Home remedies to strengthen and grow nails


Every woman has a different choice to keep her nails strong and attractive and long. Makes the fingers of the hands more attractive by making different nail polishes by lengthening the nails. Nails and hair are made of protein. The name of the protein is also known as keratin. Nail cutting and cleaning, it requires more nutrients. Due to which the nails grow faster. Along with growing nails, it requires more care. To prevent nail breakage. Nails grow slowly in small amounts every day.

It is more difficult at that time for nails to grow. When you have any kind of problem such as lack of food, being sick for a long time, severe lack of nutrients, lack of cutting of nails, not paying attention to cleanliness, all kinds of problems can affect the nail from growing.


There are more than one lifestyle tips can be adopted to grow nails. These tips may not be full of trouble. While the following methods have been included to increase the nails.

Include them in home remedies to grow nails

1. Nail cleaning

Nail cleaning is included in a very important aspect. The Nail growth stops due to dirt in the nail. To prevent them, along with taking care of them daily, it is more important to make the nails dirt-free. To clean the nail, it can be easily cleaned by dissolving alcohol base soap in water. After cleaning the nails, apply coconut or castor oil.


2. Nail trimming

In order to grow the nails, it needs to be trimmed one to two times every week for any person. Nail trimming does not allow dirt to accumulate. And the possibility of the fear of breaking is also very less. Nails felt that it is completely now dirt is gradually increasing. So it should be cleaned immediately, otherwise it can be harmful to health. Or it can aggravate the symptoms of the disease.


3. Nutrients needed for nail growth

The nutrient is included in the third tips to enhance the nails. Nutrients, vitamins, minerals and proteins help to grow nails continuously. How much and when should you consume essential nutrients? This also confirms this. Helps to grow nails. Nails are made of keratin protein. Foods and nutrients to grow nails are found more in dry food. Regular consumption of this helps in increasing the nails more.

4. Coconut oil for nail growth

Coconut oil is considered good for growing nails. Along with more nutrients in coconut oil, it is rich in vitamins and minerals. The rapid growth of nails by eating coconut and applying its oil in the nails all add to the belief of coconut oil. Applying coconut oil on all the nails of the hand every day makes the nails grow slowly. Along with hair growth, coconut oil is beneficial for health. Which can be linked with beneficial towards regular health.


5. Orange juice for nail growth

Orange juice is considered the best source of vitamin C. Vitamin C helps in increasing the collagen. Many vitamins and folic acid are present in oranges. Which is beneficial for the growth of nails. In the presence of a few drops of orange juice water, keep the nail continuously immersed for some time. By doing this the nails grow faster. Eating orange is beneficial for health. It can be consumed regularly.

6. Nail growth biotin

Nails are based on a keratin base protein. Which desperately needs a biotin to strengthen and increase. Biotin is more beneficial in making the nails and hair of the hand more thick and growing. Apart from food, now a simple source of biotin, it is present in abundance in vegetables and fruits. By consuming biotin regularly, its properties are more beneficial in growing and strengthening the nails.


7. Nutritious food for nail growth

Including healthy and nutritious food in the lifestyle to increase the nails, nails and health are also fine. Many types of ingredients and essential nutrients are also present in health food. Which proves to be more helpful in preventing health from getting sick. Regular consumption of this type of food helps in making the nails stronger and stronger.

A choice of health food
1. Fish liver.
2. Eggs.
3. Broccoli.
4. A kind of cheese.
5. Milk.
6. Green vegetables.
7. Vegetable oil.
8. Fruit.
9. Other food items that can be consumed regularly.


8. Garlic help grow nails

Garlic proves to be more effective and helpful in increasing the nails. After removing the top peel of garlic and rubbing it repeatedly on the upper surface of the nail, the nail starts growing in a week. The properties of garlic helps to clean the dirt from the nails.


9. Egg yolk for nail growth

Take out the egg yolk and mix it in a bowl by adding a spoon of olive oil. In home remedies, it proves to be more beneficial and helpful for increasing the nails. Mixing a mixture of eggs and olive oil and massaging it on the nails makes the nails grow faster. This can be a very effective home remedy to make nails grow faster.

10. Mustard oil massage

Mustard oil proves to be effective in curing many diseases in home remedies. Massaging mustard oil on the nails daily proves to be very effective in increasing the nails. The properties of mustard oil are beneficial for the growth of nails. It can be massaged regularly to enhance the nails.


11. Home remedies to grow nails fast

Mixing a small amount of milk in a raw egg. Beat it until both of them come to a normal mixture. After mixing the egg and milk, massage it on the nail should be done slowly. Due to which a different type of energy is stored in the cells attached to the nail. Due to which the nails grow faster.

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