How important are platelets to blood


Platelets control the state of the blood at which time the blood is continuously secreted after injury. That is, platelets prevent blood from flowing. Platelets are attached to blood cells, which play an important role in health. If the number of platelets from the blood is low, then the risk of various types of disease starts increasing. Due to reduced platelet count, blood clotting occurs continuously due to injury from the injury site of the body. Which can be understood similar to haemophilia in common language.

1. Platelets are colorless, small pieces of blood.
2. Platelet is produced in the bone marrow.
3. Helps to clot the blood.
4. For normal blood, the number of platelets between 1.5 lakh to 4.5 lakh is considered healthy.


Symptoms of Platelet

Platelet is one of the types of blood cells. Helps in the formation of blood from platelet cells. The symptoms of platelet deficiency in the blood are felt more at that time. At the time when the body is in excess of blood, that is, the number of platelets in the blood is between 150,000 to 450,000 microliters to maintain health. If there is a decrease in the number of platelets in the blood, then its symptoms can be felt.


1. Injuries can be simple or difficult (purpura)
2. Redness and rashes on the skin.
3. bleeding gums
4. Persistent bleeding from injury.
5. Bleeding out of urine.
6. Bleeding with stool.
7. Feel tired
8. A weakened immune system increases the risk of disease.

Cause of platelets

Every factor in lifestyle is responsible for low platelet count. Some are responsible for the cause of the disease and the use of medicines used in its treatment. Due to the low number of platelets in the blood, there is a continuous decrease in the number of platelets in the blood due to diseases such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya, typhoid, genetic diseases.


1. Consuming alcohol.
2. Osteomalacia disease which includes – Anemia, Leukemia, Lymphoma.
3. To use chemotherapy in treatment.
4. Radiation therapy (cancer)
5. liver cirrhosis.
6. Hepatitis C and viruses are included.

Platelet Used for Human


Platelet present in the blood has more importance for human life. Platelets are different from blood cells, which are the natural release of blood due to injury or scratches on the skin. But due to excess blood coming out of the body, it can have a bad effect on the body. Platelet’s job is to stop the blood coming out of the body by clotting it.


Lack of platelets in the blood due to disease or decreased production of platelets in the bone marrow

1. Cancer treatment.
2. Anemia.
3. Surgery.
4. Chemotherapy.
5. Bone Marrow Transplants.


Platelet is used as a treatment in many diseases.

Diagnosis of platelets

How easy is it to diagnose platelets present in the blood. And the experience of deficiency is visible in the form of symptoms in the body towards the disease. Decreased platelets cause various diseases in the body. And for the treatment of this, it is necessary to do blood and physical examination.


1. Blood test

To test platelets, it can be easily tested in the lab by taking a sample of blood from the body.


2. Physical diagnosis

To diagnose platelets, the surface and internal structure of the skin depends on how much blood the skin loses and for how long it flows continuously. This is only possible if you look at the amount of blood lost to the skin from the injury and scratch.


3. Family history

Family history also plays an important role in the diagnosis of platelets. Some diseases are such that, due to genes, the cause of genetic disease is passed from father to child. That’s why the doctor definitely talks about your family history before treating.


4. Blood count

To diagnose platelets, a blood count can be done by detecting the level of red blood cells and white blood cells.

How to prevent thrombocytopenia or platelets

Use it to prevent thrombocytopenia or platelets. Which may prove helpful for the prevention of thrombocytopenia or platelet.


1. Do not take medicine that thins the blood.
2. Avoid the use of alcohol and drugs. Because it hinders the formation of platelets.
3. Avoid the use of chemical chemicals.
4. Protect yourself from injury and scratches.
5. Eat fruits and protein rich food to build blood


When to consult a doctor

If you feel the following type of experience, then definitely consult a doctor at once.


1. Bleeding with urine and stool.
2. There is continuous bleeding from the external and internal of the skin.
3. Skin redness and rashes.
4. Bleeding from the gum.
5. Body pain.
6. Fatigue and weakness.
7. Nose runny.



In severe cases, less than 10,000 platelets are at high risk of internal and external blood loss. The more severe the disease, the more severe the person’s brain and digestive function can be. Splenectomy makes you vulnerable to infection. And in the body the external spleen is part of the immune system. The immune system helps the body fight germs that reduce infection and disease.

Platelet treatment naturally at home by foods

To treat platelet count, it can be cured by taking home remedies to increase low platelets in the blood. By taking home remedies, there is no harm to your health, but it helps in increasing the platelet count along with the blood. To increase platelet count can be increased by following home remedies.


1. Vitamin B-12

Vitamin B12 works to bind blood cells. Its source helps to increase low blood and also increase the number of platelets present in the blood.

1. Fish
2. Eggs
3. Desi cheese
4. Milk
5. Meat

The source of vitamin B12 helps in increasing platelets along with the blood.


2. Folate

Folate is present in the source of Vitamin B which helps in increasing the blood cells. Folic works by increasing the number of platelets in the blood cells naturally. Folate can be attached to folic acid. The source of which can be obtained from common fruit and vegetable cereals, animal meat.

1. Peanut
2. Pineapple
3. Apple
4. Pomegranate
5. Orange
6. Meat
7. Spinach


3. Iron

Iron deficiency leads to more red blood cells in the body. To accomplish this, the doctor may advise you, such as – can be obtained by consuming iron-rich fruits and vegetables. Sources of iron are present in appropriate amounts in the following fruits and vegetables.

1. Pomegranate
2. Tomato
3. Beetroot
4. liver
5. Meat
6. Spinach


4. Vitamin C

Fruits, vegetables, meats are all sources containing vitamin C, which helps to increase the number of platelets present in the blood. Studies in a person consuming vitamin C have shown that it helps to increase the number of low platelets in the blood.

Fruits, vegetables and meats are the best sources of vitamin C.

1. Tomato
2. Broccoli
3. Mango
4. Orange
5. Gooseberry
6. Beetroot
7. Spinach
8. Cauliflower
9. Meat
10. Fish

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