How to protect yourself from the heat stroke


Heat stroke 10 home remedies


As soon as you hear the name of summer, there is a feeling of restlessness in the mind, summer begins with a mild summer from the last week of the month of February. Summer is the heat stroke season from February to October.


Summer season continues to be a problem for all people, like sickness and excess heat, sunstroke is all kinds of problems. During the day of summer, laziness in the body increases as well as many types of diseases, in the summer season, due to excessive heat from the body, the body’s sweat starts to stink.


On the summer day, all of you want to complete your work in the summer season before 10 o’clock and after 5 o’clock in the evening so that you do not feel much of the heat and do all the work in time, if not If it is, then before taking you out in the sun, you must keep some cold material with you to drink and before going in the sun, you put a cotton towel on your head and cover the mouth.


Cause of heat stroke

The following causes of heat stroke are as follows


1. Excess of heat 

Due to increase in temperature on a hot summer day, many types of diseases like- feeling of heat, headache, fever are all due to excess heat.


2. Lack of water – ( Dehydration )

During the summer season excess sweat comes out of the body, which causes thirst all the time. If the water is not drunk for a while, then heat and body temperature increase and fever, headache, laziness are all due to high body temperature.


3. Wearing color-colored clothes 

If a person goes somewhere wearing color-colored clothes on a hot summer day, the rays of the sun get more heat to the wearer of the color-colored clothes, which causes more heat and that person One can suffer from the following types of disease like- feeling of heat, headache, fever, vomiting, prickly, all can be afflicted with the disease.


4. Working in a hot place 

Working in a hot place causes excessive sweating from the body, which causes more water loss (dehydration) in the body and working in hot place may cause heatstroke.


5. Consumption of Alcohol or Drugs 

Consumption of alcohol, drugs in the summer season increases the temperature of the body and causes excessive sweating from the body, which causes more heat experience. If the lack of water in the body increases, then the risk of heat disease increases even more, so alcohol and drugs should not be consumed in the summer season.


Symptoms of heat stroke 

The following symptoms of heat stroke are 


1. Vomiting 

In summer, vomiting is often caused by other disease, but sometimes vomiting occurs due to heat stroke.


2. Headache 

Every person has a problem of headache due to heat or heatstroke.


3. Tingling on the skin 

If a person is ill due to heat stroke in the summer season and he puts water on the skin, then he feels tingling or choke, then he sees signs of heat disease.


4. Fever 

If a person works for too long in the sun, then he suffers from heatstroke. Fever occurs due to heatstroke and body temperature rises.


5. Skin rash 

The rash comes on the skin after heatstroke in the summer season, this symptom is special in the summer season.


How to protect against heat stroke on summer day

There are following types of remedies to protect against heat stroke during summer season.


1. Consumption of cold water 

To protect against heat stroke, whenever you go out of the house during the summer season, take a bottle of water with you and go out, there is a simple way to avoid the heat.


2. Fluid intake in summer 

To avoid heat and heatstroke, more beverages should be consumed, such as sugarcane juice, buttermilk, lemon water, all should be consumed in excess.


3. Prevention of sunlight 

Whenever going out of the house to avoid sunlight, wear white cotton clothes and cover the head with a handkerchief and go outside.


4. Wearing Loose Clothes 

Wearing more tight clothes during summer season causes more heat in the body and causes more sweat from the body, so wear loose-fitting clothes during summer and protect from heat.


5. Summer season 

Excess work or play in the summer season causes excessive sweating from the body, which causes more thirst and increases the risk of sunstroke.


6. Prevention of drug intake 

Consuming more medicine during the summer season increases the body temperature and causes more heat in the body, do not overdo the medicine to protect against heat.


How to protect against heat?

Summer is one of the three phases (weather), what is the weather in the three phases like – cold, summer, rainy season, of which the summer season is more hot, the heat lasts for the entire 8 months, the most disturbing in these 8 months. The weather to do is summer and the outbreak of more disease also increases in this season. To avoid heat, the following measures are taken away such as –


Home effective tips to protect against heat

1. Lemon, green mint and black salt provide relief from heat

Lemon, Green Mint and Black Salt


Prepare the batter 

Mix half the chopped lemon juice and finely ground green mint in 500 ml of water and mix it well with black salt and consume the prepared solution more often during the day.



