to 35 to 40 days. Menstruation occurs for every age girl from the age of 10 years till the last date of every month till the age of 50 years. The tendency of the uterus to be menstruated is due to hormonal changes (pregnancy), it happens when having sex with a woman during this time.


Ejaculation of blood from the womb of each of the menstruating women. In women, before menstruation, a woman feels normal pain 2 days before and a woman feels mild pain 4 hours before the start of menstruation.


The more intense pain during menstruation is unbearable, it can happen to every woman or to one in 10 girls. Severe menstrual pain is more with an adult (girl) and after conception the pain is felt gradually less.


Menstrual pain symptoms

1. Pain about 24 hours before the onset of menstruation.
2. The time near the period is more excruciating unbearable pain (with a single woman).
3. Lower abdominal pain.
4. body pain.
5. Being restless.
6. Back Pain.
7. Reduction of pain on the third day of menstruation.


Menstrual normal

Menstruation always happens every month with every pregnant woman. It is possible that this is due to the hormones of women. Hormones always convey the understanding of the process of conception along with the development of women. If the menstruation of women occurs on the last date of every month then it is called normal. Having sex with a woman after 24 hours during normal menstruation increases the chances of conceiving.


1. Normal menstruation – Between 28 days to 35 days.
2. Irregular Menstruation – The day after 35 days is the irregular menstrual cycle.


Menstrual products

The menstrual cycle occurs once a month, and this period is about 5 to 7 days. During menstruation, the ejaculation of blood from the uterus occurs in 5 to 7 days. Ejaculation of blood during menstruation is a matter of more concern for women. Various methods are adopted to make menstruation safe at the time of ejaculation. There are many ways in menstruation that make the uterus unsafe and close to infection. A few days ago, when menstruating, they used to dry the ejaculate with the help of a cloth and use dustbin, but this method is unsafe for menstruation and was enough to infect the uterus.


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Menstruation should be safe, convenient, Eco-friendly and comfortable. At present, the doctor’s message towards menstruation is that you should not spare any effort in choosing pads or sanitary napkins, tampons to protect it during the period, otherwise it gives rise to the process of infection towards your uterus.


Menstrual protection products ( MPP )

1. Pads – cotton cellulose pads ( napkin )
2. Reusable pads – cloth pads and second time use.
3. Tampons – cotton or rayon, both mix
4. Menstrual cups – medical silicone, rubber, latex.
5. Period underwear – cotton, with lining of polyurethane.


Treatment Menstruation


Menstruation occurs once in every woman on the last date of the month, and its main purpose is a change in hormones and a process of conceiving which every woman has longed for it.


At the time of menstruation, 2 days before the date and up to a week from the date one has to suffer more pain than the menstrual pain, every woman feels less than more pain and some women feel this pain more


Pain during menstruation is more excruciating which every woman feels once on the last date of the month. It is difficult for all women to feel post-menstrual pain as there is more pain during this period which is equally difficult for every woman as a pregnant woman feels at the time of giving birth.


At the time of menstrual pain, some women can feel the pain less by including them in their lifestyle.

1. Drink more hot water or more cold water.
2. Regular exercise.
3. Apply warm water on the upper part of the womb.
4. Stress.

5. The need for rest
6. Consumption of supplements or pills containing vitamins.
7. Pads or tampons.
8. Pain medicine (on doctor’s advice).
9. Spend more time outside during menstruation.
10. Massage for body ache.




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