How to know skin type?

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To get the right product and the right beauty treatment, having the right skin combination. Only then does it suit the skin to use the beauty products properly for the skin. Generally there are 5 types of skin. Would have been normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive. All these skin should be aware of. The identified the following ways to know the type of skin.

Types of skin

Everyone’s facial skin is different. There are 5 types of skin, out of which we all have some kind of skin. Normal skin, oily skin, dry skin, combination, sensitive skin type. Many methods can be adopted to identify the type of skin, even after using a beauty product, you can easily identify the skin because its effect on the skin by using a beauty product is as a symptom. Which can be considered a fairly and simple method for identifying the skin.


  • Normal skin  (suitable for all seasons and beauty products)
  • Oily skin  (produces sweat and oil near the nose and cheeks)
  • Dry skin  (dry skin and cracking due to use of beauty products)
  • Combination  (mixed skin eg – oily, dry, sensitive)
  • Sensitive skin  (this type of skin is the most delicate and does not suit the beauty product or the weather)

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How to identify skin type?

1. Normal skin 

Normal skin Woman / Man, whose skin is normal, as if she has got a boon in the form of skin, that is, normal skin is considered the best of all skin types, this skin changes due to the change of seasons, the use of beauty products on the skin in any way. It does not have any side effects and rather it glows and increases on the skin, so normal skin is considered the best. Normal skin is considered good for all seasons.


2. Oily skin

Oily skin: After using any cream, oily skin is recognized only after some time the skin with sweating of the cream.


Due to the change of weather, oily skin remains sticky the skin or due to cleaning the skin on a cloth or tissue paper, black spots and sticky stains on the tissue paper are called oily skin.


3. Dry skin

Dryness of the skin due to using any beauty product on the skin is called dry skin or the hardening of the skin is called dry skin.

The dryness of the skin due to the immediate change of weather is called dryness skin. When the weather changes from heat to cold, that called dryness of the skin.


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4. Mixed skin

Mixed skin ie nose skin, cheek skin, forehead skin are different. The skin of the face remains different like dry skin, normal skin, oily skin, hence it is called mixed skin. By using a mixed beauty product, different results are seen on the skin, as if it is dry, then the dryness of the skin increases there.


5. Delicate skin

Skin type: Delicate skin is considered a low tolerance type. Beauty cream after using this skin season and any beauty product cream on the skin, its effect starts showing on the skin after some time. Such as  skin , increased blackness due to the use of cream, dry, oily, any of these symptoms start appearing.


Home Remedies for Skin Type Symptoms

Its effects can be reduced by using home remedies to reduce all types of skin symptoms.

1. Oily Skin
2. Dry Skin
3. Normal Skin
4. Mixed Skin
5. Delicate


1. Home remedies for oily skin

Following are the remedies to remove oily skin, which can be used on the skin to remove oily skin.


  • Papaya is beneficial for oily skin

papaya cutting removing the seeds inside it, applying the skin for ( wait ) 20 minutes and washing it with lukewarm water and than has many benefits such as removing the oiliness of the skin, relief from dry skin, reduces irritation skin, skin Shine.


  • Aloe vera is more beneficial for all skin types

Aloe Vera Everyone knows that aloe vera is more beneficial for the skin and for health and has antioxidant and antibacterial properties. natural plant (  Aloe Vera  ) using the skin, and than removes the oiliness of the skin and skin glow.

2. Home Remedies for Dry Skin

  • Honey remove dry skin

Honey can be used in every season (on the skin). There are many benefits of using honey on the skin, such as the dryness of the skin is corrected, the skin becomes soft, the skin glows, pimples and acne are cured.


Leave the honey the skin for 15 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. If this remedy is used once in a week, then the dryness of the skin goes away.


3. Normal skin

If your skin is different from all types of skin and there is no side effect the skin due to using any season and any beauty product it, but it increases the glow on the skin, then understand that your skin is normal.

4. Mixed skin 


  • Mixed skin home remedies

This skin is different from all skin types and is considered to be the worst skin. People with this mixed skin, every season or using beauty products, have many problems on the skin. Like the grains are coming out somewhere and sweat is coming out at some places. All kinds of problems are seen on the skin.


1. Coconut Oil Benefits

Mix coconut oil and sunflower oil and apply it on the mixed skin, which cures dryness, oiliness and other types of skin problems.

2. Prepare a paste by mixing 3 teaspoons of gram flour and 1/2 teaspoon turmeric powder, a few drops of lemon in a bowl, using gram flour paste on the skin removes all the problems on the skin.


5. Delicate skin

People of this type of delicate skin are also more worried because if they use any season and beauty product on the skin, then there are many types of problems on the delicate skin.


  • Home remedies for delicate skin

Home remedies can be used for delicate skin which are of the following types.

1. Aloe vera can be used on the skin for delicate skin.
2. Yogurt for delicate skin.
3. Honey and saffron, sandalwood for the skin.
4. Applying ripe papaya on the face increases the glow on the skin.
5. Tomato face pack for face.

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