Drink more often during the day (drink if feeling hot or hot)



Consuming a solution prepared with lemon, green mint and black salt, there is a number of benefits from taking the solution when heat or heat is felt, such as heat protection, sunburn, headache, stomach pain, vomiting, diarrhea, prickly heat. Having, yellowing of urine is more beneficial for all diseases in summer.


2. Avoiding heat by consuming onion and water solution



Finely ground onions and a glass of water (500 ml water as required)


Prepare the batter 

Prepare the slurry by adding finely ground onion to black salt with a glass of water, drinking the prepared solution more often in a day has many benefits like – stomach ache, gas disease, cancer, feeling heat, heat disease. It is more beneficial in curing all types of disease.

Consumption of solution 

This medicine can be consumed more often during the day due to heat and heatstroke.


This solution is more beneficial for heat, fever, stomach pain, gas, vomiting all types.


3. Consumption of mangoes and salt



5 raw mangoes as per requirement and salt, cumin, ice cubes as per taste.


Prepare the slurry  

First of all, a vessel is required before preparing the solution. 5 Root the raw mango from the flames and separate the peel from the mango and collect the mango pulp by hand and collect it in a glass and take water as per need and put the mango pulp in the water along with finely ground cumin, salt, ice Add a slice of water and prepare a slurry to take the prepared slurry.


Consumption of solution 

The number of times you consume the solution will be more beneficial for the summer season.



It is more beneficial for all types to strengthen the immunity, to reduce heat, to control body temperature in summer.


4. Intake of lemonade



Lemon, water and salt (as required)


Prepare the solution 

By cutting the lemon in half and removing the lemon juice by mixing it in a glass of water as required, drinking it can protect you from heat.



Can be done anytime (drink more often in a day)



To prevent heat, stomach pain, increase immunity, diarrhea is beneficial for everyone.


5. Grind the gourd finely and consume it twice a day



gourd slice as required, salt, cumin.


Prepare the solution 

Gourd is very hot or less hot, gourd is very beneficial for the summer season and it is also very beneficial for the body. Firstly boil the gourd and grind it finely with the help of a mixer and blacken Drinking salt regularly in the morning and evening will not make you feel hot and the stomach heat will be less.


Consumption of solution 

Should be consumed twice a day.


Benefit of gourd 

Gourd is beneficial for reducing heat, beneficial for heat, abdominal pain, diarrhea, blood pressure, skin.


6. Vine Juice

Vine and water ice cubes (Potable as per requirement).


Prepare the solution 

People prefer vine juice on summer day, this is also given to people in marriage, drinking vine juice is more tasty and more calories are also present. Bell juice is the main beverage to relieve heat and it also removes all the stomach related problems from the root. Juice of vine should be drunk both times in summer and to prevent heat, vine juice is more beneficial.


Slurry intake 

You can consume bael juice juice every day during summer.


Benefits of bael juice 

Relief of heat, mental stress, distance from stress, stomach pain, heat disease are beneficial for everyone.


Ayurvedic treatment of heat
7. Cucumber and black salt 

You all know that cucumbers are eaten as a salad on a hot summer day, and in addition to this, people usually eat it by chopping and adding salt. Eating cucumber as salad removes heat and heat disease.


8. Coconut water 

In the summer season, people use coconut water to remove the heat, coconut water is more beneficial to protect against heat and heat from the use of coconut water, such as – stomach ache, from the heat. Coconut water is more beneficial for everyone, protection from heat, distance from mental stress.


9. Watermelon 

Watermelon is a fruit that is used in large amounts on a summer day, watermelon contains plenty of water which can be done easily to prevent heat from eating it. Eating a watermelon gives you as many calories as a glucose bottle. And together all of you people can use it to protect you from heat and heat.


10. Buttermilk relieving heat 

Buttermilk is a beverage made from milk that is used in high amounts during the summer season, by its use, you can prevent heat and heat and if you have stomach problems All problems like vomiting, diarrhea, stomach pain etc. are overcome by its intake.


Home effective tips to protect against heat stroke
1. Lemon, Green Mint and Black Salt 

Lemon, green mint and black salt make a solution of all these elements and drinking will get rid of the heat and together with the heat problem on the day of summer, so by consuming this beverage you Can prevent sun disease.


