In asthma disease there is more difficulty in breathing


Asthma (Asthma is lung related disease). Asthma disease is about 10-15% of the population in the world today. Asthma disease is an allergic disease. Asthma change caused by the seasons. Due to the immediate change, that is, the lack of weather-friendly body and the contamination of the environment, many kinds of diseases arise for the health like – asthma, tuberculosis, heart disease, stomach pain, cold-cough, all kinds of diseases of the weather. Due to change or contamination of the environment, due to contamination of the environment –

In asthma disease the respiratory tract gets contracted and there is more breathing problem, this is called asthma or asthma disease. Asthma disease is a disease caused by a reduced thickness in the respiratory tract, such as dust, smoke, perfumes, polluting the environment, due to genetic (gene) changes in the weather. Some of the symptoms of having asthma are as follows – more difficulty in breathing, mucus, sound coming out of lungs.


What causes asthma disease?

No solid cause of asthma disease has been identified yet, but some doctors and experts say that the cause of asthma disease can be as follows for the patient, such as –

1. Genetic disease

Asthma disease falls under the category of genetic disease. If your parents have asthma, then you may have this disease.


2. Weather Changes

Asthma disease due to change of seasons has a bad effect on the health of the weak person.


3. Immunity

Weakness of immunity leads to asthma disease along with other types of disease.


4. Allergic

Asthma is caused due to allergic disease like dust, smoke, poisonous substances due to all the reasons.


5. Lung Weakness

Causes of Asthma Disease Lung Weakness If a person’s lungs are weak from any disease, he may develop a disease like asthma.


6. Pollution

Due to increasing pollution, there is a bad effect on health due to which many types of diseases like – asthma, TB, paralysis, heart disease, respiratory disease, cough and cold are caused by increasing pollution.


7. Smoking

Smoking and alcohol, consumption of tobacco can cause asthma disease along with other types of diseases like – asthma, TB, kidney, blood pressure.


Symptoms of asthma disease

Symptoms of asthma disease are as follows –

1. More breathing problem.
2. Inflammation of the respiratory tract.
3. Mucus with cough.
4. Occurrence of voice from lungs while coughing.
5. Headache and more chest pain.

6. Excessive breathing and change in heart rate is a symptom of asthma disease.
7. Severe pain in extremities in asthma.
8. Symptoms of asthma disease, vomiting due to coughing more, and more breathlessness.
9. Symptoms of asthma A person suffering from breathlessness dies.
10. To be restless.


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What is the type of asthma?

The following types of asthma disease can occur


1. (genetic asthma)

This type of asthma gene is attributed to each other by family or distant relatives.


2. (Seasonal Asthma)

This type of asthma causes disease due to change of seasons.


3. (Allergic)

If a person has any type of allergic disease, he may be exposed to the following types of diseases, such as allergic to asthma – due to dust, smoke, cold.


4. (Non-Allergic)

Non-Allergic Asthma This type of asthma is non-allergic disease without any reason.


5. Sickness Asthma

Due to any disease like asthma, diseases like TB, cough, cold disease are more common.


6. Half age person

Asthma disease is more among working class people (half age people).


What is the prevention of asthma ?

The following measures to prevent asthma disease are the following measures for the afflicted person or healthy person.

1. Every person suffering from asthma should be alert to the change of weather at all times.
2. Protect yourself from the cold in the cold weather.
3. A person suffering from asthma should avoid allergic reactions.
4. A person suffering from asthma should be protected from dust, smoke, perfume, intoxicants and poisonous chemicals in the following ways.
5. In cold weather you should consume hot substance ( food ).
6. In every season you should be alert to work and health as per your schedule.

7. Asthma patient should pay special attention to some food and drink.
8. Asthma patients take to eat such as – eggs, fish, wheat, green vegetables.
9. In cold weather, the patient should dry his bed in the sun.
10. Avoiding the asthma patient with any substance or substance that is allergic.
should do.
11. Avoid smoking and avoid smoking person.
12. Keep obesity under control and adopt yoga.


What are the risks and factors of asthma disease?

The risk of some or the other disease is visible towards that disease and the patient. If any disease can be treated in time. There is no risk of any kind to asthma disease.

1. Weakness of lungs.
2. To have more pain due to more sore throat.
3. Weakness in asthma disease can lead to other types of disease.
4. Due to asthma disease, a person feels more discomfort due to sore throat.
5. Weakness of bone.
6. Being nervous.


Avoid during the treatment of asthma

The following things should be kept in mind while treating asthma disease and they should be avoided.

