Make changes in lifestyle to prevent cold

How to avoid cold?

The cold season is going to start only a few days later, this season changes according to the nature like – summer to rainy and rainy season is followed by cold weather. Many types of disease also brings with it in the early winter season, this disease is mostly common to all the old and newborn, pregnant women. All types of diseases like fever, cold, headache, cough, cold are all types of disease.


What are the following types of diseases caused by cold weather?

In the cold season all the disease is seen early in the season as a symptom of old age (55 years) and in children from 1 to 5 years of age in a newborn and sick person with more days.

1. Cold
2. Headache
3. Skin Burst
4. Acidity
5. Cough
6. Joint pain
7. Fever
8. Scalp Dandruff
9. Infectious disease
10. Vomiting (Indigestion)
11. Body Pain
12. Phlegm in the throat


1. Colds – At the end of all seasons and at the beginning of the second season, everyone suffers from a common cold. There are many reasons for a cold, but it is common to have a cold when the weather changes. Colds after the change of weather due to the following reasons such as – 1. Weakness of immunity  2. Unfavorable weather 3. Changes in weather suddenly 4. Polluted environment 5. Weak body weak All reason The sudden change in weather also causes a cold.


Cold weather symptoms

1. Head heavy and aching
2. Exudation
3. Nasal congestion
4. Cough
5. Body Pain
6. Joint pain
7. Get out of phlegm
8. Having fever
9. Reddening of the eyes
10. Chest Pain
11. Sore throat
12. Sneezing
13. Heavy voice and hoarseness
14. Dizziness


Home remedies for colds (cold weather)

1. Home Remedies for colds occurring in the cold season Excess intake of hot water.
2. Green tea made from ginger, black pepper, jaggery should be consumed.
3. Add Vicks to hot water and steam the water.
4. Honey should be consumed at bedtime in the evening.
5. Lightly grated ginger should be consumed.
6. Eat moredish.
7. Foot and body should be massaged by heating mustard oil.
8. Taking turmeric and milk provides relief in cold and cold.
9. Eating garlic 3 times is relieved by eating it.
10. Orange juice should be drunk in a cold.
11. Rinse twice a day with warm water.
12. Eat honey and basil.
13. Consumption of eggs and fish juice.
14. Consumption of Giloy.


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2. Headache – It is a common practice to have a headache in the beginning of the changing season, people who give a headache in the cold season, give various types of reasons such as – feeling cold, not being weather friendly The disease is not able to adapt to the weather and headaches are caused by cold.


Headache changing season

There are many types of causes of headache in the changing season like –

1. Unable to adapt to the weather.
2. Increasing pollution levels.
3. Weakness of immunity.
4. Headache due to weakness in the body.
5. Headache and fever due to some disease.
6. Due to stress.
7. Causes of cold.
8. Due to mental anguish.
9. Due to fluctuations of the changing season.


Symptoms of Headache

Symptoms of headache are of the following types (due to change of seasons or disease)

1. Headache.
2. Stress and pain.
3. Fever.
4. Acidity.
5. Having weakness.
6. Weakness of immunity.
7. Body aches.
8. Allergies.


Home remedies for headache

Home remedies for headaches are as follows.

1. Consumption of green tea.
2. Hot water intake.
3. Cold water to cure headaches.
4. Headache is cured by rubbing sandalwood in the head.
5. Headache is cured by drinking spicy juice of fish.
6. Smelling Vicks provides relief from headaches.


3. Skin Cleansing – Skin rash is more common especially in cold weather but there are some factors which cause skin bursts due to skin rash or deficiency in the body, such as – pollution, cold air, body deficiency, Vitamin C deficiency is the cause of all skin bursts.


Causes of skin eruptions

The following causes of skin rash like –

1. Excessive cold (wind chill)
2. Smoking.
3. Increased skin tone.
4. Due to deficiency of Vitamin C, the skin bursts more during the winter season.
5. Due to pollution and dust settling on the skin.
6. Due to lack of moisture on the skin, the skin bursts more during the winter season.
7. Using a chemical-made product on the skin.
8. The use of more chemical-based sanitize causes blackening of the skin and tearing of the skin.
9. Skin rash due to allergies in cold weather.
10. Skin rash due to skin infection.


Symptoms of skin rash

The following types of symptoms occur when the skin breaks.

1. Discharge of blood from the tearing of the skin.
2. Greater risk of skin infections.
3. Skin bursts due to sun and dust on the skin.
4. Skin blackness at the site of a skin eruption.
5. Dryness of the skin.
6. Itching on the skin.


Home remedy for skin eruptions

In the winter season, home remedies for skin rash are as follows -:

1. Soften the skin by using milk cream and get rid of the skin that bursts during the winter season.
2. Using yogurt on chapped skin relieves pain and softens the skin.
3. Soften the skin by using honey 2 times a day.
4. The use of Aloe-Vera on the skin cures all types of skin problems.
5. Relieving skin breakage by using almond oil.
6. Consumption of vitamin C rich fruits.
7. By applying egg albumin on the skin, all skin problems are cured.
8. Soften the skin by using papaya once on the skin.
9. The use of gram flour, lemon, turmeric on the skin makes the skin soft and all skin problems are cured.


4. Acidity – Acidity is not the cause of illness or due to digestive related illness due to excessive eating and changes in lifestyle during cold weather.


