Home remedies for common itchy body

Itchy body

General itching of the body, many times a person, woman and man have to face it at different times. Itching can occur in any part of the body. Sometimes itching has different causes. And some diseases or fungi also cause itching. Itching progresses rapidly on rainy or hot summer days. Which spreads easily from person to person. There are many types of itching. While some itching is neither caused infection. As itching has not one but many reasons.

Itching in lifestyle, weather, excessive heat, disease, allergies, eating certain food causes itching. Itching is often caused by chemicals and wearing dirty clothes. Normal itching is associated with the body for a few days. Whereas severe itching can last for several weeks or even months. By stopping the general itching and taking home remedies, relief starts in 1 to 2 days. Read this article till the end to get information about many tips and home remedies to stop itching and provide easy treatment.


Cause of itching

As itching on the body can be not one but many reasons. While some itching occurs due to various events in normal lifestyle and pollution of environment, pollution of water, living habits, mosquito bites or insect bites. Skin allergies can be itchy due to paint or dry paint. If itching occurs more often than normal type or round, it gets cured automatically by taking home remedies. Whereas due to illness or internal disturbances of the body or due to infection in the blood, itching does not heal quickly.


Symptom of itching

The symptoms of the normal type of itching are not as advanced. As much as due to disease or internal disturbances of the body or due to infection in the blood or mosquito bite, which virus bacteria reach the liver through blood and affect the immune system. Due to which there is itching with red rash on the skin.

Common itchy symptoms

1. Skin effect of fungus due to air pollution.
2. Clay, polluted water can often aggravate the symptoms of itching on the skin.
3. Itching due to allergies to paint or dry colored skin.
4. Symptoms of sweating skin itching due to excessive heat.
5. Redness or cuts on the skin.
6. Normal scabies does not have an infection rate.
7. Itching gets better immediately after 1 to 2 hours.
8. Adopting cleanliness does not cause normal type of itching.


Prevention of itching

Avoiding common types of itching can get rid of it. While some itching due to the disease gets cured only after the treatment of medicine. Any type of itching if it is getting severe. So it can be the cause of some serious disease. Itching occurs when you do not take full care of cleanliness. Or coming in contact with an infected person, its infection rate is high enough to make you sick.

Follow the following tips to prevent itching.
1. Take full care of cleanliness.
2. Prevent itchy infections.
3. Dust and polluted water are often the cause of itching.
4. In case of itching, adopt home remedies.
5. Wear clean clothes.
6. Avoid the heat of the sun.
7. The first rain water would have been acidic.
8. Fungus is the cause of itching, prevent them.
9. To stop itching, take bath after boiling neem leaves.
10. Dirt increases itching, so to prevent its infection from growing, adopt cleanliness.

Home remedies for itching

1. Aloe vera provides relief from itching

Aloe vera having medicinal properties, it is used in home remedies to cure any disease. For the home remedy of aloe vera scabies disease, by extracting the white pulp of aloe vera and applying it on the affected skin, itching gradually gets rid of the skin. By making aloe vera juice, drinking it in the form of juice twice a week regularly, to maintain health and get relief from itching, gives instant relief from itching.


2. Give relief from itching in Giloy home remedies

Giloy is used in home remedies to get relief from any disease. Medicinal properties of Giloy It is used for cold, cough, fever, skin diseases, to clean the blood, to maintain physical health. To calm down the disease of Giloy scabies, grinding its leaves finely and applying it on the skin affected by itching, gradually the medicinal properties of Giloy make the skin free from itching. To get relief from the disease of Giloy scabies, its use is relieved by drinking juice at an interval of a day or applying it on the skin.


3. Neem leaves provide relief from itching

Grinding neem leaves finely and applying it on the skin affected by itching provides relief. Itching can occur on the skin due to many reasons. Out of which itching often occurs on the skin due to fungus or due to infection of a person. To calm the disease of scabies in neem leaves, grinding it finely and applying it on the affected skin provides relief. Or while taking bath, boiling neem leaves and mixing it in bath water provides relief from itching.


4. Lemon juice relieves itching

Lemon juice can be more beneficial to get permanent relief from itching. The medicinal properties of lemon may be more beneficial for calming itching. First of all clean the skin thoroughly. Then extracting lemon juice and applying it on the affected skin provides relief from itching. Applying lemon juice on itching causes more burning and pain. After applying lemon on the skin affected by itching, it gets cured after washing it with lukewarm water.


5. Coconut oil relieves itching

Coconut oil is more beneficial in home remedies to get relief from itching. Its Coconut oil provides relief from itching skin irritation. Applying coconut oil to the skin affected by itching provides instant relief from the burning and pain of itching. Coconut oil is effective in preventing any type of skin infection. This can be applied daily on the hair and skin.

6. Turmeric and Neem leaves

Turmeric and neem leaves are used in home remedies to cure many diseases to prevent infection. Firstly grind turmeric and neem leaves to make a thick paste. Then cook on low flame for some time. Now it can be used in home remedies to prevent itching or other types of skin infections. To treat skin infection or boils from itching, now there is relief by applying the paste on the affected skin. In home remedies, turmeric and neem paste can be used regularly till then. Until the itch or other type of infection clears the skin.


7. Baking soda to give instant relief from itching

Baking soda is used in home remedies to prevent skin infections. Its Baking soda provides relief from itching and boils on the skin. To get relief from itching, first of all, mixing a cup of baking soda in a bucket of water and taking a bath provides relief from itching infection. Baking soda can be used until the itching of the skin is completely cured.


When to see a doctor

Itching of the skin can be caused by a types of factors. The itching is divided into two types. 1. General type of itching 2. Severe itching of the skin. Factors of common type of itching are dust, soil, rain water, summer weather, sweating, all factors increase common type of itching. Whereas severe itching often makes a person sick due to some disease or due to infection. As with normal type of itching with home remedies or it gets cured immediately after 1 to 2 days. Some types of scabies are often spread from person to person due to infection. During this, if you do not get better after 1 to 2 days after doing home remedies. So during this time you should immediately consult a doctor.

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