1. Cold drink, ice cream, buttermilk, radish, all food items should not be consumed during treatment.
2. Do not consume excess fat and oily food, it is harmful for asthma patient.
3. Do not consume brinjal, rice, lemon, more spasms.
4. Cold food should not be consumed.


Some facts that are beneficial for asthma disease

Such type of facts are there for a person suffering from asthma, which is beneficial for the sufferer in the following way.

1. Asthma patient should do yoga to get relief from asthma disease.
2. One should guard against excess cold.
3. Fish and fat-rich foods should not be consumed at the time of treatment.
4. Hot water should be consumed more.
5. The patient should wake up after morning sunshine.


Asthma disease can be completely cured

It provides relief for some time by treating asthma disease. This disease cannot be completely cured for a certain period of asthma. Asthma patient should protect against allergies and asthma factor, this is the biggest treatment for asthma patient.


How can a person suffering from asthma get aggravated?

Due to the treatment time and not completely cured of a person suffering from asthma, this disease can cause problems to the patient in the following way.
1. It can aggravate respiratory disease due to untreated person suffering from asthma.
2. To have more problems with some work.
3. Asthma can give rise to other diseases.
4. To treat asthma completely last stage.
5. Any time due to increased asthma.
6. Asthma disease works according to genes in your family.

Asthma Triggers cause



Diagnosis of asthma disease

If you contact a doctor for the diagnosis of asthma, then first of all, we want to know whether you are really suffering from this disease. To diagnose asthma disease, doctors first gather information about your symptoms and talk about your family’s medical history about who is responsible for asthma.

Medical History

For diagnosis of asthma disease, the doctor determines whether asthma disease is already present in your family or a distant relative. If the doctor in your family makes sure that the asthma disease is from your family then the doctor considers it as the cause and responsible for the genetic disease.


Physical examination 

For the diagnosis of asthma disease, the doctor hears the speed of the breath and the sound of the breath in the physical examination and it is enough to identify the disease.


What is the home remedy for asthma disease?


1. Anulom-Vilom Pranayama

Anulom-Antonym Pranayama is more beneficial for the patient of asthma. Anulom-Antonym Pranayama, on an empty stomach in the morning, has many other benefits, such as – Blood pressure, swine flu, asthma is more beneficial for the disease.


2. Basil and honey

Tulsi leaf is washed well and mixed with a spoon of honey, eating it has many benefits like- Asthma, cold, pneumonia, swine flu, cough, more in curing all types of disease. Helps and cures the disease quickly as basil leaf has antioxidant and antibacterial properties.


3. Ginger Black Pepper and Cardamom

Consuming green tea made of ginger black pepper and cardamom 2 times a day proves more helpful in curing diseases like asthma.


4. Fish oil

Consuming a medicine made from fish oil has many benefits such as – Asthma, bone weak, heart disease, diabetes, strong immunity are more beneficial for all types of disease because made from fish. There is an abundant amount of vitamins and calcium in the oil.


5. Turmeric and milk

Mixing turmeric and milk and drinking it warm, relieves diseases like asthma, cold-cold, corona virus.


6. Mustard Oil

After removing garlic buds in mustard oil and adding mustard oil, heating it and applying it to the soles of the chest and feet, relieves asthma, cold, cough disease.


7. Immunity

To get rid of any type of disease or to prevent disease, strengthen the immunity. To strengthen immunity, following factors such as green tea, egg, fish, vitamin-rich food, vitamin C (Gooseberry ) are all consumed and strengthen immunity and provide protection against disease.


8. Celery

Leave the celery soaked in the evening and take it out of the water in the morning and heat it on a low flame, and after heating, keep it in a cotton cloth and sniff it to reduce breathing problems.


9. Fenugreek

Fenugreek is beneficial in every way, if soaked and heated the fenugreek and eaten with honey or sugar, it is beneficial for sore throat, cold, cold, asthma, all.


10. Onion and honey

Onion and honey are more beneficial for asthma disease, grinding onion finely and adding one spoon of honey to it, eating it relieves asthma disease.


Frequently Asked Questions Asthma ( FAQs)

1. Can asthma be cured completely?

Asthma disease cannot be cured completely because asthma disease is genetic and the disease is caused in the child by the parents’ genes. In genetic disease, some disease is such that it gets cured on treatment but is not good for all time but can reduce this disease in the present.


2. What is the symptom of asthma?

There is all kinds of disease in the body. Any disease is simple and more painful. It depends on how the disease you are suffering, how the symptoms of that disease are towards the body like asthma disease symptom – more breathing. Trouble, chest pain, body aches, colds, cough.


3. Home remedies for asthma disease

Yes –



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