How to increase your boost immunity?


Disease resistance (immune system) activities in the body and changes in weather and lifestyle changes, wrong eating and some (nature) body is not able to adapt to the weather. Due to which sudden external invasion of the body provides protection and strengthening of all kinds of factors such as germs, bacteria, fungus, virus life-threatening parasites. If the immunity of the body becomes weak, then you suffer from many diseases and infections, due to which you become ill soon. Using the following factors to increase immunity can increase the immunity and reduce the disease in the body.

Home remedies to increase immunity like vitamins, nutrients, present in food. Strengthen immunity by exercising calcium, iron and exercise, you can strengthen immunity by eliminating wrong eating habits and some bad habits towards the body in lifestyle.


What is immunity?

Being present in the body, immunity (weather change) protects us from germs, bacteria, viruses, bacteria, thereby providing protection and protection from any kind of disease in the body. Providing protection from disease is called immunity.


Cause of weak immunity

1. Major cause of weakening immunity (disease)

Being sick for a long time weakens the body’s immunity. The main reason for the weakening of immunity is- diabetes, gas disease, HIV (AIDS), heart disease, kidney disease, polio, malnutrition, cancer, allergies, arthritis. All diseases remain in the body for a long time and the immunity becomes weak.


2. Weakened immunity (Smoking consumption)

Weakening of immunity, continuous smoking reduces the immunity rapidly, causes many types of diseases and other problems (smoking) in the body, which is injurious to health such as increased blood pressure, heart Increased speed, cancer, kidney disease.


3. Absorption of high element food (weakens immunity)

The immune system weakens rapidly due to not consuming high quality food. The weakening of the immune system has a bad effect on the body, and many diseases also occur. The weakening of the immune system is less prone to any work.


4. Not exercising in lifestyle (weakened immunity)

Exercise is the most important part of every person’s lifestyle. Exercise But some people do not understand its importance and do not use it due to lack of time, which weakens the immunity of the disease.


5. Due to lack of sleep (weakens immunity)

If a person does not get enough sleep to wake up in a short time, then there is a reason for the weakening of the immune system.

6. Obesity (weakening of immunity)

Due to obesity, the immune system becomes weak. Lack of food nor any exercise due to obesity, more problems in walking due to obesity and not being able to do any kind of work, which weakens the immune system.


Symptom of immunity

With the weakening of the immune system, the symptoms of the disease start appearing on the body. If the immunity is not cured and strengthened, then the symptoms due to immunity are as follows.


1. Feeling of stress – If the immunity of a person suddenly becomes weak and he starts feeling stressed and more nervous about any work, along with more fatigue is a symptom of immunity.


2. Body pain – Due to weak immunity, there is severe pain in the body all the time and more difficulty in walking is a symptom of immunity.


3. Colds – Often people do not know that why do we get cold and cough again and again? Because those people think that cold-cold or any disease is due to wetness and other reasons or understand some disease. It also cures to some extent, but due to weakening of immunity, problems like cold, cold and cough occur.


4. Staying sick all the time – Due to weakening of immunity, suffering from some disease all the time is a symptom of weakening of immunity.


5. Immunity after injury – If a person is not recovering for a long time due to injury or wound, then the weakening of immunity is the result of lack of immunity.

6. Infectious effect – If your immunity is weak or not able to fight the disease then you can also suffer and get sick from the effect of infected person.


Impact on the body due to weakening of immunity

Due to the weakening of the immune system, having a bad effect on the body and suffering from many diseases can prove to be fatal, which can have the following effects on the body.


1. Infection – If your immunity is weak and you live or come under the influence of an infection person, then you can also be affected by the infection disease. Infectious diseases like – cold, corona virus, tuberculosis, cough, itching, smallpox, swine flu, and other epidemic diseases occur.


2. Effect body – Due to the weakening of the immunity of the body, there is a bad effect on the body and due to suffering from many diseases, death can also occur due to fatal disease.


3. Lack of immunity – Due to lack of immunity, there are various types of diseases body such as – cold, fever, tuberculosis, cancer, kidney disease, corona virus.


4. Bad effect of medicine – Due to low immunity, one has to fall ill again and again and by taking the medicine again and again, the treatment of the disease happening in the body is cured, but the bad effect of the medicine on the body parts of the body. But it happens like – kidney, heart disease and blood pressure.


