How to prevent the symptoms of bird flu from spreading fast?

Bird flu

Bird flu infection recently ( Corona virus has not yet completely cured in many states that bird flu disease ) is spreading fast in many states of India once again, due to this disease, most of the bird virus avian Many birds were killed by influenza and many birds were killed.


There are many types of virus influenza which make this virus more dangerous for animals other than birds and humans. For humans, this virus is present in avian influenza H5 N1 / H7 N9 bird, as well as the virus comes in contact with the bird, then it also suffers many fatal diseases.


Avian influenza H5N1 / H7N9 This virus is more deadly to humans. If an afflicted person comes in contact with avian influenza H5N1 / H7N9, he / she also develops bird flu disease. Avian influenza virus first appeared in humans in the country of China, and about 61 percent of infected people died in avian influenza for the first time.


How bird flu spread among birds to humans?

Bird flu is spread more rapidly in the bird due to a viral infection. The avian influenza virus spreads in the bird in such a way that – due to being in contact with the infected bird, it spreads the virus, which also makes the health bird suffer. This type of virus influenza spread between bird and man.


  • Birds The bird flu becomes more active during the cold season and the virus spreads more rapidly than an infected bird to many other birds.
  • In contact with an infected bird, if a healthy person stays in contact with an infected bird, then he also gets the disease of bird flu.
  • If a healthy person comes in contact with the feces of the bird, then he also gets the disease of bird flu.
  • By touching or keeping the infected bird nearby, he also suffers from virus influenza.
  • This disease can happen to any person by eating an infected bird’s egg.
  • Consuming fish under cooked can cause virus influenza disease to that person.
  • Consuming meant and meat can cause this disease.
  • Not using masks, this disease can become a link between human beings.
  • Touching a bird or a victim without masks and globs can make you ill with influenza nose and mouth contact.


What are the causes of bird flu?

  1. Bird flu disease originated from the Meat market of China long ago, which spread the disease by eating meat of infected birds.
  2. This disease spreads to the person by joining hands with an infected person or staying with him for a long time.
  3. Blood donated by donated blood donated from infected person to a person, then that person gets the disease of bird flu.
  4. Do not use masks while treating an infected person.
  5. The bird flu virus may cause avian influenza disease due to weakening immunity.


What is the bird flu symptoms?

The following types of symptoms of bird flu can be towards the patient.

1. Fever

Fever After the virus influenza enters the body (nose, mouth, hands) in the bird flu patient, it becomes more active after 2 to 3 days, the fever becomes a problem in the victim about 37 °C , otherwise this problem There is a disease in every disease, but after investigation it is found out that the fever is a symptom of which disease.


2. Sore Throat

A sore throat starts appearing in the initial symptoms of a person suffering from bird flu and the lab test shows that this symptom is caused to the patient by bird flu disease.


3. Nervousness

In the bird flu the symptoms of the patient often become nervous because it is because the bird flu influenza becomes more active, the virus affects the respiratory tract, causing the respiratory tract to shrink and symptoms like nervousness to the patient.

4. Muscular pain

A person suffering from virus influenza, having weak immunity, muscle pain is a symptom of bird flu.


5. Headache

A person suffering from bird flu shows symptoms like headaches in the early stages. This symptom is related to every disease but be aware and make sure that the symptoms of a serious disease are known.


6. Chest pain

The symptoms of a person suffering from bird flu start appearing after 3 to 4 days and slowly, a severe pain starts in the chest. Severe chest pain can be a symptom of any serious disease.


7. Difficulty breathing

The person suffering from bird flu has more breathing problems due to which if the person is not treated in time, it can be fatal for the person suffering from the disease.


8. Pneumonia

The last symptom in a person suffering from bird flu is pneumonia. This symptom occurs when the patient is suffering for a long time. Pneumonia can be a symptom of many diseases such as corona virus, blood deficiency, AIDS ( HIV ), TB. Pneumonia can be a symptom of all serious illnesses.


Other symptoms of bird flu

In a person suffering from bird flu, this symptom is normally similar to the symptoms of other disease which is of the following type.

  • Colds
  • Dizziness.
  • Feeling more tired.
  • Vomiting.
  • Stomach ache.


