How to keep your eyes long time healthy


In today’s lifestyle, people keep the eyes on the screen of TV, computer, laptop and mobile all electronic items for a long time, putting pressure on the eyes. If a person constantly looks at a burning screen, it is common to have eye pain and watery eyes due to pressure on the eyes. In today’s time, the demand for electronics has increased so much that small children playing games with mobiles and keeping their eyes on the computer screen for a long time for project work have a bad effect on the eyes. Due to which reduced vision and wearing glasses in the eye at an early age is like giving rise to common problems.

In today’s lifestyle, the diagnosis of all the problems that occur on the eyes, can be understood by reading this article completely, how to care and maintain the eyes, how to take care and maintain the health of the eyes for a long time, by reading this article completely.


Follow these tips to keep your eyes healthy

1. Once a week eye exam

To keep the eye healthy, it can be prevented from weakening eyesight in the long run by examining the eye. For example, if you use a machinery and do not take care of it in a week or month, then you may not feel the lack of that machinery and the machinery gets damaged soon. Eye is one of the most delicate part of the body, if the eye is not examined by a doctor, then the problem occurring in the eye is not known, due to which the symptoms are pain in the eye, watery eyes, blurred vision, near or far.


There is a problem of vision, and gradually there may be a loss of vision or a problem of glaucoma. To keep the eye healthy, check with a good eye doctor and the first tips of this article are to keep the eye healthy for a long time by removing its deficiency.

2. Healthy diet

To keep the eyes healthy for a long time, there is a search for healthy food. Just as healthy food plays an important role in keeping all parts of the body healthy. Similarly, to keep the eye healthy, food or fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins and nutrients should be used for the eyes. Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E and B Complex All nutrients Eye problems Cataract, night blindness, myopia or farsightedness Long term use of vitamins and nutrients to correct aging eye problems brings in.


For example –

1. (Spinach) Green leafy greens are rich in vitamins and fiber.
2. Include eggs in your daily routine.
3. Eat fruits or meat rich in vitamin C.
4. Vitamin A is found in abundance in carrots.
5. Beetroot is rich in vitamins and nutrients.
6. Chikoo is beneficial for the eyes.


3. Avoid Smoking

Smoking is injurious to health, as far as you all are well aware about the harm of smoking. Consumption of smoking increases the risk of diseases like cancer and asthma by increasing the amount of nicotine in the body along with the lungs. Antioxidants in the body provide protection against disease, and help all the systems that run the body except for the cells of the body. Smoking affects all parts of the body and there is a sudden change in the heart rate, which increases the chances of increasing blood pressure. Smoking is harmful to the eye and its consumption should be avoided.

4. Were Sunglasses 

To keep the eyes healthy, it is as important to pay attention to the environment as exercise is necessary to stay healthy. The environment has become so much polluted in today’s time that it is becoming more harmful for health. Due to the resource used by the human being responsible for the pollution of the environment and to make life easier, human used the resource more, due to which the rapid increase in the amount of pollution in the environment started having a bad effect on human health.


Today, due to the holes in the carbon dioxide ozone layer, the sun’s rays become more intense, due to the increase in cancer, skin diseases, all kinds of diseases started increasing. Ultraviolet rays emanating from the sun have a bad effect on the eyes, due to which the eyesight starts decreasing. Due to the direct rays of the sun falling on the eyes, the eyesight starts getting weak. Wear goggles and protect the eye from harmful rays so that the rays of the sun do not harm the eyes in any way.


5. Eye rest

To keep the eyes healthy, the eye needs a long period of rest. For example, if a work is done for a long time, then one can feel tired for a long time. Similarly, if any work is done with the help of the eye, then there is severe pain in the eye or water starts coming out of the eye, due to which the eye feels tired. Resting the eye can be beneficial for the eye to keep the eye healthy and to resume the same function. Sleeping for 7 to 8 hours gives long-term rest to the eye.

6. Eye exercises

Eye exercises help to keep the eyes healthy. For the exercise of the eyes, neither do you have to do yoga, nor do you have to stir the eyes, but you have to run and look around the eyes. You can make eye exercises simple, for this, you have to exercise the eye to see an object placed at a distance of 8 feet by writing a number or count carefully or by looking carefully at the same number. Eye exercises are easy by looking around.


7. Keep eyes healthy

To keep the eyes healthy, you can keep the body healthy by exercising. The eye is related to that part of the body which you can keep healthy by including exercise. The eye is directly connected to the brain and it is the work of the brain to operate all parts of the body from the brain. To keep the eye healthy, you prick the soles of the feet by walking barefoot on the grass or road, due to which the blood rapidly sends the message to the brain and the brain alerts the eye immediately.


8. Watery eye

Keeping the eyes healthy in today’s lifestyle is as difficult as diet plan or prevention for the eyes. The present-day environment and lifestyle together do not leave any chance to keep the eye healthy. In the morning, when you go out of the house for some work, then the factors that harm the eye are present in the environment, such as germs, viruses, dust, insects, sunlight, dirty water all the factors to harm the eye. Eye doctors splash water to keep the eye healthy All the factors present in the eye, which are harmful substances for the eye, get out by splashing water. Which is the easiest way to keep the eye health.

9. Eye health medicine

The eye is the most delicate of all organs. Insect side effects due to any insect in the eye cause irritation or pain in the eye, causing itching or redness in the eye. Have to go to the doctor. The doctor after knowing all the problem gives an eye medicine eye drops. The eye becomes right by putting it in the eye.


Eye drops to keep the eye healthy

1. Eye drops can be used once a week.
2. Cleans the eye drops dirt thoroughly.
3. Use eye drops after consulting a doctor.


10. Cucumber

Cucumber has an important role in keeping the eyes healthy. Whenever you feel tired and burning or pain in the eyes for a long time. Peeling a cucumber and cutting it and keeping it on both the eyes gives a cool and fresh feeling in the eye. Cucumber is beneficial for reducing eye fatigue and removes dehydration of the eye. To keep the eye healthy for a long time, home and native recipe has proved to be very helpful.


Adopt a lifestyle to keep your eyes healthy

1. Protect eyes and body from dehydration.
2. Adopt exercise daily.
3. Eat green leafy vegetables.
4. A 10-minute run in the morning keeps you fresh throughout the day.
5. Eat raw banana as a vegetable or salad.
6. Consume lentils or coarse cereals for protein.
7. Yogurt prevents you from getting dehydrated.
8. Walk barefoot.
9. Drink more water.
10. Protect from the sun or do not work in the sun.

To keep the eyes healthy, you can prevent and keep it well by taking all the measures from the beginning of the day.


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