How to reduce brain stroke to natural ways

Brain stroke

Brain stroke occurs when there is an obstruction in the blood flow to the brain. and family history or distant relative who may have felt it. One of the most important causes of brain stroke is the blockage of blood flow and non-functioning of the brain. The bursting of blood cells associated with a brain stroke prevents blood from reaching the brain’s function, resulting in immediate death.

Cells attached to the brain that help circulate blood. Due to which all the organs and functions are helped by the brain. If the brain stops working, then you get into a coma or a state of emergency. In which your ability to think and work becomes completely inactive.

To prevent brain stroke, such a situation can be prevented by adopting the following natural and easy tips.


1. High blood pressure

There are 2 types of blood pressure. Both low blood pressure and high blood pressure are responsible for increasing brain stroke. High blood pressure or low blood pressure, both the condition of a woman or a man from normal age to 45 years of age, the problem of blood pressure starts becoming more. If the condition of blood pressure is not lowered, it can increase the risk of life-threatening diseases like brain stroke.


To control the condition of blood pressure, you can follow the option as per the instructions of the doctor.

1. To control blood pressure, reduce the amount of salt in food.
2. Regular exercise every day, which keeps the balance of mind, obesity, body fit and disease free, maintains blood pressure in normal condition.
3. Quit smoking and tobacco. Always increase the state of blood pressure.
4. Fat-rich food always increases obesity, which increases the condition of blood pressure.

2. Exercise more

Exercising is rather beneficial for your health. Whereas exercise is more beneficial for reducing immunity and physical stress, disease, blood pressure, obesity. Exercise is the best way to reduce fat, remove toxins from the body, keep the body healthy and fit. Exercise helps in reducing the cause of brain stroke.


How to adopt exercise?

1. Every morning, before breakfast, run or walk 2 kilometers according to your age.
2. Young people join fitness club with friends.
3. Eat healthy food and green leafy vegetables with yoga.
4. Include yoga in anulom-vilom.
5. Drink more water.
6. Blood pressure and diabetes patient should go barefoot for 10 to 15 minutes.

3. Lose weight

Obesity can increase problems like high blood pressure, diabetes, cirrhosis, brain stroke. If obesity is not controlled in time, it can increase the problem of more diseases. Excess obesity, joint pain, problems with the digestive system, other types of problems are caused by the increase of obesity. If you want obesity, it can be easily reduced by burning a few calories per day.


How to control lose weight?

1. Drink warm water daily in the morning.
2. Adopt exercise in lifestyle to control obesity.
3. Adopt sports like cricket, tennis, volleyball, kabaddi.
4. Do not consume fatty food at all.
5. Green tea helps in reducing obesity.


4. Lead a healthy life

Adopting a healthy life means adopting reality in lifestyle. That is, to stay healthy, you should find all the ways that without harming you, you will have full support and contribution in keeping you healthy for a long time.

1. Drink more water. This makes you dehydrated and contributes more to maintaining the amount of oxygen for the blood.
2. Adopt nutritious food to stay fit.
3. Take up exercise.
4. Include green leafy vegetables and important fruits.
5. Take away the stress.
6. Adopt all sources that increase immunity.


5. Quit smoking

Smoking is more injurious to health. The source of smoking nicotine and other health harmful substances is enough to hinder the internal performance of the body. Smoking smoke accelerates the blood cells associated with all parts of the body and is harmful in thickening and clotting of the body’s blood. Accelerates the heart rate. Increases symptoms of blood pressure. If smoking is not controlled then it can increase the problem of brain stroke. Smoking creates more barriers to living a healthy lifestyle.

Quit smoking tips now

1. Smokers want to quit. But after its implementation so much, you cannot leave it. If you try to control smoking then it is possible. And soon you will be able to quit smoking.
2. You must consult your doctor for the prevention of nicotine.
3. The promotion of smoking should be felt with great difficulty to the mind.
4. Adopt a healthy life.


6. Treatment of diabetes

The sugar is enough to damage your blood vessels. If someone in your family has had diabetes before. So it is certain that you can be a patient of diabetes at any time before or at the age of 40. Having diabetes causes more damage to your blood cells. Due to which the patient of diabetes has continuous bleeding after injury. As a result, if the clotting of blood is not corrected, then the death of the person is certain. If diabetes is not treated in time, it can increase the problem of other diseases like brain stroke.

How to prevent diabetes?

1. In order not to become a condition of diabetes, consume less sugar-containing substances.
2. Obesity is the cause of diabetes, keep it under control.
3. Take up exercise.
4. Always adopt good thoughts towards health and clean life.
5. Do not eat fatty food in diabetes.
6. Diabetes can increase the risk of brain stroke.


7. Restrict alcohol

Drinking alcohol is injurious to health. Alcohol has a high alcohol content. Due to which the blood starts thickening and clotting. Alcohol increases the state of blood pressure. Blood pressure makes the risk of brain stroke even more active. Drinking alcohol affects the kidneys more. Due to which toxins and dirt from the blood cannot be removed from the body, which can increase the cause of other diseases. Alcohol should be administered regularly and preventively, due to which the condition of brain stroke can be prevented.

8. Reduce stress

Stress and anxiety always make us physically and mentally weak. Due to overwork and working continuously, the stress increases. Stress causes the production of hormones that affect blood pressure due to the pressure of blood cells. Due to which brain stroke can increase with other serious disease.

There are many ways to help reduce stress by adopting it.
1. The stress situation will be reduced by adopting exercise.
2. Healthy food in which vitamins and nutritious elements are present in high quantity.
3. Beverages that have low alcohol content.
4. Include foods that reduce stress.
5. Entertainment is a simple way to reduce stress.
6. Eating sweet foods reduces stress.

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