How to prevent Avian influenza?

The following measures to prevent Avian influenza H5N1 can be prevented by this disease.

  1. Do not go in contact with the victim, if for some reason, you should use face mask and globs.
  2. Keep distance from the feces of the bird and their way of life.
  3. If going out of the house, use the face mask.
  4. Do not consume meat because consuming meat may cause virus influenza bird flu.
  5. Do not consume poultry meat.
  6. Drink warm water.
  7. Eat fruits, vegetables and grains that eat food that strengthens immunity.


What are bird flu risk factors

Bird flu disease virus influenza In the cold season, the virus avian influenza is more active, causing the virus to spread more when in contact with each other, which can lead to lower health risk.


1. Risk of bird flu: Virus influenza coming from contact with birds (bird feces, feathers, sputum, eggs, poultry, eggs) can make you sick and spread to more people.

2. Birds and fowl rearing related to virus influenza can cause health hazards.

3. This virus spreads at a rapid speed which can be a risk to any person.

4. If a person bathes and defecates in the pond then he / she may be at risk from virus influenza.

5. If the virus influenza vaccine is not administered in time, it can be a risk for everyone.


Changes in lifestyle towards bird flu

There should be some changes in the lifestyle of the person suffering from bird flu in such a way that the person suffering from the disease gets recovered quickly like -The victim should consume hot water more at the time of treatment.

1. Fruits, green vegetables, protein rich food should be taken in more quantity.

2. In the morning and evening, one should take a short walk with a mask.

3. The person suffering from word flu should be treated after examination so that bird flu can be fully treated.

4. A person suffering from bird flu should take pomegranate juice, so that all the elements like calcium, protein, iron, etc. are available in abundance in more quantity which is more beneficial for health.

5. Should be more careful towards health and aware of bird flu.


Bird flu diagnosed

1. Chest x ray examination

2. White blood cell differential ( A white blood cell (WBC) provides information about the number and quantity of white blood cells in the blood).

3. Nasopharyngeal ( The Nasopharyngeal culture is a test that examines a sample of secretions from the uppermost part of the throat).

4. Auscultation ( action of listening to sounds from the heart, lungs, or other organs, typically with a stethoscope, as a part of medical diagnosis).


What is the difference between a bird flu and a cold?


                  Bird flu                                        Cold
1. Bird flu spreads rapidly in another person like a viral infection. The cold spreads slowly to the person.
2. Bird flu virus is caused by avian influenza. ——————————————–
3. Symptoms of bird flu are severe. Cold symptoms are common.
4. The time it takes to cure bird flu is 20 to 25 days. It takes 1 week for a cold to heal.
5. Due to the untreated bird flu, it can be the cause of some serious illness. In case of a serious illness, a cold is seen as a symptom.
6. The symptoms of bird flu are somewhat similar to a cold. Symptoms of colds are similar to each other, about 60% of the symptoms of bird flu disease.


Bird Flu Question Answer (FAQs)

Q. Does curing bird flu disease cure it?

Ans. Yes, if a person suffering from bird flu is treated on time, then this disease gets cured in a short time.


Q. What is the virus name of bird flu disease?

Ans. Avian influenza is the virus name of bird flu disease. This virus spreads at a much faster rate in the bird, causing the virus to become more active and spread to other birds.


Q. What is the symptom of bird flu?

Ans. The symptoms of bird flu can be towards the patient in the following ways, such as – cold, fever, body ache, shortness of breath, feeling weakness, pneumonia-like symptoms occur in a person suffering from bird flu.


Q. What precautions should be taken in bird flu?


  1. Masks.
  2. Keep away from a person suffering from bird flu
  3. There should be more information about bird flu.


Q. Is bird flu disease a viral infection?

Ans. Yes, bird flu (avian influenza virus) is a viral infection that spreads the disease more than untouchability of a victim.


Q. What to do to prevent H5N1 virus?

Ans. vaccinated to prevent Avian influenza H5N1 virus.


Q. Is pneumonia a symptom of bird flu disease?

Ans. Yes, there is a symptom of pneumonia in bird flu disease, the symptom of pneumonia is in the fourth phase of bird flu.

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