Liver cirrhosis causes, symptoms, prevention and treatment

Liver cirrhosis

Liver cirrhosis today kills about 10 to 11 lakh people worldwide in 1 year. Cirrhosis comes under the category of fatal diseases like AIDS, cancer, TV. There is no cure for cirrhosis disease yet. There is only one treatment for liver cirrhosis by liver transplantation. Know about liver cirrhosis disease. Liver important organs of the body. Liver functions in this way for all the organs of the body.


1. Liver helps in digestion of food.
2. Liver produces bile.
3. Aids in cleansing the liver blood.
4. Able to eliminate many diseases of the liver.
5. Excretion of liver residual substance.
6. Liver weighs from 2.4 to 5 pounds.


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What causes liver cirrhosis?

Causes of liver cirrhosis include

1. viral infection.
2. Damage to the duct that produces bile.
3. Malfunction of the duct connected to the liver.
4. Liver disease.
5. By taking pain medication.
6. Drug side effect.
7. Digestive power weak.
8. Genetic diseases.
9. Chronic liver cirrhosis caused by hepatitis disease.
10. Jaundice, abdominal pain.


Stages of liver cirrhosis disease

Liver cirrhosis disease occurs in four stages.

Stage II to Stage IV of liver cirrhosis symptoms ( explanation )

1. Weakness
2. body pain
3. Fever ( normal to higher )
4. Vomiting.
5. Yellowing of urine.
6.Blood with vomiting,
7. Weight loss.
8. Problem in digestion of food.
9. Jaundice.


Symptoms of liver cirrhosis

Early symptoms of liver cirrhosis are usually common.

1. Weight Loss.
2. Bleeding from the nose.
3. Itchy body.
4. Weakness.
5. Loss of appetite.
6. Yellowing of the skin (jaundice).
7. Mouth Swelling.
8. Panic.


Risk factors for liver cirrhosis and who is at greater risk?

1. Risk of liver cirrhosis.
2. Excessive drinking or consuming alcohol.
3. Viral hepatitis.
4. Second use of syringe (medicine).
5. Digestive power weak.
6. Using more drug power.
7. Excessive intake of smoking (increased amount of nicotine).


How to prevent liver cirrhosis?

How to prevent liver cirrhosis patient and a good remedy for a healthy person, definitely adopt it to prevent from fatal disease like liver cirrhosis.

1. Avoid smoking to prevent liver cirrhosis disease.
2. To prevent cirrhosis disease, do not consume more spices and meat (food).
3. Body ache (normal) injury: Taking pain medicine in pain causes bad effects on the liver.
4. Do not consume alcohol.
5. Keep the immunity strong.
6. Healthy food and fruits.
7. Hepatitis.
8. Prevent fat accumulation in the liver.


Diagnosis of liver cirrhosis

To diagnose liver cirrhosis, the doctor must ask about the patient’s old medical history. Cirrhosis takes information about certain family members along with physical examination of the patient. The doctor asks sternly towards the cirrhosis patient whether you do not consume too much alcohol in your lifestyle and there is no mention of hepatitis and viral infection in the medical history.

1. CT Scan 2. MRI 3. Ultrasound 4. Biopsy Test


Treatment of liver cirrhosis

Liver transplant

In the fourth stage of cirrhosis, there are fewer cases that complain of liver failure. The problem becomes more serious every day for the patient. As cirrhosis becomes severe, the doctor talks to the patient’s relatives that it is difficult to cure the patient, as the liver is completely damaged and the only treatment is a liver transplant. Liver transplantation involves performing liver surgery, removing the damaged liver and fitting a healthy liver, and if this happens, the patient can be cured of cirrhosis.


Complications of liver cirrhosis

1. Kidney affected.
2. Liver cancer.
3. Increase Insulin
4. Isolated Digestion Problem
5. Liver bleeding.
6. Itching on the skin.
7. Diabetes
8. Cause of other disease.


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Frequently asked questions about liver cirrhosis


Q.1 Why does liver cirrhosis occur?
Ans. There are many reasons for liver cirrhosis, which include excessive alcohol consumption, hepatitis viral infection, diabetes, heart failure, liver cancer.


Q.2 What is Diagnosis of liver cirrhosis?
Ans. To diagnose cirrhosis the doctor may advise you which includes:
1. CT Scan 2. MRI 3. Ultrasound 4. Biopsy Test 5. Blood test


Q.3 Can jaundice be a symptom of cirrhosis?
Ans. Jaundice is a symptom in the 4th stage of cirrhosis.


Q.4 What is the cause of cirrhosis?


1. Hepatitis C
2. Autoimmune Hepatitis
3. Liver Cancer
4. Alcohol
5. Smoking
6. Liver Cancer


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