Know the immune system in detail with the most FAQ?

Immune system

The immune system’s external and internal disturbances in the body cause viruses, germs, bacteria, fungus to cause any common disease and or serious illness that can make the body sick. Immunity system, being present in the body, protects the body from disease by providing protection from all harmful viruses, germs, bacteria, fungus.


Today, we all should not miss this opportunity to know about the immune system in detail, because at the present time we all are seeing that some serious disease is active towards life every day if you If you do not apply even a little per minute, then it can be the reason for that disease.


We will know in detail about how the immune system works against the body part every day by actively protecting against the disease and which part of the body plays an important role in strengthening the immune system and preventing disease. You will learn more about the immune system in detail by frequently asked questions and answers.


Q.1 What is immune system?

Ans – : Immunity system Due to external and internal contamination of the body or due to weakening of immunity of the body, many diseases have to be faced by the body, which increases the risk of illness of the body and you become ill. Immunity, fighting the disease in the body and freeing the body from disease is called immunity.


Q.2 What is part of immune system?

Ans – : There are many parts/types of immune system.

1. Tonsils
2. Thymus
3. Lymph node
4. Spleen
5. Bone marrow
6. Appendix
7. White blood cells
8. Antibodies


Q.3 What is work parts of immune system present in the body?

Ans – :

1. Tonsils – : The body part involved in the part of the immune system is located at the place of the throat. Tonsils organ immunity help is able to identify and kill harmful substances entering through the nose and mouth from contact with external harmful substances or any infection person, which can make you sick.


2. Thymus -: The thymus is located in the right inner part of the upper breast (female/male) of the heart. By joining the Thymus disease resistance system, it plays an important role towards the body. The thymus organ frees the body from disease by providing protection from the carrier causing the disease.


3. Bone marrow -: The main purpose of Bone marrow is to build blood cells and release them into the blood stream. Bone marrow is stimulated to perform this task because the blood cells circulating in the body destroy harmful parasites (viruses, germs, bacteria) that try to make the body more sick, sometimes while destroying them from the serious effects of that harmful parasite. They die due to which they suffer from any disease in the body.


4. Spleen -: Spleen does well to Filtering the blood in the immune system, because some toxins in the blood due to any external factor in the blood is enough to make the body sick, so by cleansing the blood, the body is free from disease. Contribute more to.


5. Antibodies – : Toxins present in or outside the body, which identify any of the harmful factors in the body and make them free from disease.


6. White blood cells -: WBC to bone is a part of marrow that provides protection from viruses, germs, parasites by keeping all the cells of the body connected.


4. What is immune system response?

Ans – : Immune system response In order to prevent infection from the body, avoidance of the body and the progression of more serious disease, the immune system of the body is known to give its response in the form of disease.

1. fever
2. Cold and cough
3. Corona Virus
4. Skin Allergy
5. Vomiting and diarrhea


5. How to keep long time immune system?

Ans – : In maintaining the immune system, one should stay one step ahead of the lifestyle so that the immune system can fulfill its important role in freeing the body from disease.
To maintain immune system health, you should pay attention to the following things like –

1. Do not smoke.
2. Eat health food.
3. Complete enough sleep.
4. Relieve stress.
5. Adopt yoga.
6. Exercise regularly.
7. Do not consume alcohol and drugs.
8. Eat good fresh fruit.
9. Complete vitamins and nutrients.


6. What is common disorders immune system ?

Ans -: When your immune system becomes weak then you are more at risk of many types of disease which can be in the following way.

1. Allergic diseases – : Colds, asthma, skin diseases, sinus diseases.

2. Autoimmune diseases – : Diabetes disease, joint pain, thyroid, jaundice, cough.

3. Infections and virus diseases – : colds, colds, corona virus, HIV, viral fever, swine flu, bird flu.


7. What is types of immunity?

Ans -:  There are 2 types of immunity.

1. Active.
2. Passive.


8. How to boost immunity?

Ans – : You can help increase immunity in many ways which are as follows –

1. Consume high amounts of fruits and food.
2. Supplements and vitamin-rich food
3. Garlic.
4. Ginger.
5. Giloy.
6. Improve Diet Plan.


9. What disease can occur due to weakening immunity?

Ans -:  Weak immunity can lead to the following types of disease, which is divided into the following parts.

1. Common illness – cold, cough, fever.
2. Critical illness – TB, corona virus, AIDS.

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