2. Mango solution 

By making a mango pan and using it, you can protect it from heat from the heat, first of all, take raw mango and roast it in flames and take out its top peels and wash the mango in water, mango with the help of hand. After mashing it, take out all the mango juice and take it out in a glass or pot and then add the extracted mango juice to a glass of water and add salt to it and mix it well and drink it will reduce the heat experience. And the stomach will also be cold and fine and the disease of heat will also be away.


3. Finely grinding the gourd 

Gourd is very beneficial for the summer season. It is also very beneficial for the body, first of all boil the gourd and make it fine with the help of a mixer. Then mix it with (buttermilk) and add black salt to it and drink it. Drinking it regularly in the morning and evening will not make you feel hot and your health will be fine, along with it, the problem of heat will also go away, which is more beneficial for people who have a complaint of heat.


4. Buttermilk 

Buttermilk is a beverage made from milk that is used in high amounts during the summer season, you can avoid it by using it and if you have stomach problems like vomiting, diarrhea, etc. Everyone’s problem can be overcome.


5. Watermelon 

Watermelon is a fruit that is used in a large amount on a summer day, watermelon is rich in water, which can be easily avoided by eating heat.



By grinding the onion finely and adding black salt in a glass of water, drinking it can protect you from heat and heat. This is a very useful tips for the prevention of heat stroke and together with this tips, you can also prevent many types of diseases like – Loo, stomach ache, gas disease, cancer, it is more beneficial in curing all the diseases.


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Summer sickness

1. Symptoms of heat disease such as body aches, headaches, mild fever, choke by pouring water on the body during the summer season.


2. Viral Fever – Viral fever spreads rapidly in the summer season. This fever is spread by contact with each other, some of its symptoms like- headache, body ache, body ache, chills, colds and colds.


3. Stomach ache – Consuming any heavy dose of food due to excessive heat, such as meat, meat, oily food, weakens digestive power and starts producing gas in the stomach and stomach. This is the reason for pain.


4. Headache – due to change of weather like cold to early summer and change of weather in the last phase, the body is not able to adapt to the weather and this change weakens the body’s immunity which in many ways. There are diseases like – headaches, high fever, stomach pain, all types of diseases occur in the summer season.


5. Measles – Due to excessive heat, sweat secretes continuously from the body, causing the residual material to come out of the body as sweat and due to which the sweat forms a layer on the skin, causing it to take the form of a disease. Which is named measles and this measles can occur in any part of the body.


6. Dehydration – In the summer season, dehydration disease occurs almost to everyone. In dehydration disease (lack of water from the body), there is more water deficiency in the person’s body and the person becomes ill.

The symptoms of dehydration like- headache, fever, vomiting-diarrhea, dizziness, etc. are all types of symptoms.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from heat stroke

1. What to do to prevent heat?

The following types of measures should be taken to prevent heat

1. Do not go out of the house in the afternoon on a summer day from 12 o’clock in the afternoon to 5 o’clock in the day.
2. Use sunscreen cream to protect from the sun.
3. Consumption of cold food such as watermelon, cucumber, vine juice, mango leaf should be consumed more during the day.
4. Whenever you go out of the house during the summer, cover the head and go out of the house.
5. Plain food should be consumed in summer.


2. What kind of food should be taken in summer?

Eat plain food in summer – rice, lentils, green vegetables, salads should be eaten so that the food is digested quickly and the heat does not feel much.


3. Summer season disease

The following types of diseases occur in the summer season, such as- headache, fever, abdominal pain, smallpox, vomiting-diarrhea


4. Should salads be eaten during the summer season?

Yes, salad should be eaten in the summer season. It has many benefits like- Salad should be taken to protect against heat, digestion of food, to strengthen immunity.


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5. What are the home remedies to prevent heat?

There are following types of effective home remedies to protect against heat.

1. A mixture of lemon, cumin and water should be consumed.
2. To avoid heat, 7 to 8 liters of water should be consumed.
3. Consuming vine juice is more useful to protect against heat.
4. Gourd juice should be consumed.
5. Consumption of watermelon and cucumber should be taken more in food.
6. Sugar cane juice and lemon, cumin juice should be consumed.

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