Acidity in cold weather

In cold weather, acidity is caused by the following types of illnesses such as –

1. Consuming more food.
2. Consumption of more spices in food.
3. Increased acidity problem due to weakening of digestive power.
4. Intake of junk food.
5. Consumption of acidic food.
6. People consume food after 2 to 3 days on a cold day.
7. Do not do yoga in cold time.


Symptoms of acidity

There are several types of symptoms of acidity disease such as –

1. Flatulence in the morning and stomach does not clear.
2. Prick and pain in one place and other place in the stomach.
3. Headache.
4. Feeling weakness.
5. To be lazy all day.
6. Chest pain and low blood pressure.
7. Flatulence.


Domestic of acidity in cold weather

Home treatment of acidity can be cured in the following ways.

1. Consuming celery and jaggery together.
2. Acidity is cured by eating radish and black salt.
3. Finely grinding and eating a piece of ginger relieves acidity.
4. In gas disease, eating salad in large quantity cures gas disease.
5. Drinking lemon and water solution helps to get rid of gas.
6. Drinking reed juice gives relief from gas.
7. Consumption of apple vinegar.
8. Consumption of vinegar made of reed.
9. Relieving acidity by drinking Gooseberry juice.


5. Cough – Many types of disease start in the early stages of cold in the season. Similarly, if a person’s immunity is weak and he/she is not alert to cold, then with cold and cold Cough also starts coming. Due to which, there are many types of problems like cough, severe chest pain, body pain, headache.


What causes cough in cold weather?

Coughs in cold weather are caused by the following types of illness such as –

1. Due to change in weather, body temperature is not able to change with the weather.
2. Due to cold and hot weather, the body does not mold in that condition, it also causes cough disease and cold.
3. Cough disease is infection and bacterial disease spreads.
4. This disease (cough) is caused by a person suffering from Corona virus.
5. Pollution of atmosphere.


Home remedy for cough

In the case of cold, cold and cough, its home remedies are as follows.

1. Taking tea made of green tea (basil, ginger, black pepper) cures cold and cold.
2. Cold and cough are cured by taking honey and ginger.
3. Gargling with a pinch of salt in warm water cures cough.
4. Cough is cured by eating cooked potatoes.
5. Cough is cured by taking warm water.
6. Taking milk and one spoon of turmeric is cured by taking cold and cough.
7. Cough is cured by taking ripe ginger.


6. Joint pain Joint pain means that all the reactions in the joints of the body such as stretch, tension, stiffness occur with joint pain, which causes severe pain and unbearable pain in the joints. Joint pain: Most of the women, whose age is above 45 years, have joint pain all the time. What is the cause of joint pain and home remedies? You can get all the information related to the joints by reading this myupchaars through the following article.


What causes joint pain in cold weather?

The following types of causes of joint pain in cold weather are as follows –

1. Severe joint pain due to injury and non-working of joints.
2. Arthritis in joints.
3. Joint pain due to excess body weight.
4. Severe joint pain due to wear of the cartilage of the knee.
5. Stiffness of joint pain in cold weather.
6. Inflammation in joint pain.
7. Pain in joints due to sprain.


Home remedies for joint pain


There are following types of home remedies for joint pain occurring in cold weather, which you can cure joint pain by adopting.

1. To relieve joint pain, drinking a glass of milk and a teaspoon of turmeric powder provides relief from joint pain.
2. Massaging the joints with fish oil provides relief from joint pain.
3. Massaging the joints by heating mustard oil and garlic provides relief from joint pain.
4. To reduce joint pain, massage with clove oil reduces pain.
5. Relieving joint pain by doing yoga.
6. Using mustard oil, celery on joint pain relieves joint pain.


Make this change in lifestyle to prevent cold

1. Use warm clothes to protect against cold.
2. Do light exercise or yoga as soon as you wake up in the morning.
3. Drink warm water.
4. Special attention should be paid to food and drink.
5. Stay in the sun longer.
6. Consume hot substance.
7. Cold can be prevented by doing workouts at home.
8. Apply hot oil on the body after bathing.
9. Fish and eggs should be used more in food.


FAQs to protect against cold


1. Why does the skin become dry (dryness) during the cold season?

In cold weather, all skin types become dry and dryness, because in the cold season, the skin pores are closed due to excess shrinking of the skin, which reduces the temperature of the skin and moisture on the skin due to the absence of sweat from the body. There is a deficiency of which the skin becomes dry and dryness increases.


2. What to eat in cold weather?

People use the following types of food to protect them from cold such as – in food items – bread, lentils, spinach, millet, maize, egg, fish, soybean, gram, breadth, BEET and all types of food. Used to protect against cold.


3. What kind of lifestyle changes should be made during the cold season?

In cold weather a person should make changes like –

1. In cold weather, warm clothes like- woolen clothes, cotton clothes and more warm clothes should be used on a cold day.
2. Every person should do 30 minutes morning walk daily.
3. Foods that provide more energy should be used.
4. Fish, eggs, and lettuce should be consumed.
5. Fruits and vegetables should be consumed more.
6. Hot drinks should be consumed.
7. Vitamin D which is available in high amounts (food items) should be eaten in that type of food.


4. What kind of disease occurs in cold?

The following types of disease occur in the cold season, such as – cold, cough, headache, fever, body pain are all types of disease and other.



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