How to remove unwanted hair with home remedy

Unwanted hair

Unwanted hair can be hands, feet, face, brows and private parts, which can feel beauty and embarrassment for any human being. Repeated removal of unwanted hair causes many problems such as dryness, skin hardening, darkening from the hair area. Unwanted hair does not have any bad effect on your health, but sometimes unwanted hair comes before aging which is not less than a biggest embarrassment for itself and makes you feel less confident again and again.


How unwanted hair can be beneficial for health

1. To keep the temperature of the skin constant.
2. External factors such as sun rays, dust, skin protection and epidermins to maintain skin temperature.
3. Body hair can feel the weather feel cold and hot.
4. Makes unwanted hair feel from external insects.
5. Preventing brow hairs from getting insects in the eyes and maintaining eyesight.
6. Hair keeps the pores of the skin open, which removes toxic substances from the body through sweat.
7. Maintains hair personality.


What are the harmful methods to remove unwanted hair

Generally girls and women are more eager to remove unwanted hair. Today, to remove unwanted hair in the market, various types of creams and medicines, trimmer machines, even laser treatment are used, but how effective are all these techniques for hair removal and how harmful for the skin and health. May be understand this in detail.


1. Hair removal cream

Hair Removal cream used to remove unwanted hair, but do you believe that effective for removing hair, then how is it harmful to the skin and health. Cream applied to the hairy area of ​​the skin to remove the unwanted hair, it removes the hair but increases the problem of the skin. Increasing dryness of the skin, darkening of the skin, non-removal of toxins from the body, covering the pores, affecting the epidermis skin, promoting all the problems are caused by the use of hair removal cream.


2. Medicine to remove unwanted hair

Today, removing unwanted hair has become so easy with the medicine available in the market. What do people do to remove unwanted hair? In this tips, know how to remove unwanted hair with medicine can be harmful for health and skin. Hair removal medication (in the form of a cream) available in the market for hair removal, it is used to remove unwanted areas of hair.


But have you ever wondered how it can be harmful for health and skin by adopting this simple process, if you do not know anything about it, then you can understand by reading it.
The drug is used to remove unwanted hair. It causes side effects such as red rash on the skin, blisters, hardness of the skin, dryness, reduced hair follicles, inability to flush out toxins from the body. All kinds of problem occurs during the removal of unwanted hair.


3. Laser treatment to remove unwanted hair

Laser treatment for unwanted hair removal is a mechanical and simple process that removes unwanted hair by laser treatment for a short period of time. Let us understand in detail how laser treatment is harmful to the skin and hair and health.


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Laser treatment is a simple process to remove unwanted hair and it does not cause pain and any kind of problem, yes, if you want to remove hair with laser treatment, then you can be aware of the following types of problems such as – bad on hair cells Effects, skin redness, rash, skin rash, poor health (not able to get out toxic substances) and other types of problems may occur.


What is the cause of unwanted hair?

2. Unwanted hair due to clogged pores.
3. Unwanted body hair due to imbalance.
4. Rapid physical development.
5. Hormone imbalance.


Home remedies to remove unwanted hair

Here are some home remedies to get rid of unwanted body hair, which can be adopted to get rid of unwanted hair quickly.

1. Remove unwanted facial hair with home remedy papaya

In addition to the enzyme papain in papaya, it has special properties of hair blocker, which can be used on the skin in home remedies to remove facial hair and unwanted hair. Papaya has some special properties which are more effective for sensitive skin. Vitamins and many nutrients are found in papaya, which are beneficial for health. Including papaya in home remedies is effective for removing unwanted hair. Peel the papaya, grind it finely in a mixer and prepare a paste by adding 2 teaspoons of turmeric powder and then apply it on the skin with unwanted hair. To remove unwanted hair always, use this home remedy twice a week.


2. Besan and milk to remove unwanted hair

To remove unwanted hair from the face or any part of the body, using the right home mixture of gram flour and milk on the hair removal skin can remove unwanted hair forever. Home Remedies Besan 5 spoons and milk, mix the gram flour paste well in a bowl and After the milk and gram flour paste is prepared, using it on the face or body to remove unwanted hair removes the hair forever. Milk and gram flour paste can be removed by applying it twice a week to remove thick hair.


3. Lemon and aloe vera to remove unwanted hair

Lemon has the property that helps in removing the hair from the root. By including lemon and aloe vera in the home remedy, it helps in hair removal by including it in the home recipe to remove unwanted hair. Aloe vera softens the skin and reduces the side effects of lemon. How to prepare a home remedy to remove unwanted hair – Remove the white pulp from the aloe vera leaf and mix 2 to 3 teaspoons and 10 drops of lemon in the paste and apply it on the hair, it weakens the root of the hair and starts uprooting from the root. This procedure can be used 1 to 2 times a week to remove the hair. The special thing about this home remedy is that it does not have any side effects.


4. Egg mask remove unwanted facial hair

Eggs are beneficial for health because along with vitamins, nutrients, other properties which are beneficial for health. Eggs home remedies to make a face mask for hair growth and skin. How To remove facial hair or want to get rid of unwanted hair from the skin. Home remedies to remove unwanted hair from the skin by making a face mask of eggs. Start Apply the egg paste the place of unwanted hair and after 15 minutes have passed, the hair starts falling from the root by rubbing it lightly with water.


5. Potato, gram flour and beeswax

Applying a paste home remedy potato and gram flour wax on the skin with unwanted hair, the hair gets freed from the skin. This home remedy is considered more effective and its special thing is that it is not harmful on the skin in any way.


How to prepare a home remedy paste of potato, gram flour and beeswax?

1. Boil the potato and grind it in a fine mixer.
2. Mix besan with potatoes.
3. Potato, gram flour and beeswax to be mixed a paste.

After making a paste by mixing all the three ingredients, now applying it on the place of unwanted hair, hair starts falling from the root. For best results, it can be twice a week to remove unwanted hair.

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