Heart disease symptoms,causes and prevention


The heart is one of the most busy organs of the human body. The heart works in the human body at all times and the weight of the heart is 249–350 grams in the male and 249–270 grams in the heart of the woman. The heart is in the middle of the langs.


1. Pericardium 2. Myocardium 3. Endocardium

The endocardium protects the heart and which causes the heart (heart) to shrink and spread. The blood vessels are sent to all the organs of the body due to the shrinking and spreading of the heart. Heart is in two parts 1. right 2. left


Blood containing carbon dioxide in the body comes down from the upper body of the heart to the body langs where the blood containing carbon dioxide in the right langs is purified and sent completely by the blood cells in all the parts of the body by the left langs. The inner part of the heart is divided into 4 parts where 2 top and 2 bottom (the upper part of the heart is the atrium and the bottom part is ventricular (pumps the blood).


The heart has 2 entrium and 2 ventrium. Ventrium does the most work for the heart when compared to each other. The ventrium is thicker and stronger due to more meat muscle. Ventrium is more pumped to the blood, pushing the blood pressure and bad blood downwards from the body and This work is done by 2 tubes and filling of the bulb in the right atrium starts to shrink causing pulmonary pump to reach into the left langs and there by pulmonary vans all over the body by deflating the bad bulb. Blood is sent to every part of the body, so that every part and part of the body has to work.


What is the specialty of the heart?

1. The heart beats 72 times in 1 minute.
2. The heart pumps about 65 -70 ml blood in each heartbeat and about 5 liters of blood in 72 beats.
3. Due to getting oxygen, the heart beats are natural and the heart is also different from the body.
4. The heart beats 70 to 160 times in about 1 minute in the most old age child or newborn and 72 times in the normal class and 45 to 50 times in the old group and at this time the beating is considered to be the slowest. is.
5. If you pump blood or water from your heart (heart), you can pump up to 20 feet.
6. The closure of Curdia arrest is akin to death.


What are the types of heart disease?

Heart diseases are of the following types.

1. Heart attack – (Heart attack disease is life-threatening, this disease is more often in a man or woman in the age of 40, due to which millions of people die from this disease every year.

2. Heart failure – Heart failure is more than normal due to some disturbances in the heartbeat and then suddenly the heart rate stops after some time, it is called heart failure disease.

3. Hole in the heart – This disease is caused by a hole in the heart, mostly (inborn), most of the children die due to this disease due to the hole in the right and left side of the heart of the born baby.

4. Heart valve malfunction – Heart valve malfunction – heart valve malfunction is considered to be the cause of increasing age. Due to lack of cardiovascular care and immunity in old age, this disease is more common in men.

5. Uneven heart – Types of heart disease include heart rate being different from normal. This disease is more due to obesity and more than 50 years of age, due to which people suffer from this disease every minute and also die.

What causes heart disease?

Heart disease is caused by the following types of causes.

1. Smoking – Due to the high amount of toxic substances gathered in the lungs, more problems of heart disease are increased due to smoking.

2. Alcohol – Excess consumption of alcohol can lead to heart problems.

3. Blood pressure – The main cause of heart disease is that due to high blood pressure, the problem of heart disease becomes more.

4. Asthma disease – Due to asthma disease, the problem of heart disease increases more.

5. Sugar (Diabetes) – Due to weak immunity in the patient of diabetes, heart disease can occur.

6. Acidity – Acidity disease occurs due to wrong eating and this disease can be harmful for all types of disease in the body.


Symptoms of heart disease

Symptoms of heart disease can be of the following types.

1. Chest pain – Symptoms of heart disease: Maintaining more chest pain all the time, this symptom is one of the common symptoms.

2. Changes in the speed of the heart – This change may occur in the heart patient due to a change in the normal heart rate of the patient in heart disease.

3. Nervousness – Nervousness is a common symptom in a heart patient, but it can be caused by more disease.

4. Body pain – Body pain causes pain due to every disease but this pain causes pain due to heart, blood pressure, corona virus all disease and take it seriously.


How to prevent heart disease?

In the heart patient, heart disease can be reduced to some extent by making some changes during treatment, which can be in the following way.

1. Do not consume smoke.
2. Eat healthy food only.
3. The heart patient should exercise daily.
4. The heart patient should be careful of other disease.
5. The food which has high amount of oil should not be consumed at all.
6. Control the weight of the heart patient.
7. A patient of heart should walk morning walking daily.
8. Blood pressure should be kept under control.
9. Green vegetables and fruits should be consumed.


How is the treatment of heart (heart patients) possible?

The following can be treated for a heart patient.

Healthy food – Healthy food such as vitamins, proteins, nutrients will be very beneficial for all types of heart patients during the treatment and helps to recover (increases immunity).

Exercise – Exercising in the morning and evening before or after getting sick for the heart patient will provide relief from heart patient and other diseases as well.

Medicine – If the heart patient is treated with the heart at the right time, then it is possible only with the treatment of the medicine.

Blood test – It is very important to have a blood test before treating the heart.

Heart surgery – treatment of the heart is the only treatment to replace the (bad heart) after the test.


Diagnosis of heart disease

To test the heart disease in the patient, various (different types of) instruments are performed and in the case of heart disease, the patient is at a stage, according to which the heart disease is tested.

1. Electrocardiogram (ECG) – This machine is examined by attaching 10 electrodes to the patient’s chest, which looks like a waveform in the ECG machine.


2. MRI Test – For the test of the heart, the patient is done in a calm posture by lying on the table attached to the MRI.

3. Lab test – Lab test is done in the first stage to check the heart, this test is done for the patient at a low cost.

4. X ray test – The heart patient is done standing in front of the X ray machine.

5. Monitoring test – This test is done by an experienced doctor under observation of the patient.


Risk and factors of heart disease

1. Lack of weight control can be a greater risk for heart disease.
2. Consumption of alcohol can increase the risk of heart disease.
3. Increasing the amount of nicotine in smoking can lead to many diseases of the heart.
4. In old age, every disease happens again and again and it is also cured and sometimes increasing age can be the cause of some serious disease.
5. In addition to stress heart disease, it can be the cause of some serious illness.


What should a heart patient eat?

The heart patient is always worried about what kind of food the patient should eat, so that eating healthy food during the treatment of the patient will help more in the prevention of heart. And the patient should get well soon. The following types of food should be taken for the heart patient.

1. Fruits – Apple, Pomegranate, Papaya, Tuber, Grapes, Banana, Pear, Strawberry, Guava, Mango.
2. Cereals – Bread, rice, millet, maize.
3. Vegetable – Spinach, radish, potato, gourd, tomato, green, capsicum, green coriander, mushroom.


What should the heart patient not eat?

During the treatment of heart patients, some food is harmful to the health of the patient, therefore, the doctor’s advice is to the patient that such a meal should not be given to the heart patient, which is the following.

1. Fruit – Lemon, Jackfruit, Turnip.
2. Cereals – Coarse grains, Besan, semolina flour.
3. Vegetables – Brinjal, Radish, Potato.


Home remedies for heart

1. Mix the normal quantity of native jaggery and cow ghee and take it twice a day to get relief from heart.

2. Mixing basil leaves, fenugreek and honey in normal quantities and boiling it and drinking it increases the immunity.

3. Eating gooseberry jam provides relief from heart disease.

4. Eating garlic bud daily in the morning is beneficial for any disease.

5. Finely grind honey and garlic and mix it and eat it is beneficial.

6. Coriander, whether it is dry or green, mixed with sugar in equal quantity can be relieved from heart disease.


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