Adopt in lifestyle to strengthen immunity

To strengthen and increase the immunity, some deficiency in lifestyle and some wrong effects weaken the immunity. Other types of problems appear on the body towards health. If the immunity is weakening, then to strengthen the immunity, adopt 10 tips in the lifestyle, so that the weak immunity can be removed and strengthened again.

1. Exercise to strengthen immunity.
2. Do not intoxicate and smoke at all.
3. Complete sleep.
4. Prevention of allergies.
5. Nutritious and protein, vitamin-rich diet should be taken.
6. Walk and run in the morning (immunity will be strong)
7. Eat vegetables and fruits rich in vitamins and fiber.
8. Check blood pressure every week.
9. Consult a doctor if you are sick again and again.
10. Wash hands thoroughly with soap before and after eating food items.

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How to increase weakened immunity?

To enhance and strengthen weak immunity, you can strengthen immunity and prevent many diseases by taking care of the following in certain foods and lifestyle.


1. Consumption of nutritious and vitamin rich food

A nutritious diet should be taken to strengthen the immunity. Nutritious food like lentils, fish, red meat, green vegetables and all foods that contain vitamins, nutrients, calcium, fiber. They should be consumed regularly to strengthen the immunity.


2. Increase immunity by Yoga

Yoga is the easiest way to strengthen immunity, yoga strengthens the immune system as well as strengthens all the muscles of the body, do yoga to strengthen immunity – anulom-vilom, trikonasana yoga, headstand Yoga, Suryanamaskar, Pancha Tantra Yoga By following all types of yoga, you can strengthen the immune system which helps in fighting disease (disease free).


3. Run in the morning

To strengthen immunity, weakening the immune system for at least 10 minutes in the morning can be strengthened rapidly and disease can be prevented in the body.


4. Keep Weight and Obesity Under Control

Due to weight and obesity, the immunity of the body becomes weak, because due to such excess obesity and weight, there is more trouble in working and walking, due to which the person becomes lazy, and the immune system becomes weak, therefore Control obesity and weight.

Home remedies to strengthen immunity

Home remedies for strengthening and enhancing the weak immunity which can be used to strengthen the immunity of the weak and helps in fighting the disease.

1. Consumption of green tea is a home remedy to strengthen weak immunity

1. Ingredients – water, green tea powder, ginger, sugar, black pepper.

2. Method of preparation – Heat water to make green tea, then boil a small piece of ginger in water, add sugar, black pepper, lemon to hot water and boil on low flame for 10 minutes and turn off the gas and your done. Tea is ready.

3. Intake – Green tea should be consumed regularly in the morning and evening.

4. Benefits of Green Tea – Drinking green tea makes immunity stronger and more beneficial for cold and fever.


2. Tomato contains vitamin C and other elements, which can be used to strengthen weak immunity.

3. Gooseberry is the best source of Vitamin C and antibacterial and antioxidant. Consuming gooseberry regularly in the morning and evening in marmalade, pickle, juice, raw and fresh gooseberry helps more in strengthening the immunity.

4. Garlic has antioxidant and antibacterial properties which can be consumed to strengthen immunity. Taking 3 cloves of garlic in the morning and evening.

5. Consuming fruits and vegetables strengthen immunity and provides energy in the body.


Vegetables and fruits are present in high quantity, such as vitamins, nutrients, minerals, calcium, iron, which are strong immunity and more beneficial in fighting many diseases.


(FAQs for strengthening immunity)

1. How to strengthen immunity?

To strengthen the immunity, following measures which will be effective in strengthening the weak immunity by following it like- Yoga, healthy food, vitamins, nutrients, minerals, calcium, all strong immunity.


2. What are the home remedies to strengthen immunity?

The following are the home remedies for strengthening the immunity, using which the immunity can be strengthened.
1. Tomato 2. Turmeric 3. Gooseberry 4. Green Tea 5. Ginger 6. Consuming garlic helps to strengthen immunity.


3. Which disease is due to weakening of immunity?

Weakness of immunity can cause the following types of diseases like – recurrent cold, cancer, corona virus, body pain, fever, cough.


4. What are effective tips for immunity?

1. Get enough sleep.
2. Run 10 minutes in the morning.
3. Eat healthy food.
4. Avoid drug abuse.

5. Why is immunity weak?

Weakness of immunity can be due to the following reasons.

1. Over consumption of smoking.
2. Lack of healthy food
3. Over-functioning weakens immunity.
4. Excess of obesity has a bad effect on immunity.



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