Herpes Simplex Symptoms, Causes, Prevention, Treatment

Herpes Simplex 

Herpes skin infection is caused by a virus. Simplex virus of the common disease caused by infectious virus that affects the skin of external genitalia, kidney region. The herpes virus can affect any part of the body and can increase its symptoms including itching, pain, blisters, sores on the body, even it is a long-lasting infectious disease that spreads from one part of the body to another. Spreads easily in part. The effect of herpes simplex virus is more on the genitals and anus of women and men.

What is Herpes?

Herpes is a common viral disease. In this, the mouth and genitals become blisters (wounds). Its common symptoms are itching in the body, fever, headache and burning in the wound. Herpes virus is easily transmitted from one to another by infection.


There are two types of Herpes Simplex virus

1. HSV – 1

( In the first type of herpes virus, activity is increased mainly by eating together, kissing, sharing lip balm or brushing a toothbrush. )

2. HSV -2 

( In this, there is a problem like sores or blisters through the genital and rectum of the infected person. )


Herpes simplex virus symptoms

1. Itching or skin irritation.
2. body fever due to blisters.
3. Joint pain.
4. Spread of infection from one place to another.
5. Watery red rash on the skin.
6. The stress.
7. Hair loss.


Cause Herpes simplex virus

If you come in contact with the skin of an infected person who already has herpes simplex virus and you are in contact with them, then its viruses spread rapidly among each other. The main reason for spreading the infection is by touching a person whose skin has blisters (wounds) already filled with water.


1.If women already have the virus in their genitals, then if men come in contact with them, that too is the cause of herpes simplex virus.
2. Kissing with an infected person puts you at risk of infection.
3. Having sex with more.
4. Having sex without protection.
5. Weak immunity.
6. Skin infection.



How does the herpes virus spread?

Herpes infection is a common skin disease. This disease is often a red or white rash in the genitals of women and men with watery blisters. Herpes infection spreads more rapidly from person to person through the eyes and through contact with cold sores and skin infections than the activation of the virus.

How to prevent herpes infection?

Treatment of herpes infection can last for a long time because its virus spreads so quickly that it is very difficult to treat them. The HSV-1 virus spreads easily from person to person. If the following measures are adopted to prevent virus infection, then they can be easily stopped.


1. If there is a blister in the mouth, then do not share your food with any other person.
2. Do not share shoes, underwear, toothbrush, eating utensils.
3. If you think that you may be suffering from the HSV virus, then you should not increase any kind of excitement (sex, kissing) with your spouse.
4. Take full care of cleanliness to prevent skin infection.
5. Wash and sanitize hands regularly.
6. Occasionally consulted the doctor.



Herpes simplex diagnosed

Physical examination to diagnose disease caused by herpes simplex virus It may matter when you have been infected with the virus or can ask you questions about herpes symptoms related to it. There are other ways to diagnose the herpes simplex virus, such as the doctor may recommend a sample from a virus-borne blister (lesion) to be tested in a laboratory.

Testing for the virus Antibodies to the herpes simplex virus HSV-1 and HSV-2 help to check for this virus by doing a blood test. Or medicine can help to identify its symptoms.


Herpes simplex virus treatment

The herpes simplex virus spreads easily from person to person through an infection that spreads through skin contact with the infected person. To treat this virus, doctors can use antiviral medication in the form of ointment, cream or medicine to destroy this virus. Treatment of herpes virus more easily cured with home remedies without causing any harm.


1. Neem leaves home remedies for herpes simplex virus

Neem leaves medicinally as a home remedy for a long time. Antivirals (viruses and germs). Eating neem leaves by grinding them helps in increasing immunity. For the treatment of herpes simplex virus, grinding neem leaves and applying them on the wound gradually kills the virus due to its effect.


2. Home remedies for herpes with honey

If you are suffering from herpes simplex virus for a long time, then applying honey paste on the wound kills the virus and germs and gives relief from burning and pain.


3. Lemon Home remedies for Herpes virus

The medicinal properties of lemon are very beneficial for human health. Herpes is easily transmitted from person to person due to virus infection. If the symptoms of ringworm are not clear, then putting a few drops of lemon on the blister (wound) and applying it on the wound with the help of cotton causes pain with severe burning, but using it once or twice will cure the wound.


4. Home remedies for aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is more commonly used in home remedies to cure many diseases. Applying this paste on the skin suffering from herpes virus provides relief from burning and sharp pain of the wound.



5. Antiseptic cream to treat herpes

Applying an antiseptic cream made of turmeric and sandalwood to the skin wound of a person suffering from herpes virus is more helpful in killing viruses and germs. Turmeric has antibacterial properties and sandalwood is used in the form of a cream to heal wounds or injuries.

Take care of cleanliness

An outbreak of infection occurs with everyone who stays with an infected person for a long time, and does not take any precautions against that infection, often that person suffers from an outbreak of that infection.


1. Sanitize hands frequently.
2. Keep distance from the infected person around you.
3. Sanitize the gloves and hands frequently.
4. To prevent herpes virus infection, keep a distance from the affected skin of the patient.


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